YouTube Channels and web sites producing and promoting UFO hoaxes

Last update 5/28/2019 – 178 full entries, 18 Dishonorable Mentions

The volume of fraud in the field of UFOlogy is staggering, primarily from those attempting to profit by exploiting interest in UFOs. This list is provided to help you avoid supporting hoaxers and profiteers.


07TV – Creator of the Kassel, Germany UFO hoax that fooled quite a few people until some basic compositing errors were exposed. In July 2015 this channel had a new hoax supposedly shot by an airline passenger over the Swiss Alps, which was picked up by a few news sites. Also see Kaschuba Brothers.

3CreepyTV – A channel that peddles “Illuminati” conspiracy material, trading on the proven concept that fear sells. Most videos include “Illuminati Exposed” in the title, and present unrelated clips compiled from news footage and set to music without ever presenting a coherent narrative. Instead, each video is a series of unfounded claims that the government, or evil celebrities, are conspiring to do… something. For example, “A MUST SEE! The BANNED Video With The Secret The US Government Is Hiding In Antarctica…” features a video that isn’t banned, with someone on camera making a wild claim that Russian troops are poised to attack “an annunaki hive” in the frozen wastes (Do they live in hives? They must make some badass honey). Videos are often promoted with (of course) misleading thumbnails whose content appears nowhere in the video, and are often stolen from other hoax videos or photos. 3CreepyTV is fear porn for the gullible, with the disclaimer “all videos are intended for entertainment purposes only.” – When stories are considered too ridiculously stupid for tabloid news, is where they go to die. “PROOF Living Dinosaur Killed By Military!! Government Cover-Up!!” “ALIENS EATING PEOPLE – THE FOREST SERVICE UFO FILES” “AMAZING! CIA REVEALS THEY MADE CONTACT WITH SHADOW PEOPLE FROM MARS!” 7tales takes fake news to the next level of fake. Currently spamming Facebook using the the account “Kamenov Miro.”

Adam 1414 – Originating in Italy, this channel feeds off all manner of hoaxes and conspiracy theories, making graphic-heavy videos about sun anomalies, flat earth conspiracies, “reptilian shapeshifters” based on video compression artifacts, doomsday prophecies, and more. Promotes with intensely overwrought thumbnails.

ADGUKNEWS (see also StephenHannardADGUK) – Mostly misrepresentations of existing air and space footage, often of dubious origin. Some of the posts venture beyond UFOs into general oddities. A typical description will start with “A video has surfaced of what appears to be…”, a weaselly method of creating plausible deniability.

Aguirre, Roberto – CGI artist/designer decides to do a one-off amateurish UFO hoax and is immediately rewarded by being promoted in the British tabloid The Mirror UK, scraping the bottom of the barrel for clickbait.

ALFA.8 – Spanish language channel featuring bad CGI hoaxes, contrail remnants misrepresented as UFOs, and video stolen from hoax creators Thirdphaseofmoon, and UFO Today.

Alien Blog – (Facebook group) Focuses primarily on CGI hoaxes alien sightings and interviews. Responsible for the Meni Tsirbas alien interview hoax being shared over 1,760 times.

Alien News – Badly misrepresented footage: mylar balloons, skydivers with flares, a reflection on a window. Content stolen from other channels  without even bothering to remove the victim’s logo. Terribly misleading thumbnails. Bad all around, but aggressively promoting on Reddit, and likely elsewhere.

Alien Planet – A collection of poorly conceived and executed UFO hoaxes.

Alien Sightings – Amusingly terrible CGI clips that look like the work of a bored teen.

Alien Unleash – Laughably terrible CGI fakes, promoted with equally hilarious thumbnails. Most appear to be original, with some models (like a saucer with blinking lights) showing up in multiple videos. With an average of four advertising breaks per video, the goal of the channel seems to be maximizing profit.

All Awesome – Similar in method to hoax channel Section 51 2.0, All Awesome finds background footage and adds in CGI spaceships and light effects, as well as copying and repeating old paranormal hoaxes that have been floating around YouTube for years. Also like Section 51, the hoaxes are easily detected and exposed by debunker UFO of Interest. The domain contact for the related web site is listed as Chingan Cheng, and the related Facebook page is managed by Pheanyoun Vit, apparently of Nagano, Japan, who has made at least one YouTuber unhappy by attempting to extort them with false copyright claims.

Anomalies Study Group – A “study” of various types of balloons in flight mostly made of mylar, infused with technical sounding nonsense. For example, a semi-inflated balloon with ribbon attached is a “morphing anomaly with floating tether.” Too ridiculous to parody.

ANONIMO ANONIMO – A Portuguese language channel featuring sensationalist videos, and hoaxes stolen from other channels including 07TV.

ApexTV – Heavily focused on profit, each video of this YouTube channel begins with an appeal for you to subscribe (with an offer of a cash prize for a randomly selected subscriber) and includes multiple ad breaks per video. Using a compilation format with voiceover and sometimes an unidentified on-camera host, ApexTV creates collections of CGI hoaxes, manipulated photos, misrepresented images and hoaxes aggregated from other sources, all with titles that include the phrase “Caught On Tape.” Topics include teleportation, strange and mythical creatures (mermaids, dragons, demons), aliens, time travel, and the usual viral UFO hoaxes from Secureteam 10, Thirdphaseofmoon, Streetcap1 and others. The formula has been successful: ApexTV has racked up over 92,000 subscribers as of February 2017.

ArtAlienTV – Channel that makes its living off crazy, scientifically baseless interpretations of Mars photos from the Curiosity rover. 100% pareidolia based, and a waste of time.

Aurigae 77Formerly Section51/Aurora51, renamed and re-uploaded after being removed from YouTube for reasons unknown.

Austin, Jon – This “Online Science Reporter” for the British tabloid The Express UK is a primary supporter and enabler of UFO and paranormal hoaxes that go viral online. Austin uses such stories as clickbait for his column, and  subsequently lesser publications repeat the story without checking the quality of the source. Hoaxers Streetcap1, Scott C. Waring, Secureteam 10, Mister Enigma and others owe their high visibility and large subscriber bases to the free publicity provided by Austin and the Express UK.

Barney Winner 5 – Certainly a winner for most nonsensical channel name, most of the posts have titles that include the phrase “End Time Signs & Events”. They feature scenes of disaster and strife (and a recurring hilarious illustration of Jesus boxing Satan) with voiceover of a Joe Frank-esque stream of consciousness religious sermon. You’re only a winner if you stay away from this channel and its 5-7 advertising breaks per video.

Beforeitsnews (web site) – Promotes any crackpot theory or hoax video clip/photo from any source in hopes of driving more traffic to the site. Watch for Disclosure to be predicted every single year of its existence.

Blast World Mysteries – Formerly named “Blast A”, this channel once featured only ridiculous and insultingly bad UFO hoaxes, some created and some stolen. It has since expanded into poaching and misrepresenting paranormal news items from other sources, some years old and recycled to look new.

Budgetmoon – Nicknamed “Budgetballoon” and “Are You Fucking Serious?”, this channel specializes in videos of balloons in flight.

Canal Paranormal – Originating in Argentina, this Spanish language channel features stolen hoaxes and misrepresented footage from around YouTube, including Thirdphaseofmoon, Section 51 2.0, The Faking Hoaxer, the Meni Tsirbas alien interview, an Aphex Twin video, and many others.

CLASSIFIED CHANNEL – Originating in Spain, this channel features mostly stolen content, apparently selected for its viral appeal. Sources include Thirdphaseofmoon, UFOVNI, and 07TV.

Close Encounters UFO – Originating in Greece, this robot-voiced channel features primarily fake news, including “CIA Document Reveals the Truth about MARS, they have Discovered An Ancient Giant Alien Race” the source of which turns out to be an interview with a clairvoyant, and the “Earth Has A Second Moon” story, actually referring to an asteroid with a wide orbit around the Earth. Each post has a 30 second lead-in imploring you to “like” and “subscribe”, and the channel is promoted using spam accounts on Facebook.

Michael Cohen – This silly, rather sparse channel features alien, UFO, ghost and bigfoot hoaxes. It has a surprising 50K+ following, likely by virtue of having been around since 2009.

Conspiracy News Documentary – Mostly stolen content that was acquired with no regard to copyright or accuracy, including a second-hand theft of the hoax “UFO Attacks NASA Spaceship” from DarkSkyWatcher74, which was originally created by The Faking Hoaxer. A comment on the page that pointed to the original video was deleted, so there’s no doubt this is intentional.

The Cosmos News – Re-hashes of trending events from other channels using some extra graphic flash, and their own fact-free embellishment.

C’one, Scott – See Nibiru Planet X 2016.

Coffee Break Talk – Hoaxes and strange stories stolen from other YouTube channels, including Now You Know and UFO Today, as well as others that have circulated for years.

Cousins, Blake and Brent – Arguably the two instigators who created the UFO hoaxing-for-profit model with their Third Phase of Moon YouTube channel. Armed with far more ambition than talent as CGI artists and filmmakers, their greatest “skill” has proven to be the ability to lie as a profession and ruminate at length about the contrived and composited videos they present. In recent years they appear to have farmed out their production and post work to other entities, who use a combination of visual effects and customized remote control drones to create hoax UFO video clips. As of July 2015 they’ve amassed a total of nearly 1,200 videos (some non-UFO related) and over a quarter million duped subscribers. In 2014 they released (free online) the science fiction drama Hangar 52: We Are Not Alone, demonstrating a stunning degree of ineptitude in screenwriting, direction, acting, visual storytelling and visual effects. The production makes it clear why the Cousins Brothers are relegated to creating fake UFO videos for a living. – Features hoaxes to attract web traffic, from hoaxers including Paranormal Crucible, UFOVNI, space live news, and others. Promotes using spam accounts on Facebook.

Cryptid Research – Beyond the ridiculous overly-dramatic music on every video, the visual effects are beyond awful. If you need a laugh, watch “Giant Snake Caught On Tape,” a slide show made with toy tanks, toy army men and Photoshop. Then erase this channel from your memory.

DAHBOO77, DAHBOO777 – Mostly bad pareidolia-based misinterpretations of Mars images. Also posts re-reports of current events infused with his own conspiracy/doomsday theories– usually these videos are simply a still image taken from the news with his own voiceover commentary. Will occasionally present a UFO hoax, or anything that might attract views.

DarkSkyWatcher74 – After initially trusting this channel (UFO Theater Episode 1) this producer has become an obvious profiteer, exhibited in the deceptive moneymaking scam in which he (supposedly) raffled a telescope, theft of a clearly labeled CGI video, and several other posts that have been debunked by Dave “Dazzathecameraman” Greg. Sad and disappointing.

