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There is overwhelming evidence that aliens have been visiting Earth and interacting with humans for an indeterminable period of time. The evidence, sometimes physical but most often in the form of eyewitness testimony, is overwhelming. I believe that in the next 20 years conclusive proof will be brought forward to solidify this as a reality in the minds of a majority of humanity.

UFOlogy is currently bogged down in capitalist greed. While there are millions of online viewers and readers seeking the latest bit of insight and information, a growing army of hoaxers and opportunists has risen to take advantage of that interest. What they can’t create themselves they steal from others, and promote by spamming social media like Reddit, Facebook and Twitter.

It’s the goal of UFO Theater to expose those who manufacture UFO “evidence” to be sold as a commodity; and to highlight those providing accurate information and real insight. And of course, to entertain you while doing so. I look forward to your opinions.

Constantine is an Emmy® winning animator and visual effects artist living in Los Angeles, California. He has worked on numerous shows for The History Channel, Discovery Channel and Spike TV in addition to being part of the team that converted Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace to 3D (but try not to hold that against him). Debunking UFO hoaxes and making fun of frauds are his passionate avocations.

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  1. Hello Constantine.

    I would really like you to take a look at this video as I’ve read many people describing it as “the greatest UFO video in history”.


    I would also like to direct your attention to two reddit threads that discussed said video as I found some of the things said interesting.



    Any reply at all would be greatly appreciated. By the way I’m really digging your videos and website, keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Nick! I don’t know if I’d call it the greatest in history, but quite interesting. Resolution is a factor, as we’re only getting one part of the spectrum (IR). Also, it’s a video shot off a video screen.
    I don’t see any evidence of digital manipulation, and I agree it’s very unusual, but I didn’t see any behavior or ability to suggest it couldn’t be of earthly origin. Unless I missed something, I don’t agree with those who say it submerged in the ocean, as I didn’t see any splashes. I don’t agree with the idea that it somehow “cloaked” because we’re only seeing IR (heat) and it faded from view over the ocean… not unusual to encounter pockets of colder air.
    In order to classify it as extraterrestrial I need to see it do something unusual like accelerate or speed away faster than anything man made.
    Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention. Our neighbors to the South seem to enjoy much more activity than we do so it’s always interesting to me.

  3. Hi Constantine , I found this site after searching for info on Jim Sparks, as searching showed your recent article.

    I add you to my favorites as I like your approach.

    I keep waiting for that big event, the big disclosure, the ufo on the white house lawn, but no, too much is at stake, the Power and the Money!!

    It is beyond rage that Humanity is being used and abused, just for power and profit, as it could change in a second if the technologies and truth could come forward.

    In my own insignificant little world, very few are even willing to listen to why our situation is as it is, it seems that the fear or whatever is more powerful to them than our truth.. Although I have meant more people this year who are more aware, so just maybe “change is in the air”. I hope so because I just get too depressed on humanities abuse, but I keep trying to stay positive.

    I like your thoughts of the laughter idea because it is ridiculous and outrages how they look you in the eye and lie and destroy..

    I’ve always thought, the evil ones in charge who are totally human just have to one day look in the mirror and fully realize how they have harmed humanity.
    What really gets me is the “War Mode”, what the hell is up with that?

    But if it did change and truth come out, I can forgive them and go forward , if they are sincere , because if we do not then we are no better than them, and Humanity has got to evolve higher ..Just my thoughts, take care.. Mary

  4. Do you speak german ?

  5. Avatar
    Benjamin Garfield says:

    I’ve been researching UFO’s since 1974 when my family and I along with 2 Sheriff’s deputies witnessed amber objects for over 2 hours… One at a time they shot off into the atmosphere leaving an orange streak in their wake…. I would like to chat with you by e-mail to tell you what I’ve recently discovered about “flying Discs”……..

  6. Hello Constantine, this is Ed Smith with the UFO and Alien Truth Network. Brent Peterson and I got started about a year and one-half ago to fight the hoaxes and fake online, as well as, addressing, alien, NASA, and space issues. We notice you do not have a web link area, but I wanted to at least try to make contact with you to try. I really respect your work and would like to help more people become aware of what you do. We have gotten very busy and are committed to our mission. You may contact me at our website: http://www.ufoandalientruthnetwork.com or private chat me at: https://www.facebook.com/mr.edsmith. We can also be reached at: ufoandalientruthnetwork@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you, thanks. Ed

  7. Hi Constantine,

    I recently discovered the UFO Theater YouTube Channel and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate & enjoy all your debunking hard work! Your videos are hilarious and the production values are fantastic!

    I especially enjoyed the evisceration by Unicorn of the (formerly) pony-tailed one who shall not be named!

    I’ll be donating & anxiously await your next vid (any updates on anything in the works?)

    Cheers & keep on keepin’ on!

