UFO Theater Episode 2

Hoax channels featured in this episode: thirdphaseofmoon, LookNowTV, Section51, NDestination Unknown. I had originally intended to create the Conspiracy Episode, but just too many things broke since Episode 1 that I felt I had to address. Oh, if only I could do this for a living you’d have a new one every week. You never know; if a kid can raise $10K for a potato salad…

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2 thoughts on “UFO Theater Episode 2”

  1. I have always enjoyed comedy and UFO channel on Veetle is one of the great ones. Have I seen a UFO? No. Do I believe? Wait and see.
    I love learning about centrepedile drive systems and am totally skeptical about force fields that can cancel gravity or centriugal force of high G turns but would love to even see any math that demonstrates the concept to me this is the true test. And no one I know has even seen that Math. See NASA comments candellightpoet@gmail.com
    Lot of Love and Prayers

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