Disclose.tvWill post anything they think will bring clicks and profit, including hoaxes of any kind; they seem particularly fond of fakes by Secureteam 10. The unique feature of this site is that all videos are *stolen* rather than linked. In other words, videos are downloaded from YouTube and re-uploaded to in order to add their own advertising. This is done under the guise of being uploaded by the users of the site rather than the administrators, so takes no responsibility for the material on its own pages. Videos by UFO Theater have been featured in this way no less than three times, and given the choice to link the original or remove the content, they’ve chosen to remove every time.

Disclosurer Radio – Modeled after the fear-mongering style of Secureteam 10 (listed in this channel’s favorites), Disclosurer (?) pushes a narrative of persecution by the U. S. government. Some videos present mundane videos of aircraft misrepresented as something sinister (US Military Using Commercial Aircraft To Track Americans!), while others are visual effects composites (737 Commercial Jet Stopping In mid-air flying backwards). While the compositing is better than Secureteam’s, mistakes are made with focus and perspective.

Documentario Xtreme – Originating either in Brazil or Portugal, this channel steals UFO hoaxes from around YouTube. The image quality is so bad on most clips the theft is likely second or third generation (stolen from a content thief who stole from a thief who stole from the creator). Many are promoted with totally unrelated images (also stolen) from other hoax channels like iUFOSightings, Thirdphaseofmoon and Secureteam 10.

EarthNewz – Posts compilations of hoaxes from other sources including the Kaschuba brothers and LookNowTV.

Earth & Space News – Stolen hoaxes from other sources including the Kaschuba Brothers, WTF Flow and anything else that might be floating around, including The Faking Hoaxer’s Mission to Mars video. – will post anything that might drive traffic, including an obvious hoax from a channel clearly identified as belonging to a CGI artist.

Egyptoon – An Egyptian (comedy?) channel that suddenly decided to post a UFO hoax in October of 2015. An odd tangent.

EriGIA007 – Will post everything and anything of potential interest, including misrepresented Mars Curiosity and SOHO images, viral hoaxes (example: “Alert: Bananas were found infected with AIDS in Mexico”), and UFO clips with the classic characteristic of starting and ending for no reason. Made fun of these jokers in UFO Theater Episode 1 for their ridiculous graphics.

EXO SPACE HD – A robot voice recitation of old UFO cases, using (ironically) low-resolution imagery stolen from other sources– in one case even a thumbnail from hoaxer Secureteam 10. A bottom-feeder channel that appears to be trying to cash in on UFO interest without offering anything original.

ExtraterrestrialMind – Hoaxes and non-UFO footage stolen from around YouTube, including a Brazilian telecom commercial represented as a real sighting, and an entire stolen documentary called “Thrive,” broken into three parts titled “UFO’s & Free Energy”.

F7U12 – UFO hoaxes and other sensational footage stolen from other sources on YouTube. Racked up 4 million views using a video stolen from an ad campaign for a Brazilian marketing company.

Facts Studies – Presenting neither facts nor studies, this channel features hoaxes and stolen footage of all kinds: UFOs, aliens, fatal car accidents, mythical creatures, and fake news. The image quality on most clips is terrible as a result of being downloaded from YouTube and re-compressed multiple times. Most are represented with very misleading titles and thumbnails, and the channel is currently being promoted by spamming Reddit.

Fast Walker – Not the worst thing in the world, but a sensationalist channel that will post anything for views, including Shia LeBeouf’s green screen rant, car crashes, hoaxes from other channels, and a significant number of airplane contrails misrepresented as UFOs.

Fausto Perez – Another balloon show in which light/reflective inflatables of various shapes drift lazily across the sky. The hook for this channel seems to be the coverage of peoples’ live reactions to the balloons as they’re being taped.

FindingUFO – While not as awful as some other 100% hoax channels, FindingUFO has refused to remove numerous hoaxes identified in their playlist, and should not be trusted to provide authentic sightings.

gm30001 – Clips without any attribution or context, most often low resolution shots of balls of light in the sky, at least one of which is clearly a police helicopter. Every video has the same creepy drone audio track with a heartbeat sound effect. The real giveaway is that every one of the thumbnails for their videos is a completely fabricated image that doesn’t actually appear in the video.

How to Draw and Paint Art Channel – Yes, you’re reading that channel name correctly. This channel’s posts alternate between ancient hoaxes stolen from around YouTube, misrepresented footage (also stolen), and time lapse clips of an artist (safe guess: channel owner) illustrating characters with pen and paper. At least there’s something original here.

Hunter, Jason – After first focusing primarily on unusual cloud formations, three years ago Mr. Hunter joined the Mars pareidolia porn bandwagon and never looked back.

Hutchison, John (YouTube) – Posted a hoax video of a police officer being immolated by a motorist (supposedly an alien, of course) that drew over 4M views. Debunker Isaac Koi correctly identifies this as a promo for a television show. Not UFO-related, but making an exception for Mr. Hutchison for recently trying to profit from October 2015 news stories including the discovery of water on Mars and a mass murder.

Igor Kryan – Channel featuring bizarre animal attacks, sexual images and UFO hoaxes. Their “30 Best 2016 HD Alien UFO Encounters Caught On Camera That Will Make Skeptics Believe” that features all manner of hoaxed and misrepresented footage including mylar balloons, bad CGI and reflections in windows. Don’t review this garbage without a hot shower and some brain bleach handy. Or preferably don’t view it at all.

Ilias, “Dr.” J. Andy – Longtime shill for the Third Phase of Moon YouTube hoax channel, this decidedly non-Phd attorney showed a penchant for filling time with useless chatter. Consequently he now has his own YouTube channel, and a radio show on Art Bell’s Dark Matter Digital Network. After spending time with the Cousins Brothers exploiting the Malaysia Flight MH370 disappearance for profit, there’s nowhere for Andy to go but up.

Incredible News E3 – Incredibly ridiculous paranormal stories, many duplicated from around YouTube but with misspelled titles. Based on older posts like “Pacu, el pez que come testiculos humanos” (Pacu, the fish that eats human testicles) the unnamed channel owner is likely a Spanish speaker. Robot-voiced videos include “EXTRATERRESTRIAL SORCERERS [sic] FOUND UNDER THE POLAR ICE CAPS” (taking a cue from hoaxers UFOVNI and Secureteam 10), “Mysterious vortex appear on the Large Hadron Collider” (stolen from hoaxer Section 51). Incredible News E3 simply regurgitates existing stories with a minimum of effort, in some cases only presenting two still photos for an entire 3 minute video.

InFocusUFOs – A spinoff from the worst-of-the-worst Thirdphaseofmoon channel, this series of videos seeks to develop a “character” out of a frequent contributor of computer-generated UFO videos. “Ed” vaguely describes his supposed personal experiences with extraterrestrials, speaking only in generalities and giving no context or details (much like his hoax UFO videos) and all set to spacey music with plenty of b-roll. The whole channel is one after another masturbatory mood piece devoid of any information, insight, or anything real whatsoever.

The Inquisitr ( – In an online ecosystem overpopulated with cut-and-paste news sites, The Inquisitr sits at the bottom of the heap. Will repost any idiotic paranormal news story from any hoax source, even those too stupid for British tabloids. Low point so far: promoting a debunked photo of a solar farm in Nevada, represented by hoaxer Mister Enigma as a giant UFO. The substance of the article was a “debate” regarding whether the photo was a solar farm or a giant UFO in the exact location of a known solar farm.

ISS Ufo Watch – You can see where this is going just from the channel name: lots of misrepresented lens flares, compression artifacts, and tiny bits of debris floating around the International Space Station. Also, a healthy dose of Mars pareidolia clips. “Finds” on the red planet include a number “7”, a statue, a skeleton, a creature (posted twice), and a “strange figure.”

iufosightings – Formerly called NDestination Unknown before it disappeared from Youtube, this is not so much a UFO channel as a 3D model asset catalog. Over 1,100 videos and not a single authentic sighting. Every UFO clip is a computer modeled spaceship composited against a landscape background or still photo. Every. Single. One.

jmhz71 – aka “The Balloonist.” Based in Mexico, all this channel’s captures are simple shapes that wander slowly and aimlessly across the sky.

Kaschuba Brothers – Purported owners of the domain (anonymized through the registrar) and creators of at least eight hoax YouTube channels, debunked by and others. in sum, a herpetic rash on the body of UFOlogy. Their techniques include use of CGI 3D models, fake camera movement, and blurring and obscuring of key details that would clearly reveal how their images have been manipulated. (web site and Facebook page) – Will post anything regardless of authenticity just to keep the traffic moving, making it a perfect vehicle for Black Lister’s material. Features hoaxes from LookNowTV, Secureteam 10, Streetcap1 and Scott Waring.

Latest UFO Sightings (YouTube) – Comes with a unique disclaimer on each page advising that “95% UFO sightings are probably fake” which is intended to excuse the fact that their compilations are put together with demonstrably hoaxed clips included.

Limitless – Created by a Serbian named Zeljko Stankovic, this channel features stolen UFO hoaxes from UFOmania2015 and Secureteam 10 as well as other material from around YouTube, without even bothering to obscure the creators’ watermarks and logos. The name “Limitless” seems to apply to advertisements, as on 30 minute compilation includes a possible record-breaking 23 ads.

Looknowtv – Although they’ve recently started putting more effort into their videos, they’re still bad and technically unconvincing. Early attempts at making clear close-up hoaxes have failed, so they’ve now attempting to lower the size and resolution of their phony UFOs in order to obscure how the video clips have been manipulated. – This extreme right-wing fake news site is also fond of UFO and paranormal hoaxes, featuring videos from fraudulent YouTube channels when possible. Subjects include animal-human hybrids, Nazi UFOs, Nibiru, and the March 2017 “flying humanoid shape” hoax which turned out to be a Photoshopped kite.

Vik Mancini – Mr. Mancini is a Facebook enigma. At first glance he seems to be a regular guy who enjoys making music and playing with his dog. However, if you frequent UFO-related pages and groups, he’s a distribution hub for UFO hoaxes. Mancini is fond of posting video clips of bad fakes that are never sourced, and defy analysis because they’ve been uploaded to Facebook, which degrades the image quality to the point that the method used to create the fake can’t be discerned. Every video is captioned with one of several broken English phrases ending in a question mark (?), most frequently: Mystery sky ? Time ? Hey ? He has been asked why he does this, and won’t respond.

There are plenty of simple minded people passing around ridiculous looking UFO hoaxes on Facebook. If they ever decided to organize, Vik Mancini would be their king– the King of Simpleton. The videos he posts inexplicably get shared tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of times. It’s likely you wouldn’t be able to frequent UFO groups for a week without being exposed to one of the silly, badly constructed fakes he’s pushing. Why he does it, and why they are shared so often is anybody’s guess– could Facebook be using his videos as a honeypot to collect data on gullible people? We may never know.

Mandi Boyn – An almost comical trove of stolen UFO hoaxes from around YouTube using a vignette to (almost) obscure the creator’s watermark. All uploaded on June 3, 2015.

marinodelfino – Not confined to fake UFO clips, this channel covers several kinds of hoaxed paranormal activity, mostly presenting digital video artifacts as evidence of “shapeshifting reptilians.” They’re quite fond of using eerie sound effects and glitchy motion graphics and stock images to dress up their nonsense.