    PS… “Do you speak Chittagonian” 😉

  8. good work, i im fed up with all the fakes going about and im on active duty pointing out fakes and hoaxes to a FB group admin and its members. ive even found some new hoaxers too.
    1) beforeitsnews (hoax promoter) spouts crap in order to drive traffic, odd real story maybe flung in but its mostly hoax stuff. main guy ive delt with, who is an admin/contributer to beforeitsnews who posts on a ufo FB page im on is called Jeffery Pritchett. i and the FB page admin have outed him as a hoax promoter but he blocked both me and admin of the group which shows you his intent on the page.

    2) MarcTV (dailymotion) by a guy called marc fradet, i caught him out posting his dailymotion CGI and fake crap to the FB group. i pulled him up but still posts crap.

    3)9CAOS (webpage, hoax promoter) a CGI alien encounter claimed as real.

    4) iufo sightings (also featured here in the black list) has a facebook page !!!…should see the photos, OBVIOUS fakes but its still sadly being put viral and passed about on ufo groups trying to keep it real.

    5) Nationufocenter (webpage, seems like hoax promoter) spouts crap that isnt true like “ive been to area51 and aliens exist” ‘says the NASA chief’ …really , what bollocks !!.

    ******************************thats it so far, see anything from those sites/people ive posted here then STAY CLEAR, do not entertain. i will post more as and when i find them being posted to the FB group im on.

  9. disclose.tv needs to be checked over for your opinion, its been spewing out some crap like the so called giant skeletons then showing photos of very very fake ones to entice by look on it.
    also pushes hoaxes that are shown by overactive imagination guy on LSD, scott waring of ufosightingsdaily amongst other hoaxers videos/caps.
    a cap i did of the said skeleton thing uploaded to imgur.

  10. One major problem with contact is that humanity is still politically divided. We do not have somebody to speak for all of us unanimously. For aliens to get involved in our world before we become a more united society would mean getting entangled in our politics, which they would probably not want to do – except to take advantage of it, perhaps.

    And why insist on government disclosure but not alien disclosure? Surely these advanced races can speak for themselves, disclose their own presence and the nature of their interest in our world? The fact that they are operating in a clandestine manner makes one wonder what they are hiding – and don’t try to tell me they are scared of our world’s military might!

    Then we come to the issue of advanced foreign technology. Let us imagine that this miraculous advancement in engineering and scientific understanding does not come at a price. I mean, more technologically advanced societies would definitely be above profiteering, right? If this technology (as it is actually being alleged by various individuals) can help relieve us of our dependence on fossil fuels, then hooray! Why should we be expected to solve all our own problems? And surely such technology would not require any inputs that we cannot produce or otherwise source ourselves, thus rendering us wholly dependent on their makers for our power?

  11. Avatar
    Johnny Anonymous says:

    So how do we know that you are who you claim to be? I ask because years ago (2004-2006) there was a guy named Brian Bessent that owned a website called UFO Theater and was known to fake many supposed UFO videos.


  12. I know you only do debunking on UFO’s but I would love to see someone with your experience and knowledge taking a look at those paranormal videos out there that show things like “Fallen Angels” and “Werewolves” that somehow get caught on camera. There are so many out there and a little bit of research goes a long way to proving some of them are jokes, yet all we get is these channels that pump them out in compilations without reviewing them in any way.

    You have a good network here and I appreciate what you have set up. I only recently started looking into this and the channels you mention were all the channels I was subscribing to, taking the bait and rolling with them as they offered hoax after hoax. So cheers to you mate and hopefully we will see more of you on Youtube, or even Reddit (since I see you mention it a few times here).

  13. Hello Everyone!
    I too came to this site (somehow) through a “JIM SPARKS” performance, obviously at some conference. In a long speech he laid out his case, one, as a “general believer” in the ET-presence, I was unable to take serious! I believe he is a liar – there is no way around it and, I think, it makes no sense to find nicer words (as you did, Constantine, in a long piece about the man) for Sparks. For all liars! As the host of this site, you, Constantine, must take another approach, must have legal issues on your mind – understand that!

    Still – we should call somebody a liar of we think he is a liar and if we believe to have (circumstantial) evidence. Generally spoken: All of us should be sceptical, if nothing but personal observation is offered. That is what Sparks relies on. Nothing but a personal account and hearsay. Everybody can come around to do that. It is a business-model during this time and age.

    As a German I can INSURE you that this man had a hard time to find an audience for his very-very unbelievable stories. I took the time and went through all of his speech (sorry, cannot tell which one it was, should there be more than one), as boring and ridiculous it turned out to be, once the first 20-30 minutes were over (of a 90-minute speech, I think), once I had realized how simple and ultimately dumb his account was. I am not saying he colored an originally true story. I say it is a BIG FAT LIE – from A to Z. Nobody in a more advanced audience – like we could expect in Germany and other European countries, not necessarily in rather naive USA – would let him continue his speech uninterrupted, without questions.

    I took a closer look as his mimic and gestures – this is my original field of expertise – and was appalled at the results of my observations. His mimic and gestures – anything on top of his spoken “sweet, little lies” (to quote “Fleetwood Mac”) – pointed to the same result. LIES – LIES – LIES!

