What kind of person subscribes to one of those hoax UFO channels, anyway?

Wonder no longer. This comment from “SuperSurprise,” a Thirdphaseofmoon fan, recently appeared on the Hoaxplosion! YouTube page. Before you attempt to read, it may help to temporarily abandon everything you hold dear about spelling, punctuation, paragraphs, and reason. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

“[UFO Theater is] delusional. Only 851 subs in a channel over 1 1/2 year old ch=Epic failure. Ouch! This guy is very jealous. Period. Fact or Fake, there is about 500-5000 popular of supernatural channels on utube. If every jealous nobody like him decided to launch false flags out of pure jealousy, the false flagger would lose his/her utube ch. Not only that, he know’s nothing about how youtub really works. Those big channels he’s soooo jealous of happen to have an appointed utube account manager. This means,  a real person at the real utube helping them 1 on 1 when they need it. This must burn him up more. It’s a fact, Youtube works with these people when some jealous bitter person comes along and tries to launch an attack on the popular utube channel.It happens often enough.The false attacks can even come in false DMCA attacks on their content. CHannels like 3potm last for a reason. They are great entertianment love then or hate them. Utube is all about entertianment. Sorry mainstream do not find debunking videos entertianing.Do some research. Youtube backs these channels.There would be no utube if jealous bitter failures(There is a ton look at the comments here) came along and tried to get populer channels and trending viral viral vids pulled.It happens 24/7. So many jealous bums out there crying. The have nots like him are very bitter about it.This is just a jealous man talking to his peers of other jealous ufo nuts with failed utube channelsand failed dreams. He is telling people to flag videos for what he does not like on utube. If 1 user flags 3pom videos enough because they are so called fakes to him/her, the user filing the false flags over and over will in fact get his/her utube account terminated for false flagging. Yes, youtube will see the flagging as a false flag for many reasons.It’s entertianment. Get a grip, it’s utube! These channels also have videos in worldwide media which means they have media deals too. Sorry 2 burst your bubble guys. No one important cares accept a handful of ufo nuts with failed utube channels.BTW, for a conpiracy theory.  I have no affiliation with these channels. I just watch and call it like i see it.The only thing he really blew up is his own jealous feelings.I feel bad for the guy. He’s angry about it. You can hear it in his voice. He’s another commercial 4 these big ufo channels. They’ll only grow and become larger with all the free promotion they get from the 100’s of little guys channels being jealous about them on loads of little man utube channels crying and serving as a commercial for them…That’s my rant. Here’s a box of tissues!”

See, folks? UFOlogy has nothing to do with UFOs. It’s “entertianment”!

You’re just jealous.

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6 thoughts on “What kind of person subscribes to one of those hoax UFO channels, anyway?”

  1. UFO Theater is a service to those who want to know which UFO videos are real and which are fake, if that doesn’t interest you, as you say, “don’t watch.” I just happen to be uniquely qualified to identify the kind of bullshit Secureteam is selling, so that’s what I do.

  2. Wow this website is trying to bbbeeegggg for pennies “no amount too small” while ripping on a guy that has had a Youtube channel logo and followers.. I mean seriously if you believe everything to be the truth on a tube channel openly saying “sent to me by (blabla name)” and “what do you guys think “ then you just need to not watch and quit being a whinny bitch.. I mean shit there is so much more to bitch about on YouTube or tv like the msm and all these billions of idiots purposely and knowingly giving bullshit as fact and truth , let alone the utter bs videos” for children” these freaking pukes are flooding the internet with nonsense shit of opening toys or dressing up like kids I used to beat up and play hero’s just to make money from kids watching.. you are what’s wrong with America , whining about a bad word or slandering… fuck how about starting another deception to make money and start a different church or religion to steal money creat hate and belief in a jolly green throb that only gives you knowledge but you can share it with the ppl if they only but give you their soul and paycheck.. goddamn what a whinny bitch you are..

  3. I tell ya, This pisses me off. I too am gullible as I have been all eyes wide open in amazement with so many of these exciting videos. Here’s the thing though. I have seen an actual UFO. Back in 2013 . First one I could be sure of in the 30 plus years Zi ‘ve been looking. It was Huge. Appeared Black. Shaped like a V .
    Makes it tough for me to convince folks of what I actually saw.

  4. I’ll tell you who subscribes to fake UFO channels — dummies like me! I’m new to this you tube nonsense, and since I’m honest with everyone else, I assume they’re being honest, also. Got me, again. Oh, well. So I’m one of those dummies who really appreciates someone like you, Constantine, letting me know if I’m watching a fake. What’s more, I’ve learned at least a little about how to spot a fake. This is important to me since I’m looking for truth and need to spot the lie. I think the idea is great about you starting some kind of site where you verify the real videos, which would be found only on your site. And I do not agree that “it’s just entertainment (sic)”. Entertainment lets you know what it is. These fake videos are passed off as real. Anyway, thank you for your excellent work.

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