Mars Moon Space Photo Zoom Club – Possibly named by an 8-year-old, this channel features Photoshop-enhanced pareidolia-driven videos of Mars rocks in the style of Scott Waring or DAHBOO77.

Martin Mikuaš – Misrepresents ordinary sunlight breaking through the clouds as “strange phenomena”, promotes chemtrail and Nibiru conspiracy theories, presents faked “historical” footage of unknown origin with unconvincing film scratch effects. Examples include “Alien in the box,” “Mysterious Coin,” and “Mermaid Skeleton.” There are some clips of blobs of light in the sky that look interesting, but there’s too much garbage on this channel to take them seriously.

Matrix World Disclosure – Creates compilations of sensationalist clips from around YouTube: UFO videos, disasters and odd events. This fear porn channel features wild apocalyptic scare headlines, the most common tropes being “Earth Is Changing, Extreme Events Worldwide” and “ALERT! SOMETHING BIG IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN”. Predicted World War III was “about to begin” in 2015. Apparently this formula has worked well for its creator, a Romanian man named Puiu Chiriac, as he’s recently created a second similar channel named The Others.

Mexicogeek – A ridiculous collection of paranormal detritus from around the net, including misrepresented Mars photos, old UFO hoaxes that have been circulating for years, and doctored photos of strange creatures.

Mister UFO/Mister Enigma – Mostly UFO detritus duplicated from around Youtube, and some hoax videos. And then, there’s a rare unicorn-like clip made of 100% computer generated imagery, which we debunked. Mister UFO has our debunking video temporarily taken down with a false copyright infringement claim, after verbally wrestling with himself.

misterio canal –  A Spanish language channel that features any number of sensational clips including unusual insects, and giant snakes, as well as insultingly bad UFO hoaxes. Prime example is the “Teletransportación de nave nodriza” video featured in the tabloid Daily Express in September 2016. Also a smattering of stolen hoaxes, including Section 51’s “UFO Portal Over CERN.”

ModernGalaxy – UFO hoaxes and other paranormal videos stolen from around YouTube. Includes hoaxes created by Secureteam 10, UFOVNI, and Paranormal Crucible.

Modnuts – Stolen content from around YouTube, at one time including Darin Crapo’s excellent UFO Planet show. NOT COOL, MODNUTS.

MR. AMAZING X – Based in India, this channel presents awful, juvenile UFO fakes created with visual effects, and a hoax stolen from CGI artist Oondyla. For an added dose of credibility, videos depicting a “real dragon found alive” that doesn’t move, and “real dinosaurs found alive” which consists of a CGI photo of a pterodactyl.

Mr Anomalous – Balloons of all shapes and sizes.

Mysterious Perception – Previously named Truth Perception Media, this is carbon copy of most bottom-feeding paranormal channels, simply duplicating hoaxes that have gone viral and applying its own stink to them. Conscious of possible accusations of copyright infringement, every video description includes the phrase “Used under Fair Use.” Plagiarized hoaxes include “6,000-year-old Vimana found by 8 US Soldiers Disappeared in Afghanistan Cave”, “Elongated ‘Alien’ Skull discovered on Mars According to UFO hunters” (a Mars pareidolia hoax mocked in Mars Madness), “Round Black Object ‘UFO’ captured on live stream flying over the Moon”, and “Mysterious Black Helicopter appears to chase UFO ‘small dark object’ zooming across the evening sky” in which, curiously, the object being “pursued” resembles a balloon, and never appears in the same shot as the pursuer. – Promotes hoax videos by channels including Secureteam 10, LookNowTV, UFOVNI, and Paranormal Crucible. Blocks dissenting comments from their posts.

NDestinationUnknown – See iufosightings.

THE NIBIRU – The title of this channel would lead you to believe it’s focused on planet X Nibiru nonsense. Instead, THE NIBIRU features 100% stolen UFO hoaxes from Thirdphaseofmoon, Section 51 2.0, Jonathan Castro, UFOMania2015 and more. Most are promoted with CGI or space art thumbnails completely unrelated to the video.

Nibiru Planet X 2016 – Either a product of extreme opportunism or extreme mental illness, this channel, the brain-vomit of one Scott C’one (aka Scott Allan Cone), promotes the idea there’s a secret planet lurking in our celestial neighborhood that is beginning to wreak havoc on earth. As exposed by astronomer/debunker Dave “Dazzathecameraman” Greg, no claim is too ridiculous or unfounded to keep C’one’s viewers coming back for more details of their impending doom. C’one has attacked Greg personally, suggesting he’s a government shill paid through that well-known illuminati money conduit, Paypal. If any of your friends fall prey to C’one or his Nibiru conspiracy theories, please find them professional help.

NowYouKnow – A collection of standard paranormal news tripe, including Mars pareidolia clips, questionable cryptozoology photos, bigfoot, witches, mermaids, etc. Appears to be content taken from another channel as most of the posts were uploaded en masse once a month starting in August 2016.

Of Sound Mind And Body – New name for an old hoax channel. See Mister UFO/Mister Enigma.

Omega Ovnis Ufos – (Facebook group) Has the distinction of being the first Facebook group to be added to The Black List. There’s no hoax too unbelievable to be downloaded from YouTube and re-uploaded to their pages, which seem to get shared constantly. Most of the branding appears to have been removed, but we were able to identify at least one hoax from Secureteam 10, and others look straight from the Kaschuba Brothers.

ovni hd – A French channel featuring copied and (sometimes altered) reposted hoaxes. Most are rather obvious CG fakes, and as of October 2016 ovni has a tiny following. Secureteam 10 started out the same way, and we know what a megadisaster that has become, so it’s never too soon to add to The Black List.

OVNIS ACTUALES – Enigmas de la Historia – An apparent side project of hoax channel jmhz71, these clips feature balloons, misrepresented footage, and stolen UFO documentary segments; basically anything that can be scraped off the bottom of YouTube and used to generate some views.

PARALLEL reality of UFOs – While the capitalization of this channel’s title is inept, its purpose is very clear: maximize profit. Each video is a compilation of stolen footage, with up to 15(!) advertisements distributed throughout. Even worse, the stolen clips are re-compressed and muddied down to 480p resolution which makes the real and hoaxed “UFOs” barely discernible.

Paranormal Crucible – Channel mostly dedicated to wild and ridiculous interpretations of unusually shaped rocks on Mars, using photos taken by the Curiosity rover. Will sometimes engage in UFO clips., – Promotes hoaxes by Thirdphaseofmoon, Mister Enigma and others.

Pot Boys – YouTube channel dedicated to doctored photos, hoaxes repeated from other channels and misrepresenting lens flares and the moon in ISS footage. – will post anything in order to drive traffic to their site, including links to many hoax videos.

RAW NEWS – Imagine Howard Beale from the film Network on his downward slide, delivering a depressing sermon over images of disaster and strife, some taken from the news and some from mainstream films. This is the sensationalist, depressing fear porn served up by Raw News on YouTube, including a generous helping of hoaxes such as the Meni Tsirbas alien interview, Nibiru planet X scares, and “72 HOUR WARNING ~ DEEP IMPACT ASTEROID DUE TO ROCK THE WORLD”… from September 2016. “COPS GIVE DUI TEST TO GIRL NOT WEARING PANTS” is about as uplifting as it gets. Their related Raw Channel was removed from YouTube “due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.”

Real Thing TV – Primarily and opportunistic pop culture channel that collects oddities from around the net, including movie reviews, ridiculous speculation (Pope Francis to Resign in 2016?), and yes, UFO videos, all of them hoaxes stolen from other channels. The “reporting” is all voiced via computer text-to-speech, making this channel all the more suspect.

Real UFO Alien Evidence – Badly composed, implausible CGI hoaxes, some original and some stolen from other channels such as Thirdphaseofmoon, Section 51 and Secureteam 10. The latter are obvious in that the clips are very low resolution, as a result of enlarging the image to crop out the original watermarks. Also includes run-of-the-mill Mars pareidolia and alien hoaxes.

Rob19791 – Mostly dormant channel with years-old videos that recently posted in May 2016, with misrepresentations of ISS footage and Mars photos.

SandboxTEN – Features hilariously misleading  thumbnails promoting faked videos UFOs, witches and ghosts. The UFO clips are hoaxes stolen from other channels and several bad CGI fakes. The “witch” videos are the most absurd, one featuring a silhouetted peacock perched in a tree, and another a woman simply gesturing in an open field. How this train wreck of a channel accumulated over 100,000 subscribers is anybody’s guess.

Scary Videos – Not exclusively featuring UFOs, but the UFO videos this channel presents are all nearly 100% poorly executed CGI fakes. The “About” YouTube page links to hoaxer Alien Planet, so the same person likely owns both.

SecretScienceTV – See Kaschuba Brothers.

Section 51 2.0 – A channel created by French CGI artist Jean “JH” Wzgarda that once exploited authentic military footage by adding CGI spaceships. At one point the original channel, was “limited” by Youtube, possibly due to fraud complaints, so it split off into a second channel named Aurora 51. In a bizarre about-face, Wzgarda then started to  referring to his hoaxes as a “web series” and asking for money to support it. He later stopped using military footage and renamed the channel Section 51 2.0, but continued the use of ridiculous-looking computer generated UFOs that sometimes earn him tabloid publicity. Wzgarda was outed by Scott Brando of, and this amusing interaction ensued. In February of 2017 Wzgarda lodged a privacy complaint against a video that directly associated him with his Section 51 2.0 YouTube channel, but that complaint was rejected when YouTube discovered he had been publicly identified as the owner of domain associated with the channel in registrar records. His videos continue to be debunked as viewers have recently started locating the stock and found footage he uses for backgrounds. In December of 2018, Wzgarda finally came clean in a video confessing that “sorry guys, it was all CGI,” and has since labeled all his remaining videos as such. The entire saga is detailed in the UFO Theater video A Brief History of Section 51 2.0.

Secureteam 10 (Glockner, Tyler) – Originally this channel simply used deceptive interpretations of footage and some silly Photoshop work, but eventually grew its viewership with significant help from pretend journalist Jon Austin of the web site. He attempted to have a UFO Theater debunking video removed from Youtube and Vimeo with false copyright claims. We have since released a more comprehensive debunking video. Glockner continues to be promoted by a number of disreputable tabloids and as a result has collected a large number of subscribers, giving his channel the appearance of veracity.

Sergeant UFOFormerly Section51/Aurora51, renamed re-uploaded after being removed from YouTube for reasons unknown.