    Naturally I cannot offer clear evidence and truth, but it is enough for the listener to use his natural abilities to make a difference between a lie and the truth. Just watch. Just listen! It’s not rocket-science to understand the guy, SPARKS, is a liar. Clearly – he is not embellishing a simpler true story, neither is he thinking himself it is true, though it was only a dream. NO WAY: What he does, what he presents is a CALCULATED LIE – from A to Z.

    Before I close, I say it one more time: I am generally open to the ET subject. I believe in Roswell, The Phoenix Lights, Randelsham Forest incident and many-many other cases and accounts. I cal also accept account of Dr. Turner and others, but would like to direct your attention to one man in the first place: Prof. Vallée. You find him on youtube – check him out and begin with “THINKING ALLOWED” to get an idea, where the French/American astromomer comes from!

  14. What do you feel are legit UFO sites or channels to follow?

  15. Thanks for your hard work at debunking. The INTERNET is awash, an it is only people like yourself and a small handful of others that help separate the wheat from the chaff.

    It also tends to keep those of us who have had a legitimate experience quiet about a subject we need more, not less, level headed discussion about, as it is clear something is going on and somebody knows more than they are letting on

    I would also like to echo the request for ‘whitelist’ of sites and researchers such as Dolan. (aside from sites listed above)

    Sadly the quality of observers in general is also VERY poor, which does not help. 2 great examples.. the woman who says it’s proof that the government are putting chemicals in the water because a rainbow appeared when she turned on her sprinkler *heavy sigh*, and more startling was the Aircrash Investigation where a plane broke up mid-air leaving a trail of flames as the wings ripped off, yet a substantial number of observers reported it as a missile rising up and shooting down the plane. between that and the hoaxes, we need as much critical and balanced analysis as we can get!

    What are your thoughts btw on the multiple pieces of footage from Temple Mount?


    fyi. a friends brother from Sri Lanka had an experience almost identical to the guy on UFO Proof described he had (small black descending sphere immediately over the families heads).

    keep up the good work!!

  16. Thanks so much for the encouragement!

    The Temple Mount footage was proven fake long ago. I turns out the supposed random strangers who shot the various angles are all friends– from film school.


  17. Calling out Secureteam10 makes you look like a piece of shit. All of his content is legit and informative. If there are mass sightings, he posts the videos either given to him or from a free sharing site. If 1 million people subcrribe to him, it’s for a reason. Stop hating on credible outlets. And if he makes $600 a month or $6, who gives a shit. By slamming his channel, it just puts you in the loser/hater class.

    • What makes his content legit? Obviously you haven’t done much research on the subject. Read “Secureteam 10 Debunked and Demonetized” and see if you can maintain that opinion.

      Tyler’s income is only relevant because his fans always ask: “why would he lie to us?”

  18. Wow lmao. i looked up secureteam and found your whiney website about secureteam. you really are what people term a ‘troll’ you critisize people cause they buy a t shirt or some pins really? i mean im pretty sure they did it of their own free will. and you critisize that?! wtf is wrong with you. people watch that stuff, and it entertains alot of them. your rant reminds me of this autisitc kid that hated the matrix. your website is hilarious you sir are hilarious. i would have never bought a shirt from secureteam, but im getting out my debit card and going ot buy one now, just in revolt against the trolls. lmao thanks for a really sad look into a life

    • I don’t criticize the people buying Secureteam merch, I simply inform people they’re funding their own ignorance by supporting Tyler’s nonsense. As your response demonstrates, hardcore Tyler fans often have trouble assimilating this information even though the evidence is laid out in painstaking detail. Enjoy your new purchase. Why not ask for something off the menu and see if Tyler still has some of his Nazi t-shirts in a box somewhere? I’m sure it’s a collector’s item by now.

  19. Constantine,

    I find it interesting that this site you have created has one goal and that is to stop the commercialization of the study of UFOs. I applaud you, but not all sites are trying to make money. The Secureteam10 site does at times have the “REAL Thing” shown and other times they miss it completely even with viewer provided videos and photos. They get a little excited during their reporting and tend to rush the story. Their intentions are honorable I believe. No need though to purchase a tee shirt.

    I have had the opportunity to have my work as a UFO investigator and Experiencer pointed out by Tyler when he saw my own YouTube Channel videos that I have released to the Public. As you move forward, I suggest you then use this site to tell and show readers the truth about UFOs and less complaining. I can even share with you a four (4) step proven procedure I use to see and take video/photos of UFOs on any clear day outside. I have seen thousands of UFOs using this method I was instructed on from beyond, using any good quality Digital Camera and proper UV filtering. Have shown many how to do this at my presentations and all who have participated have come around to being awakened. That is the real reason to study UFOs to become awakened and not to believe the lies or government cover up. They now believe!

    Thank you for your time.

  20. They’re not below to be overwhelmed, there below to
    get you to assume it is possible to defeat these.

  21. Are you still around?