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How the NDestination Unknown channel disappeared soon after our Best UFO Catalog parody launched

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17 thoughts on “VIDEOS”

  1. So besides the list in the final few seconds of the Secureteam10 videos is there a good list of real UFO/alien site you can refer us to?

  2. Love the site and your work!! As a real Ufologist (MUFON Certified Field Investigator) we get to see them all when the hoaxers submit videos or images of “UFO’s”. As a matter of fact, the way I discovered your site was when I was looking for similar videos of one included with a case I just got. My belief is that it is probably helium balloons tied together and silhouetted against the sun and then tethered to the ground to keep it stationary. Anyway, I appreciate the work and will definitely be subscribing. Thanks!!

  3. Came across your site and the UFO Theater Episode 2 video when trying to investigate the latest UFO sighting/video from Dayton Ohio which supposedly occurred on May 25, 2016. It was released on utube I believe by Secure Team 10 (Tyler). A number of media outlets reported on this video also. However I started noticing more reputable ufologist sites saying nothing about the sighting. In any case it does appear to be another hoax from Tyler. This brings me to the fact in the digital age and using compositing and other video effects one can create something out of nothing. Your video has some good examples of how this is done by amateurs such as Tyler. However do you think you could debunk a really professional compositing and visual effects team hoax? For me some UFO type hoaxers can be explained for reasons you suggest in your episode. However there is the possibility of dis-information campaigns which lead viewers into thinking all UFO videos are fakes if enough of them are debunked by persons such as yourself. This leads of course to conspiracy theories and the like. While I think your site has some good information about UFO hoaxes and frauds you do not seem to balance this a lot with more credible sightings and such. Maybe you could provide a list of more serious UFOlogist and or sites that your visitors could check out when new video/photo/sightings crop up. Just some thoughts or am I missing something?

    1. You make a good point as many others have, so I’ve started on an episode dedicated to real sightings.

      I think it’s technically possible to create a clip that can’t be debunked, but people with that kind of expertise are doing better things. The tough part of trying to fool people is associating a sighting with a real world person. Tyler invents witnesses but nobody with half a brain is buying that.

      1. i hope you do balance your work like harry says, for all we know everyone on the blacklist could be getting real sightings sent in by viewers but are ‘debunked’ by yourself who could possibly be someone that’s been paid to set this up to discredit these people. it’s all speculation and everyone is ultimately going to have their own opinion but by balancing your site with places we can go to get legitimate info on this subject would go a long way to cushion fire caused by only debunking peoples stuff. i hope that makes sense this has been hastily typed >_< thank you though, i have been watching secureteam quite a bit; i'm not stupid enough to believe everything on there like hollow earth and a ship chasing a kid around; but i do think that there's the odd bit of footage that's real. also i heard on local news that there were strange lights above christchurch, I'm from New Zealand so I debatably get the best view of the void of light ^^ Thanks again mate I'll be checking back to see your reply or the video you mentioned above.

        1. There may be a tiny fraction of sightings that Tyler has acquired from others that may be real, but that doesn’t negate all the damage he continues to cause. I have a video that features legit sightings in the works, which I’ll hopefully be able to release later this summer.

  4. I love what you’ve done, especially the way you both expose and make fun of that incredibly dim channel thirdphaseofmoon. Good luck in all your ventures man!

  5. What a cool site! Well done, Constantine. There are real “anomalies” on Luna, Mars, Phobos, and elsewhere; many have been discussed by former astronauts (Aldrin, Cooper, and others;) cattle mutilations and human abductions are no joke; and there’s plenty of reason to be very leery of alien “visitors.” That said, about half the UFOs we see are made right here on Terra. Your breakdown of the “drama queen syndrome” (so to speak) is 100% spot-on. I feel that the Vril Community (which I represent) has a very real message, but frankly admit, no “hard evidence” — not even a good fake video — so I don’t expect anyone to take my word for it. If anyone would care to see the results of our efforts, kindly see “Conversations With Fraulein Maria” on Kindle Ebooks. One will either concede a possibility, or blow it off as nuts, I don’t mind which. I quite like “Dark Sky Watcher,” he also presented images (from NASA) of several large globes that appeared to be tethered to the sun, drawing energy (best guess.) And the folks at Never A Straight Answer have been caught with their pants down so many times, they’re about as believe as Third Phase or Secure Team. The fakers do a lot of harm to any serious investigtions or vids that may be real … which may be the intention. One source claimed that about 80% of the UFO-related sites are actually disinformation, and owned by the government. We urge everyone to sift through the haystack, and draw your own conclusions.

    1. Just a correction: DarkSkyWatcher74, it turns out, is just another hoaxer. All the SOHO images from him and others that are represented as showing ET craft are just cosmic ray hits on the sensor. There are people making quite a bit off every little anomaly that shows up. Good discussion of this here:

      Debunking of DarkSkyWatcher here:

  6. please where are the thirdphaseofmoon hoax videos
    we talk about them a lot so where are the videos
    I’ve been watching that channel and then I came across this
    where are the Hoax videos.

  7. Thank you for the Brett Cousins ponytail tribute video, awesome, and for nailing the third phase youtube channel for the crap it is.

    I had just found them and did not realise, could not believe a human could climb so far up an obvious-hoaxer’s ass.

    Aqua, while giving the equivalent of a journalistic blow job and sounding like she had dropped three Quaaludes, calling it an interview, could not have gone any higher up “Ed”.

    Ed, while his videos should get some kind of award for their quality, clearly had not expected his efforts to succeed to the extent he would be taken seriously and interviewed. Because as well done as his videos and photos were, his answers were a series of punts, some quite clumsy, desperate even. But no matter, Acqua was there to keep things moving by validating their guest’s every word, motive, character and nobility, even if Ed was not.
    I think you have these guys wrong, it is or was not primarily about the money, it is because they are stupid. You presented some of the primary evidence for this, his modified mullet.
    Anyway, thanks for the humour, very much.

    1. Thank you, it was fun to create.

      Yes, the execution of their “Ed” videos are comically bad. Just seem to just throw a few people into a conversation, don’t introduce anybody or explain anything, much less ask any relevant questions. By watching, one ends up knowing less than when they started, which seems to suit their viewership just fine.

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