Slapped Ham – It was easy to dismiss this compilation of “countdowns, lists and facts about everything” as another viral trash collector, until this: “Thanks to Section 51 for collaborating with us on this one. For more amazing UFO footage check out their channel.” Obviously, facts are not a concern, so paranormal viral hoaxes are littered throughout the Slapped Ham playlist.

sonofmabarker – Another “whatever gets the clicks” channel, featuring everything from UFO hoaxes (often videotaped off a TV or computer screen) to car crashes to doctored Mars photos. Recently jumped on the “Astronaut Tweets Photo of UFO” hoax bandwagon.

space live news – Another fear porn channel featuring stolen content with apocalyptic titles like “Nibiru Planet NEMESIS to Hit Earth” and “FEB 4 Breaking News NASA Says Earth Civilization is Doomed.” Other completely false stories include “China Reveals That a Massive Alien Outpost and Mining Facility is Operating on the Moon” and “feb 1 BREAKING SPACE ALERT! Russian Media CONFIRMS PLANET X NIBIRU 2017 INVASION.”

StephenHannardADGUK (See also: ADGUKNEWS) – ADGUK being an acronym for “Alien Disclosure Group, United Kingdom”, and yet there are no aliens, no disclosure and I doubt there’s even a group. Though this channel seems to have the good sense to deal mostly in still photos as they’re far easier to fake, they sometimes post UFO-related items used without permission from major networks.

Strange Videos – A grab bag of anything and everything that might attract views: “ghost sightings”, haunted dolls, UFOs, angels, et cetera, all stolen from other channels. As a result of the download/re-upload process, the image quality of all videos is degraded to the point that details are barely discernible. Apparently no one is keeping track of what’s been stolen, as at least one clip has been uploaded twice with two different titles.

Strangeness Video – Varied faked material stolen from around the net, including the “Massachusetts UFO Releasing Orbs” hoax and the Michigan UFO hoax, both animated over still backgrounds. Plus alien attacks, shape-shifting Obama, blah, blah, blah.

StrangeThings – Typical of the common low cost, quick-profit UFO hoax channel: stolen clips and insultingly bad CGI fakes. Currently attempting to generate views by spamming Reddit using the account “worldhotties20.”

Streetcap1 – Created by Scotland resident George Graham (aka George Orwell Smith), this channel relies on gross misrepresentation of images, primarily in video feeds from the International Space Station. There seems to be no lens flare, moonrise, tiny ice particle, or anomaly in a Solar and Heliospheric Observatory image that Streetcap1 won’t pounce on and present as evidence of an extraterrestrial visit. Tabloids promoting Streetcap1’s videos will often attempt to beef up the story with an opinion from know-nothing Scott C. Waring, who will confirm any sighting as authentic in order to promote his name and web site. Graham passed away in June 2018, and was memorialized in a video by Waring.

Suspect Sky – Originally created as a promotional channel for an online science fiction series which never materialized, this has devolved into just another source of hoaxes. Some of the clips are original CGI fakes, and the balance are misrepresented phenomena and clips stolen from channels like Thirdphaseofmoon.

THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE – As it turns out, it is very possible to misrepresent ordinary phenomena with a load of nonsense and gain over 50,000 subscribers. Lens flares misrepresented as multiple suns, clouds are said to be lit “wrong” and claimed to be hiding planets, lights in the sky are called SCARY UFO PORTALS. And then of course, the usual nutty mermaids, Nibiru “sightings”, Nazi UFOs, and plenty of over-the-top sensational video titles that include the phrases “footage included” (pushing the envelope by putting video on YouTube) and WOW! BREAKING! SCARY! WTF! UNREAL! At least that last one is accurate. Not real at all.

The Others – From the same person who created Matrix World Disclosure, and just as trashy.

Thirdphaseofmoon – As best I can tell, some time in 2010 a couple of mediocre filmmakers discovered that posting UFO videos on Youtube was a viable business model, and they’ve done very well for themselves.  It was a perfect area for them to exploit: production standards are extremely low, and plausibility is almost a non-issue. Producers/CGI artists Blake and Brett Cousins may not create all the hoax UFO shots on their channel (only around 90% of them are hoaxes) but they certainly don’t care about authenticity; it’s all just more content. They’ve made their channel a full-time business and crank out 2 to 3 videos a week, some of them hoax videos, some of them inane interviews devoid of originality or insight. Due to their large audience the Cousins brothers appear to be making a comfortable living for themselves, have upgraded their equipment to HD and are using a steadicam for host segments. Lately they’ve become more brazen promoter, as evidenced by totally unfounded speculation that Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared due to a “mass alien abduction”. After being repeatedly busted on their hoaxes, they’re now using “shake and blur” style to make their computer generated imagery harder to debunk.

Top10Trending (dongzterlibrary) – Hoaxes stolen from everywhere: Secureteam 10, Section 51, Streetcap1, and others. Hard to believe this channel hasn’t received any copyright hits yet, but there are so many similar channels that rely on stolen content it’s hard for the hoax creators to track them all down.

Truth Perception Media – See Mysterious Perception. – Not just UFO hoaxes, but stolen UFO hoaxes from anywhere and everywhere.

UFO – Shocking that this channel created in May of 2016 found the name “UFO” available, but there you go. The simple name is very appropriate to its simple strategy of stealing hoaxes from other channels and covering up the branding with its own “logo” (for lack of a better term). Even the video titles seem as if they could have been stolen from Secureteam 10 or Thirdphaseofmoon.

Ufoalien Ovni Ufosx – Facebook group that features hoaxes from around YouTube, similar in style to the also word-salad-named Omega Ovnis Ufos.

UFO ALIENS TV – An collection of CGI clips, doctored photos and reposted hoaxes currently (as of November 2016) being uploaded at the batshit crazy rate of 6 to 10 per day along with misleading, totally unrelated thumbnails that seem to have been stolen from an archive of sci-fi imagery. Was recently promoted by Jon Austin of The Express UK, the equivalent of a credibility kiss of death.

UFO 2015 – Collections of fabricated or outright stolen hoax clips, all with titles including the phrase “Real UFO With Aliens Caught On Camera,” likely hoping to profit from confusion with the original hoax created by 07TV bearing the same title.

UFO Lights – Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: hoaxes stolen from around YouTube, including the worst of the worst: Secureteam 10, Thirdphaseofmoon, iUFO Sightings, Blast A, and more.

UFO Release – A collection of dementedly bad CGI spaceship clips similar to those created by hoaxers iUFO Sightings and Section 51 2.0, only more ineptly conceived and executed. As one comment put it, “I can see the polygons.”

UFO shack – rehashed collections of hoax videos from other channels with extremely misleading thumbnails.

UFO SIGHTINGS – UFO hoaxes stolen from other YouTube channels, most oftten from CGI hoaxer Blast A. Uses ridiculously misleading thumbnails and titles.

UFO Sightings 2015 – CGI hoaxes and UFO features outright stolen from around YouTube. If this channel gets a bigger profile they can expect some copyright hits coming soon.

Ufo Sightings Footage – All manner of fake news, including “Recent Portals Opening Directly Above CERN”, “Alien Hole Found In Russia,” Nibiru, Giant Nephilim, Buildings on the moon and more. And of course, hoaxes stolen from other channels. One post is simply a collection of fakes copied from UFOmania 2015. There’s a link in the header to a related channel called “UFO Videos” when followed lands you on a page saying “This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content …” The associated web site is registered to Tim Lewis of Lancashire, UK.

UFO TV – 100% CGI fakes stolen from other hoax channels, promoted with completely unrelated thumbnail images stolen from hoaxers Secureteam 10, LookNowTV and Section 51 2.0.

UFONEARSUN – myunhauzen74 – Created by Russian Alexey Sapozhnikov, posts to this channel are all based on wildly misrepresented specks and errors in Solar and Heliospheric Observatory images, colorfully described as UFOs, angels, spheres, and in one case, a giant worm.

Ufo videos – Channel comprised of reposted hoaxes of the defunct NDestination Unknown channel kicked off YouTube in 2014.

UFO Today – Features nearly 100% stolen content, including documentaries, hoaxes and misrepresented footage. All the videos appear to have been downloaded from YouTube and manipulated, then re-encoded, producing an extremely muddy image. While the subscriber and view numbers are still small, this channel is being aggressively marketed on Facebook and Reddit. UFO Today got a boost after one of its stolen hoaxes went viral in February 2017.

UFO World – UFO clips stolen from hoaxers around YouTube, including EriGIA007, WTF Flow, and UFOVNI, and others having unknown origin such as “UFOs from airplane over Atlanta, GA.” These are usually edited together into compilations with news clips and legit photos and videos, demonstrating a lack of interest in whether the media is authentic or not. Consequently this channel can’t be trusted.

UFO World News – Hoaxes and other footage stolen from around YouTube, presented with the source’s logo cropped out. Sources include Thirdphaseofmoon, Secureteam 10, and NowYouKnow.

Ufoalien Ovni Ufosx – Facebook group that features hoaxes from around YouTube, similar in style to the also word-salad-named Omega Ovnis Ufos.

UFObook – See Kaschuba Brothers.

UFODI, aka UFODI 100% Real Ufo’s @ UFODI.NET – These people out of Ireland (?) have bashed other hoaxers in the past, so as a courtesy we warned them that their “TR3B Over Manchester” videos (previously titled “Low Hanging Triangle”) were fakes. The warnings went unheeded, and comments on the video page deleted. The videos are still up. Their playlist also includes a couple of CGI fakes and one from co-blacklister Budgetmoon.

UFOfilesTV – See Kaschuba Brothers. – After raising a profanity-laced stink over being included on the Black List, these jokers were taken off and given the opportunity to remove hoaxes featured on their site: LookNowTV, Streetcap1, Mister Enigma and others shat out by the tabloid press. Not only has the site not been cleaned up, but in March 2016 decided to go with a ginned-up story about an offhand joke made by space station astronaut Scott Kelly as an admission of the existence of aliens. This was disingenuously combined with a long-ago debunked tweeted photo of a “UFO”, which was proven to be part of the space station. Their return to The Black List resulted in more personal threats, profanity, accusations of a DDOS attack, a torrid campaign of anti-UFO Theater Facebook posts on various pages, and sworn promises of legal action. What they didn’t provide was any refutation of the fact that the site promotes hoax UFO videos.

Ufomania 2015 – Hoaxes stolen from other channels and set to music, with (sometimes multiple) icons applied to cover up the source branding.

UFOmania – The truth is out there – Another robot-voiced channel full of fake news, with each post presented as photo montage around a fabricated story. Examples include “Mass Evacuation Of Antarctica as Special Ops And Military Moving In”, “The CIA Explored Mars And Discovered An Ancient Giant ” and “Doorway Into Pluto Found In Latest NASA Photo.” Scientifically baseless trash that will only leave you dumber.

UFOrbs – Each post is purported to be a “documentary,” but is really a compilation of old footage taken from other sources, including documentaries and local news reports, promoted with a misleading thumbnail that has nothing to do with the content. Further, UFOrbs has the audacity to put its own watermark on content it clearly doesn’t own, with text in the description of each: DISCLAIMER: WE CAN NOT AUTHENTICATE ALL THE VIDEOS. VIEWERS ARE FREE TO MAKE THEIR OWN CONCLUSIONS. AKA “you decide,” the hoaxer’s favorite catch phrase. Throw in multiple advertising breaks per post, and it becomes clear UFOrbs has created a no-cost, no-original-content money machine.

UFOs And Aliens – Yet another garbage trove of viral hoaxes stolen from around YouTube.

UFOs Documentary – Features hoax videos created by blacklisted channel WTF Flow. – See Waring, Scott.

ufothetruthisoutthere(.blogspot).com – Will post any sensationalist trash to drive traffic to their advertising-heavy site, including material from hoax channels like Secureteam 10 or Thirdphaseofmoon.

UFOVNI – Relies on presenting photos of dubious origin and at least one composited hoax titled “UFOs OVER OSAKA JAPAN 7/18/2015” in which lights over an industrial plant clearly move independent of the background. In August of 2016 UFOVNI misrepresented a solar balloon as a “cigar-shaped UFO over Spain.”

UFOvni2012 – A mishmash of bad CGI posts and current events spun to seem related to UFOs, including completely unfounded speculation that the MH370 disappearance was a mass abduction. At least one video included a Billy Meier photo as its subject.

UFOWorldNews (web site) – A shill site for all the other hoaxers. They will literally post anything from any of the Youtube hoax channels: Thirdphaseofmoon, Looknowtv, even the laughable iUFOSightings. Do they receive pennies for promoting hoaxes, or do they simply benefit from the traffic created by posting hoaxers’ work? Who knows. I guess this is what you do when you have zero talent and you’re really, really lazy.

UndentifiedFO – That’s the word “unidentified” spelled incorrectly, plus “FO.” Hoaxes, viral and documentary footage stolen from YouTube, re-encoded and re-uploaded, resulting in abysmally degraded image quality. One bizarre post called “NASA Confirms Contact With Nibiru planet!” includes footage of NASA scientists edited with clips from the film V For Vendetta, in which nothing close to what is described in the title ever occurs. As of February 2017 this channel is being promoted by spamming Reddit using the account “NewsDreams.”

VARBAGE – Daringly, appropriately rhymed with garbage, yet another computer-voiced channel capitalizes on hoaxes and big lie headlines including “DOOMSDAY WARNING: Moon is on COLLISION COURSE with Earth, say scientists!”, failing to mention that “doomsday” will becoming around the time our sun starts to die.

Vero Verius – Hoaxes and other material stolen from around YouTube. Nearly every video is comically plastered with graphics, strategically placed to hide the watermarks of the channels they were stolen from.

ViralDark7 – A showcase of the idiotic, ViralDark7 features easily or previously debunked hoaxes and sensational footage collected from other channels on YouTube, served in easy to digest “Top 5” or “Top 10” format. “5 Angels Caught On Camera Flying 2016” for example, features amateurish CGI clips mixed with a long-ago debunked clip from a computer game.

Walton, Charles – Mr. Walton, a fan of Donald Trump, has made what looks like multiple posts a week (often a day) on odd topics of his interest, since 2006. His longevity has inexplicably netted him over 15,000 subscribers. The videos include various government conspiracy theories involving UFOs, but what really got our attention in May 2016, were multiple posts exploiting the disappearance of Egyptair Flight MS804. Nine videos within 24 hours claim that the plane was abducted by a “mile wide alien UFO” without any evidence whatsoever. He further goes on to claim that he predicted an event like this in a video posted days preceding the event, yet nothing like this exists… unless he chooses to create and backdate it.

Waring, Scott C. – No practitioner of visual effects, Mr. Waring makes his living using narration to misrepresent images as evidence of UFOs or strange activity: an oddly shaped cloud, a strangely shaped rock on Mars or the moon, and the like. In one video he spends 4 minutes trying to convince us a smudge in a still photo of a volcano (likely the blurry image of a bird) is a UFO. Claims there’s a speedboat on Mars. Waring has used his web site (found to be infested with malware popups) to act as carnival barker for well-established hoaxers such as Streetcap1, Secureteam 10 and LookNowTV, and has unfortunately been cited as a “UFO expert” by online news sites that share hoaxes in order to bring in traffic. Waring will confirm any sighting as authentic in order to promote himself and his web site. Writer Jon Austin of the UK tabloid The Express once fooled Waring into claiming a video clip of planes landing at Heathrow airport were UFOs, yet continues to quote Waring in UFO stories.

WELCOME TO REALITY – This channel originating in France is another typical steal-and-spam operation, using hoax videos duplicated from YouTube and promoted using at least one Facebook shill account. – Simply reposts links to hoaxes by Secureteam 10, Myunhauzen74, UFOvni2012, Art Alien TV and others.

xxxdonutzxxx – See Kaschuba Brothers.

ZV UFO – A few rarely seen clips, but most stolen from Secureteam 10, Thirdphaseofmoon, Section 51, LookNowTV, and others that have gone viral.

Web sites that use UFO hoaxes to attract pageviews.
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157 thoughts on “THE UFO BLACK LIST”

  1. Hi thanks for this site.

    Thats interesting. you debunk almost everyone, but left the most important contribution of them all. The videoclips from TTSA (to the stars academy). Did you miss that ??! it could be the biggest fake of the year
    Rumors tells that there is much more on its way. So you got job to do man…

    Secondly do put a legit list with whitelisted channels or videos that has pass your objective test. Thanks.

  2. Why isn’t Robert Bingham on your list? The man is the leading people of the “ufo summoning” movement and he occasionally posts “summoned ufos” videos on YouTube and hosts “ufo summoning” events.

    1. My area of expertise is limited to analyzing hoaxed videos. However, if I had the opportunity to be present for a balloon hoaxer’s performance (which is what I suspect Bingham is doing) I’d love to show up with cameras and telescopes. And probably a drone.

      1. But Robert Bingham does upload videos to YouTube. Couldn’t you debunk him by debunking his videos? I’m aware that you are a visual effects expert; so, couldn’t you look into claims of his that the “ufos” are “morphing” and see whether it is true and whether he uses any visual effects to achieve these things if true? I know that many of his exotic balloons are identical to balloons that can be purchased. This man promotes himself through his videos and he isn’t scrutinized and challenged. It gives people the impression that he is legitimate. So, I just thought that he too should be on your list.

  3. another one for the list

    portugese, goes by name of Clovis Roque Xavier on facebook. shared a video that i found was just another rebranded same excact cut down video seen in other vids on that channel. i showed how the two videos are same just rebranded, but get the usual “prove it” and expects me to waste hours debunking him just to await threats and abuse for doing so like UForbs did to be when i busted his arse. i refuse to waste my time with their ‘need scientific proof’ crap, and with that the abuse starts as per….im scum, an arsehole, scoundrel and a chicken…..just imagine what it would have been like if i’d have did a debunking video.!!!!…and all that was because i refused to waste upto 6 hrs doing a debunk, the stuff i posted for him was ‘crap’ to him anyway, so whats the point.

  4. Is there any list of individual ufologists who are proven frauds? I tend not to believe anyone that says “buy my book” when asked a question(especially if they’ve written a dozen books) or people who like to charge extravagant amounts of money to see them give a “lecture”. I’m not saying people shouldn’t make a living but when someone is clearly out there only to make money I can’t trust that they are doing it for the right reasons. Thanks in advance.

    1. I can only provide an opinion of those I’ve included in the Black List, who I’ve assessed as having no redeeming qualities. Others like Stephen Greer, Bob Lazar and John Lear seem to be a mixed bag of revelations, contradictions and nonsense.

      1. i think we can safely say that jaimi (however its spelt) maussan is one as hes known for backing hoaxes, and screwing people over with not only the roswell slides fiasco, but the recent ‘alien mummy’ crap too.
        another is billy miere who fakes photos and video claiming they are real alien craft. hes a cultist too by mixing religion into UFO’s and being the ‘messiah’….im still waiting for a mass suicide/murder to happen involving his name !!!. happened before and it will happen again.

  5. Hi, it’s been a long time, I’m just curious as to when my channel gets scrubbed, I froze all uploads once on this list, did this kill my interest in a life long obsession into finding AUPs? Yes! Did you kill my obsession hobbie on purpose? I don’t think so. But I removed those 3 videos of Manchester sighting a long time ago, but in my playlist that’s full of videos that I did not create you say I’ve one from budget moon but I darn can’t find it, please let me know what vid this is as I’ve over 200 playlist videos, I understand your frustration as I was frustrated myself and I truest did critisize all hoaxers as you stated especially secureteam, I need to get my belief back in search for that 1 true video to come along that could change the world as we know it, it only takes 1 video, real, uncut, witnesses and a very bizarre ufo AUP to get attention to the phenomena. I don’t look the way I used to, but I need to get back on track! Until that day, I can only scan, view, document but not publish! Until I sort out the trash on the channel, yes I ran UFODI, yes I’m THEM ‘IRISH’ lol not many Irish like myself at all on this subject, but I live on an island next to the second biggest sea mass on earth, as frustrated as I was with our we text fights a year ago, them aside we both have 1 thing no 2 things in common! Ridiculing hoaxers and a real true beliefs in andvanced AUPs all I need is that we logo removed from list so I can regroup my mindset! Peace ✌ out Paul at UFODI

  6. This sort of investigating is of high value to anyone interested in Ufology. Well done Constantine. This is a serious subject that has been ridiculed for decades and these scammers need to be exposed. It’s getting harder each day to weed through the crap to find level headed and genuine sources of information and the last thing we need is these idiots getting in the way.

    EVERY “DAY”… OR “YEAR” ..

  8. *!!! ……. “VARBAGE IS SECURETEAM 10” … THE SAME “IDIOT”…… OK ..!!!*
    *17 MAY 2017 EUROPEDK*

  9. Usually trolls just troll other peoples videos this fn guy has his own website ….. Lol cant hate on that.

  10. What?! No mention of the budding-bromancing-their-stones Corey Good and the insufferable David Wilcock. What a couple of e-beggars they are! Latest meme is of Antarctica and the (cue screaming guitars and explosions) “Advanced Alien Technology” recently puked up from beneath the ice. There must be a dozen different videos from these buffoons, all with slight variations on their fake theme.
    Walk away from them, nothing to see.
    Such a pity, that a subject absolutely worthy of investigation and debate is constantly flooded with works from egotistical gits.

    1. I wish I could get to everyone, but my skills are focused on faked or misrepresented footage, much less on crackpot theories, lies and fabrications with no video to be analyzed and debunked.

  11. Glad I found this site, I just cleared 6 fakers from my subs list on YT and cleared a sh1t load of Gb from my Hd (I use 4K Downloader to grab a channels video’s).

    How come you’ve not got more fakers video’s on your YT channel?

  12. The balloon people? OF COURSE they can all be crazy, just like the flat earthers. If only I had the time, and an air rifle.

    Giving you props on Facebook and Twitter.

  13. Lol your welcome bro just for the record I am still on the side lines with this stuff, they can’t all be crazy! Can they? Apparently there’s events you should get there with a air rifle put this all to bed finally. And his name is John Cena !!!!!


  14. Hi bro here’s a list of people recording balloons you might want to add to your list they all claim there living beings they do some strange stuff I must admit they say anyone can verify this truth here
    2 AAPI
    3 Adrian Calderson
    4 alberto ignacio alejo ibarra
    5 Antonio Urzi Simona Sibilla
    6 Boris Gonzalez Starseed
    7 Budgetmoon
    8 Eric Rendon
    9 ever2020
    10 UFO Field Research Orginization
    11 Gabriela Decall
    12 Indigo Army
    13 infamousfanclub
    14 Jason Bales
    15 Jason Figueroa
    16 Jason Goldthorpe
    17 Javier B
    18 Jay Lee
    19 Jim velasco
    20 Jonathan Castro (UFO Contacts)
    21 Jeremy Thomas Anomalies Study Group
    22 Kevnieli
    23 KOOSMYK
    24 Marcus Reddex
    25 Mind Surgeon
    26 MixtrisUFOimages
    27 mocrobsky
    28 Nick Zak
    29 Occult UFO Summoner Jessie Contreras
    30 Octavio Fernandez Garcia
    31 Patrick Ryan
    32 Peter Maxwell Slattery
    33 RhondaUFO
    34 Rich G
    35 Rob Freeman UFEs In The Sky
    36 Saturn Moon Andromedia
    37 Sky Manifest
    38 solarshot1
    39 subte05 Ledezma
    40 susies11
    42 UFO Robert Bingham
    43 Yasmin Joyner
    44 Joebuds99

  15. OK, so I was interested in your ethical mission to save us from all youtube UFO channels with fake information and stolen content. So I decided to check out one of your suggested youtube channels: seeingufospa (as listed above this post)

    The first thing I see is the HISTORY CHANNEL LOGO on the introduction video. Talking about stealing content, better put them on the list. Otherwise people will think you’re being paid by certain Youtube channels…

    1. You’re referring to a 17 second clip meant to illustrate what Alison believes she’s seeing. Looks like legit Fair Use to me, and certainly not a reason to condemn a channel with hours of great original footage.

  16. Absolutely ThirdPhaseOfTheMoon is a disinfo/hoax site. I cringe at their terrible cgi videos and over-the-top commentary clips. I also find it laughable that TPOTM will publish hoaxes and rubbish and tell everyone thats it true, but then they have somehow established that the recent Space X explosion was not an orb or sphere (foo fighter as some may call them) but a bird? Now I would have thought that they would have jumped onto this and agreed with a lot of commenters that there was indeed a strange spherical object/objects that passed through at high speed and may have caused the explosion. But no they are calling it a bird? This only proves that they are not to be taken seriously.

  17. Richard Dolan, is the worst. I use to follow that man. He’s a ufo historian ? Where in history has he proven ufos or aliens existed. He hasn’t. He doesn’t know anymore then anyone else. He lies, makes up government projects himself. His you tube videos are commercials. Promoting his latest book release. I read a book of his 5 years ago. Out of all the government projects that he mentioned in his book. 15 of them. 2 existed. But these two projects were scrubbed two weeks after they started. To much time and money to go forwards, these two were never opened again. the other 13 government projects were created by him. He’s a liar, he’s never mentioned, that he was granted the FOIA on Roswell, NM ufo story. If he were to mention it. All his followers would demand that he expose whats in it. He know nothing of the secret space program. “He’s the L. Ron Hubbard of ufology. A con-artist.

  18. Ok, no white list because see above, but I would be very curious to know if you have ever found any, responsible or legitimate sites, as your list encompassed all the sites I have heard of or seen.

    Does anyone you’ve clicked on have videos that remain anomalous after vetting by debunkers? Finally finding you and, um, Ian, i think it was, I am wondering if I have ever seen something inexplicable by our standards, or if every single video can in fact be written off. As it happens, I don’t believe we are being visited in this little corner, as the behaviour of the ‘visitors’ up to now seems to lack coherence or logic, and the sightings conform to the age – flying saucers being replaced by more futuristic (in our current view) shapes. However, film clips like the Formation over Africa, for example, do make me wonder if there are more things in Heav’n and Earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy. Is that one a fake?

    Also, have you seen the ‘cloud in North Philadelphia’ video? I don’t believe it is associated with a site, and I would very much like to know your opinion thereof.

  19. Having no list of credible sites is just to protect yourself from looking like a fool, its easy to list sites of dubious footage but much more of a gamble to list or promote “credible” sites

    Cmon, if your going to promote honesty then start with yourself, I would imagine that nearly every site has a fake piece that’s fallen through the cracks, its good that you have brought to light sites showing a promoting fake footage but to say you are working on a credible list, I don’t think you will take that chance,

    Regards anyway. Jay

  20. Have you looked into ‘Wilbur Allen’ so called research yet? A professional photographer using his experience at the White House to try and make a name for himself. Satellites, meteors, photographs and more recently CG are his ‘UFOs’ A definite contender for the blacklist.

  21. Show everyone the UFODI budget moon, and Manchester links! He has just got ranked best light UFO channel online by UFO Hunters International, and your been labelled a puppet foe for crippling UFO channels to help higher people and you’ve absolutely no interest in aliens or ufos, your list has been removed by 16 of the best UFO pages for inciting your hate at realists lol your downfall was dissing UFODI, everyone looked at his Manchester footage and his discription said it’s definitely CGI and we all can’t find the budget moon vid your talking about!

    1. I have very little idea what you’re talking about. If they did remove their Budgetmoon video, I say good show.

      If you know someone who can write more clearly, please have them translate your comments and post here.

  22. I’m rather intereste in these balloons sightings or whatever they might be. I have never seen any of these video’s and would like to see the one’s some of you keep mentioning on that facebook page.
    Seen so many video’s of people who appear to be hoaxes now. Ofcourse sometimes you can tell they are.
    Really nice work on the blacklist!

  23. I am reporting Hilary Porter and Ken Parsons of B.E.A.M.S. after they were exposed as liars time and time again with regards to this casefile.


    SCANDAL! British UFO group involved in cover up?

    B.E.A.M.S UFO Investigator is a fraud and a liar

    Open letter to B.E.A.M.S

    The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth

    Ramsgate….a real life X-file

  24. hey brother I got someone you might want to a look at for the blacklist. A wannabe ufologist summoner part time actor ( Damien Nott) thanks constatine

  25. Also thanks for adding me to your blacklist, that’s really becoming more of a blacklist for people not wanting to see the truth! too keep the mechanical aspect of ufos alive for the nuts and bolts believers. Anything else that doesn’t fit there beliefs will be dismissed. I ask you this show me one video of a UFO that’s not just a point of light in the night sky? Then go search all the sightings of a daytime, mainly places like Mexico, because these are atmospheric animals. They are seen at high altitudes and Mexico is at a higher altitude, so it’s easier to see the phenomenon knowing as ebanis! But am sure you already know all this already.

  26. I just need your Facebook account and I can add you to the group, just know the truth is harder to accept. We are inviting you to show you how this can be seen very easily to the point where it’s ridiculously to wintess on any clear day. Even you could go wintess this and see for yourself. If you take the subject seriously you should join and feel free to ask questions just reframe from giving abuse otherwise I would have to block you.

    1. Frances fucking hudson how the hell are you buddy? Do you know who I am? lol of course you do:) apparently I was too nice to you the first time around. That’s because I actually thought you might have autism or down syndrome or something . However after seeing you come to as if your some how going to persuade Constantine into believing your bullshit , I now realize your just as stupid as your fucking balloon videos I hear UFOTheater is working on a new video and its all about balloon summoners. You guys are gonna get it so bad I can’t fucking wait . I’d give my left nut to see this video! I’m gonna have a superbowl party when it comes out! see ya soon frances

  27. here’s one morphing shape it’s funny when I have a more believable sighting! the UFO community want to share an claim the footage taking is aliens. I have plenty of great footage an some you won’t understand without learning about this phenomenon. Am going to add you to the group on Facebook if your truly wanting the truth, join and see the overwhelming footage we post the group is closed to stay away from people who have never looked up and done some simple research.

  28. They look like balloons that’s because that’s what there trying to do mimic balloons! many times you need to learn about this and go out an really see this for yourself, doing the daylight observations. That none of you have done, so your really are not qualified. If you believe little green men in spaceships are up there be guest, but that’s not the case there are life forms in the higher atmosphere doing this, when In close proximity to humans as camouflage. That’s where your wrong they have many indercations of being an anomaly thick tethers with energy, consistent rotation, flaring necks, floater sinker configurations, morphing into different digits I have a video where a so called balloon morphs into primary numbers. If you really think balloons can do this then it’s not us who are deluded it’s the people talking about sightings that happened nearly a 100 years ago! Or most is CGI or very poor low optical magnification. I would love to invite you to a group we have on Facebook so you can see the work we are doing is more serious than you would like to think! We have close to 80 members doing this methods across the globe, we have managed to be able to show what makes these not mundane balloons your welcome to join and see for yourself.

  29. Hi UFO Theater just checking your blacklist there’s a few daylight observers, who are posting the truth! I feel insulted that my channel is not also on this blacklist so here’s my channel save you the time it’s a shame this is what it’s coming to because balloon shaped anomalies are very real and can be proven with a bulletproof method! Most of the people attacking such channels have never done daylight observations with high magnification equipment. So I will send you a list of people documenting this phenomenon across the globe, so you can add to your list just know this will back fire on you. It’s a shame because you do debunk some genuine fakes but there’s also people there sharing the truth. Am surprised I have gone under the radar as you can see am not hiding i can show this to anyone on a clear day it really does need to be seen with your eyes to understand. Most of us actually learned this from Robert Binghams am from the UK and tried his method and it worked! Since then it’s been two years with hundred of results.

    1. Thanks for the tip. Like all the other balloon videos, yours is totally unconvincing. Like the others, it looks exactly like balloons, shows no intelligent control, and it simply… ends. Did your “anomalies” fly out of sight, or just pop? I don’t know if you’re deluding yourselves or hoping to put one over on the rest of us. Either way, you really need to stop dragging down UFOlogy with your nonsense.

  30. 01 Adrian Calderon
    02 alberto ignacio alejo ibarra
    03 Antonio Urzi Simona Sibilla
    04 budgetmoon
    05 Cristian Soldano
    06 Eric Rendon (UFO SUMMONER)
    07 Gabriela Decall
    08 Fausto Perez
    09 infamousfanclub
    10 Jay Lee
    11 Jeremy Thomas
    12 Jonathan Castro {UFO Summoner}
    13 M¡ke K¡ng’s
    14 Occult UFO Summoner Jessie Contreras
    15 Rob Freeman – UFEs In The Sky
    16 Ronald D
    17 Sky Manifest
    18 solarshot1
    19 subte05 Ledezma
    21 UFO Robert Bingham
    22 Yasmin Joyner
    23 Patrick Ryan
    24 Marcus Reddex

    Heres a list of people recording this subject all around the world the list grows by the weeks.

  31. Many of these anomailes are at high altitude so to get a idea of its movement can be difficult. The people atthe events are wintessing the real deal, thats why they sound so amazed are you aware of Jeremy Thomas? He uses a dual optic set up and flashing primary numbers with a mirror. His method is more concreate to see why they arnt normal balloons. The reason the footage many times is shaky is because of the high optical zoom many use the v520 or v550 pansonic at around 90 x optical zoom. Are you from Canada? The guys doing the doc I actually put them in contact with these people any many more all using similar methods. What would convice you there actually showing the truth! I have over 30 channels documenting this subject or I could put you in contact with the producers of the doc just normal guys who found the truth even if its so hard the understand. I think your doing great work here I love your videos theres actually a closed group on facebook, just for people who document balloon anomailes worldwide. Your blacklist was shared there its hard enough for most to get the truth out many quit documenting the subject because of people targerting them. Please if theres any way I convice you its crazy but the real deal let me know. I would also hate to end up on your blacklist because I also document anomailes I would use my real name but no doubt I also will end up on the list. Please check out Jeremys work he really is the main guy to explain whats going on.

      17 MAY 2017 EUROPEDK*

  32. You should take budgetmoon and fastuo perez off the blacklist, that will come back to bite you and discredit alll your work of hoaxes. Fausto uses the calling method that many observers are using all around the world started by Robert Bingham. They seem to mimic balloons many times moving intellgently moving against the wind there are many factors that at a second look dont make these objects normal. I.E thick tethers to thick for a balloon to take flight, energy flowing through them with orbs going past or even somtimes out of them. Some have consistent rotation its a complicated subject, but with experiance you will see the small details! They also remain up right never tumbling or flailing, thats not normal behaviour I would expect to see from a balloon. To the naked eye they appear almost like day stars, moving around at high altitudes. Some have large payloads at the bottom a balloon wont take flight with a dime hanging from the bottom. You really need to some deep research into people doing daylight observations. I would hate for you to become part of the problem blinded by beliefs or expectations of metal crafts. When in fact there are animals in the atmosphere that can mimic objects as camoflouge. There a group from Canada investigating this subject they actually meet up with budgetmoon and Fastou and other people the doc comes out in a few months.

    1. I would be happy to take anyone off the list including Fausto, but neither of the channels you mentioned have been able to produce a convincing video. Their objects look like balloons, show no intelligent movement (despite their claims), and their videos focus as heavily on the people watching the balloons as they do on the “phenomena.” Supposedly multiple tripods are set up on site, but all the video is suspiciously shaky. Way too many red flags here.

    2. Agreed with your entire posting, ! I do this on the regular as well and NO ONE can tell me they’re balloons. My term for them is “ANOMALOONS”, and I have worked out the fact of their characteristics in many repeat senarios with lots of footage. IT IS ALL GOOD THOUGH! The doubters – as well as the hoaxers – are necessary… yes I said NECESSARY

  33. It’s people like Scott C Waring and other members of the Pareidolia Parade that really piss me off.
    Lazy so-called ‘researchers’ that couldn’t investigate the underside of their nutsack if they tried.

      1. You’re correct. I can’t recall the amount of times I have clicked on an article from the Express and seen his name, followed by something along the lines of “UFO researcher Scott C Waring believes it’s the real deal”.
        Look forward to the future episodes. Keep exposing these clowns.

  34. This site keeps trying to perpetuate the “Serpo” story about an alien-human exchange program. A team of investigators at revealed how the story was coming from none other than Rick Doty, an known Ufology hoaxer dating all the way back to the 1970s. They stopped updates in 2011/2012 after this was all revealed. It appears 3 years later they are attempting to restart the scam with a new story.

  35. I have a hoaxer and photoshop maker, here’s the link to his video: look at he surrounding area by his structure.

    His name is Universe Seeker aka Frank van Asch

    Here’s the NASA photo link:

    It don’t take a rocket sciencist to figure this one out.
    He has some more that are imaginary things he sees.
    I think he’s kinda mad at me atm, he keeps deleting my post on his youtube……

  36. do you think that every image very strange of mars that people(24hrs xday with eyes on nasa images) put on sites or instagram is false,paraideolia or hoaxs??i tell you this bcause there are many images that are clearly real, hings that in a plan etwithout past life should not exist ,type petroglyphs , bones etc..i suggest you to visiy @ufah instagram or twitter so you can check for yourself!

  37. UFOdB

    Daniel Ivanitski

    Dear Constantine,

    First of all we want to congratulate you for this great initiative that you have started on your web site regarding doing a black list of hoaxers and narrow minded people that exploit ufology awkwardly.

    Since our beginning in September 2010, UFOdB saw a lack of creditability related to Ufology on the web.

    Our main goal is to bring a new and more serious approach regarding the way UFO related information are being displayed on the web.

    We invited you to come see our current web site presently being build on the internet at

    Our most important criteria regarding our UFO database is that every record must have a concrete proof to justify its presence in the database, so every record in the database has a video, picture or a validating document.

    UFOdB is working hard to bring to every serious UFO believers a top web site.

    UFOdB is a real SQL database growing every day with over 1500 records all containing the following:

    1- A concrete proof (Picture, Video, Document)

    2- Sighting Geographical position (Country, Region, City)

    3- Position of UFO sighting on Google map

    4- Description

    5- UFO shape (UFOdb has is own UFO shape reference table )

    6-A Graphical data Card showing the UFO with the corresponding Country Flag, Region,city, Record Number

    UFOdB has also a powerful UFO search engine and daily UFO related News.

    If you need any help please let us know,

    Daniel Ivanitski

  38. Just a possible update for you:

    There’s another YouTube channel called ‘UFOSightings2010’ that sounds like a variant of UFOSightingsDaily. It does not appear in your Black List — yet. But it looks like it should. It lists as one of its ‘related channels’ the horrendous, infamous ‘thirdphaseofmoon’. That should tell you everything. These UFOSightings2010 people posted some nonsense about a dinosaur found on Mars. Yikes! It’s obviously a fake (at least to me), but fakes like this just muddy already exceedingly complex waters and should be exposed.

    Thank you for all your excellent, hard work on behalf of those seeking the truth.


  39. Channels such as Third Phase Of The Moon do a disservice to anyone interested in ufology. I’ve watched you tube go down the tubes and as a result hardly ever go there (You Tube) anymore. Thank you agents for your website. It’s a positive way for me to check with ufology affairs. I now go the other way when I see these bogus videos posted (especially Turd Face Of The Moon) I couldn’t help myself . Keep up your good work agents and Best Regards.

  40. Keep them coming…Your doing a fantastic you need a UFO White list for all the credible skywatchers who capture real UAP’s but that’s a tough one!! All the best…

  41. Stumbled onto this as someone mentioned that my site was listed here in the dishonourable mentions area.

    Really genuinely sorry if you get the impression I am using my site to a) promote fake videos or b) use it to my advantage to make money.

    I am a paranormal/ufo/supernatural enthusiast and nothing more than that, i run the site out of love, curiousity and a dedicated interest in the phenomena. I wouldn’t know the first thing about known hoaxers etc etc, i simply post some videos which i think potentially ‘could’ be a UFO, I’m no expert. Hell, some of the videos i post i’ll even mention that it’s potentially a fake.

    And to say the site makes money – barely covers the hosting costs. I don’t run the site to make money.

    If there is any known fake material on my site, i would love to know about it so i can remove it, as I too, don’t want to promote any rubbish material that people are saturating the topic with just for attention/financial gain.

    1. I appreciate you reaching out. It still surprises me when I encounter people who don’t recognize who the hoaxers are, but I suppose it shouldn’t.

      The Dishonorable Mention section is for sites that run stories without checking the validity of the source. If you use The Black List as a guide to clean your site of fakes I’ll happily remove it from the page. The Secureteam 10 “butterfly UFO” you’re featuring is a good place to start.

      1. Thanks for the reply.

        Knowing who the hoaxers are is something i daresay i’ll develop over time – for example, i used to report stuff that would be mentioned on the ufo sightings daily site that i thought looked interesting and had a chance of being a credible encounter – however wasn’t long before i realised it was a site for either promoting hoaxes/disinformation or he was simply reaching at things that just weren’t there, for which if that is the case, i feel sorry for him.

        Thanks for the heads up re: the butterfly UFO, I’ll remove it. I’ll spend some time over the week combing through previous vids to try match up anything on your list.

  42. links to hoaxes? thers plenty of links out there about this subject
    this is so immature let’s try to get some disclosure let’s find out what’s really happening
    on our planet I know we are being visited but by who.

  43. you know I don’t really care one way or the other about these hoaxes but it’s amazing that you would take so much time to debunk them seems like an awful lot of research for nothing I know the subject is true because my own father was abducted we actually used to laugh at him because he said that he was High doing the experience and what was really amazing about it is that this was in the seventies
    all the pictures that you see of aliens all the technology he told me about in the 1980s
    try to spend more time on disclosure and just who are you.

  44. Do we suspect any of these to be intentional disinformation? As in, not just for kicks or clicks, but for active pysops?

    1. Personally I believe they’re failed entertainers looking to get some attention and make money. I imagine people involved in psyops look for accomplices who are intelligent and talented, not these dopes.

  45. UFODI, you just like spreading your channel of hoaxes and fakes for clickbait, ive seen quite a few of your “videos” and it don’t take a genius to figure it out weather there real or not.

    At this point, I don’t think there are any real ufo channels on you tube, they all just copy/paste some ones else’s work, hoping you will subscribe me, you know NASA does not advertise on there youtube channel, but you do, go back to picking your nose and stop being another court jester site with “you got nothing”.

    BTW, spell check works good, if you lean how to use it………dude your hilarious!

  46. I fully know you steal every video for advertising rights, you were hit by copyright case, because your advertising the video broke youtube copyright, your channel is pathetic and your website is ranked ZERO, your a wee copyright fraudster looser! Your a bum and you need checked in llf u cry that there is good channel and you cant find or get permission from no1, way bk to your single bed u lone sun of a gun yee …

  47. I fully know you steal every video for advertising rights, you were hit by copyright case, because your advertising the video broke youtube copyright, your channel is pathetic and your website is ranked ZERO, your a wee copyright fraudster looser! Your a bum and you need checked in llf u cry that there is good channel and you cant find or get permission from no1, way bk to your single bed u lone sun of a gun yee

  48. You do know I state real or fake! I do not post under false pretext! That post was created for descussion on how its created or if its an artists piece of work! I do remember the message saying students created it! And other replies but thats what the post was for! Answers. I dont remove any posts comments as I have more skeptic friends than believers and they bring great debative comments of many of my posts! 60% believe its fake including myself! I dont post fakes saying its real, thats like throwing 2 years hard work out the window! A UFO channel needs to debate all types of videos. If I remove that video! Which wont do me no harm! Your saying you will place me bk in the 3% que as 97% of UFO channels is in your list? Will you do it?

    1. Stating “real or fake” changes nothing. You call your channel “100% real UFOs” yet you put up something you know is a hoax. As well as:
      – “Amazing Cigar UFO Flies Over New York City”: from Budgetmoon, known balloon hoaxer.
      – “UFO De-Materializes On NASA ISS Live Feed”: it’s the moon, and it went out of frame.
      – “Drone? No – Plane? No – UFO? Yes And What A UFO It Is!!!”: CGI bollocks.
      – “Strange Entity (UFO) Recorded Chasing A Train In Russia”: more CGI bollocks.
      I could go on, but I’m done wasting time on this.

  49. Oh and our intro videos were created by MillionthVector from US. You can remove our name! I could make a classic video attack on this debuker website! You the owner I know dont believe in et or et ufos! You have 6 real channels in this list, my videos all have links to the actual witnesses and their videos!how the fk they cgi ya balloon

    1. If you want to be a serious UFO channel you need to take down hoax videos. Nobody accused you of creating them, but you’re promoting one (at least) after I warned you it was fake. I even sent you stills describing why. That’s how you got on the list.

      If there are any channels on the list you think are real, make your case. I’m open to debate.

  50. What a load of monkeys balls lol,you mention my channel and judge me for a triangle! It clearly states is this real or not! You dumb ass lol but alls good 500 videos with 1 possible cgi greeeeaaaaat

    1. “Is this real or not” doesn’t cut it if I’ve proven to you it’s a hoax. If you leave the video up then you’re just another one of those “you decide” wankers, and it’s almost guaranteed there are others. I’ll have a look.

  51. Thank you for this excellent information. On our Facebook Group we are tired of so much disinformation. These people are making great harm to the serious UFO Phenomena Investigation. Keep on the good Work. We need more people like you..

    1. I addressed at least one of their silly “discoveries” in the Mars Madness video. Right now I’m focusing more on hoaxers that are reaching a global audience like Secureteam 10, Streetcap1 and LookNowTV.

  52. How about UFO TV? At the risk of looking naive or uninformed, I’ve thought that youtube channel SEEMED to be legitimate but so does so many others. Its hard to know the real from the false in this area. Thank you again for your great list!

  53. Thank you for this very enlightening list! I wanted to speak a little bit about this at our monthly meeting for MUFON Nevada. This will be of great help to me. Thank You!

  54. Flagging channels won’t help as they are being created constantly. Some channels have 4 hour videos going up every few minutes. I can’t believe youtube is not able to detect this spammy activity automatically. Can you buy a backdoor that lets you flood multiple channels from a CDN? The upload bandwidth must be expensive and I don’t always see views or monetization. The result is that the public is being denied the ability to find newly uploaded videos that have the keyword UFO from real persons. I suspect this is the purpose and someone is funding the smokescreen operation. The fact of the smoke is evidence of something. Thank you for creating this resource.

  55. I wished I had run across your videos and your website long before doing business with Darkskywatcher74. It would have saved me a hell of a lot of time and effort avoiding his newest venture, the Moon Viewing Project.

  56. You were a little too hard on Third Phase of Moon.

    Although Blake sports to be a crummy B movie action director he does get allot of legit UFO videos from people.

    1. Only a tiny fraction of them are legit. That doesn’t excuse the massive fraud they put out on a weekly basis. Their profiteering off the Malaysia MH370 disappearance was inexcusable. They lie to people for money and make all of UFOlogy look bad.

  57. As someone who’s summoned UFO’s I take hoax videos more seriously. I don’t want people giving star visitors a false reputation.

    If we could all gang up and get people like Section 51 who do realistic videos of UFO’s blowing things up off of youtube I’d be glad they were gone.

    Being all for free speech perhaps a black list like this will suffice.
    The average joe doesn’t look into it very deeply though.

    I feel like it’s acclimation for discrediting real material or to wage war on them.
    Either way… not good!

    Go away section 51

    1. You’ve summoned up UFOs? I’ve heard of it being done before but I’ve also (perhaps erroneously…) considered such talk the products of either a delusional mind or one who’s mission in life seems to be furthering the vast amounts of deception we already find here. I’m be very interested in learning more if that’s possible or agreeable to you.

        1. It can be done… Pessimism and dogmatic reasoning is what create blockages. Build the bridge and the opportunity will present itself…Its just that simple! We build the bridge by first relinquishing the EGO, accepting the fact that we are not alone in this vast universe and by NOT placing limitations on ourselves…Communication with these otherworldly beings is “Energetic” and far reaching… They communicate and connect with us in many different ways… Via dreams, telepathically and through tonal vibrations… I have had many experiences (Positive) from childhood into adulthood… I’ve discovered, among many things, particular rocks and crystals are especially important to these beings… I’m exactly sure why… I will conclude with that, these otherworldly beings have the capability to interrelate and communicate with those of us who have a strong desire to bridge the gap.

          P.S. I’m sure there will be many who will disagree with what I’ve shared here, however everyone is entitled to their own opinion. At one time, I too, was a non-believer, until various experiences played a major role in forever changing my point of view.

          1. So you could easily get into a situation to gather proof of your claims but don’t… Do you think people are dumb? Appealing to emotion doesn’t work on most people I wanna explore space and meet alien races with all my heart but appealing to the new age idea that that actually does anything doesn’t fly with me.

        2. It’s true there are only a small hand full of people who can bring extraterrestrials with their mind alone. The best guy at it was actually my friend who called himself “Prophet Yahweh” who used to post his UFO summoning on Youtube. If you are looking for hard evidence watch him bring a UFO for ABC13 news. It’s real… He was legit. But now he’s dead… I wanted to get a documentary about him me and Robert Bingham and PY had an argument about Robert. See… Robert is weird and I can’t tell what the crap is going on with him because most of his stuff looks like Mylar balloons. Robert claims they will make themselves look like balloons and air planes. You will also find Robert wants to be this special effects artist. However he has the balls to hold UFO events usually in Hollydale Park CA. I never had the guts to actually do that because for me it’s more like fishing. PY showed he was able to summon on command and I could never do that. I am able to get them to come maybe 4-8 times a year on average since May 2004. If you want to see proof of my ability to bring them walk into Rancho Chico on Division in Spokane and look at the photos on the wall where I brought one at that same intersection. You will note the object is in front of a cloud and therefore can’t be misconstrued as a star or Venus. I have brought many different kinds. The 1st was a silver flying saucer over my dad’s house when they were in Cozumel. I downloaded as much UFO photos and video as I could off the internet and I think doing so got their attention psychically. I was already a believer from all the things I had seen and that’s when they introduced themselves to me. I was sitting on the sofa the next day on turned on the news eating a bowl of cereal and I turned on the TV only to find multiple UFOs were on the news over Mexico city. It was odd because I never see UFOs on the news. Later that day I was recording piano when a silver disk slowly went over my dad’s house at #2 Canyon in Wenatchee. Later that night I met what I now call “Light forms.” They look like balls of light that traverse in the sky… they can read your mind and are the most sensitive type. There must have been 8 of them or so flying over me till sunrise. With tears in my eyes I asked them what I could do to help… and that’s when I got the idea to make my old website In my mind I said I was the leader of Earth and gave them permission to shoot down our ICBMs due to the fact we lack leadership on this planet. It’s become a very true statement as you will note having multiple factions with the bomb is irrational. The gave me one other message “Do Not Punish” // So we have two messages from benevolent beings of light. I talked about it to my friend London and he told me about Prophet Yahweh on youtube and him and I brought a UFO over my house on Ramona in Wenatchee laying on our backs in the back yard. It was a gray sphere that went into the trail over our house. I brought a white glowing disk out of the clouds on the job site in east Wenatchee waiting for my dad to show up to do electrical work and pointed it out to this Mexican dude working concrete. Since then I have done it every year since. I was waiting to buy a bicycle from this guy and got what looked like this gray spinning flower to fly over Spokane for people outside of Starbucks. I was recording raps at Quiz 10’s place and got a black morphing UFO to hover over the park outside of his house at Grant Park in Spokane. I brought one for my mom on the ski hill at 49 degrees north and she had to fumble to make her own explanation for what she saw. She said it looked like a para sail. It’s kind of like when the native Americans 1st saw the Mayflower over the Atlantic ocean… The average person doesn’t know what they are looking at so they come up with the nearest possible explanation. I was playing Frizbee golf at Rotary Park in Wenatchee and my friends and I saw a BLACK DOOR In the sky like 2010 on space Odyssey. When I was in North Carolina with my girl Molly we had a UFO follow us on the highway for several miles just to the left of our car. Typically we summoners bring the Light Forms. I have photos of a Light form next to the ISS and the National monument. PY used to talk about summoning UFOs for Obama and low and behold at his Inauguration you can see a photo of him at the podium with one in the sky behind him. It might sound far fetched to some who aren’t familiar with this field yet. Dr. Steven Greer is an upstart summoner at this point if you are looking for somebody with a degree who talks about this topic. He calls it CE-5 Protocol and is head of the Disclosure project where pilots and military have come together to build a cohesive disclosure of the phenomenon. “Close encounters of the 5th kind.” When I talk about having brought a “ETV” as he calls them helicopters show up soon after because they know it’s not a joke. Him and I both discuss how the planet needs to stop shooting them with beam weapons in orbit if we are ever going to get off this planet. If you ever wondered why we don’t have open contact yet that might be why. The world has a knee jerk paranoid response to anything extraterrestrial. They want to shoot down the craft for study rather than have open communication. Real contact starts at the grass roots level with people like me. I have only had one real close encounter on the ground rather than just bringing various objects in the sky. I was upset that they wouldn’t land for me when two Light Forms were over my house here in Valley. Well shortly after I got my wish… they took the form of my mom’s dog BooBoo to present themselves as the least threatening form they could take. Surely I wouldn’t be afraid of my mom’s dog, who was 8 miles away in Chewelah at the time. He was physically there and he hobbled down the back steps like he always does and physically bumped me on my leg before vanishing into the trees on the side of the yard. I am pretty damn sure nobody else has ever had a close encounter like that. Now all this might sound a bit crazy but you’ll find the truth is stranger than fiction. I am a big proponent of the truth and I don’t feel we need to cloud UFOlogy with nonsense and fake videos. All of that bullshit is a horrible distraction to the real players like me and Greer. There were a few other guys doing this maybe one or two… They were people who call to “Yahweh” / “YHWH” that bring Light forms like DJ ICE 9. I always tried to take it with a grain of salt as I don’t think we need to inject religion into Summoning. Prophet Yahweh did that and embellished the religious aspect of it saying he learned to summon UFOs from the Bible. He would jump to conclusions like the idea they are black people who wear white robes in the spacecrafts. I don’t think there is any real connection there but let’s not forget he was better at it than I am. We should take the scientific approach. We don’t know exactly what or who they are. We do know they can read your mind and turn themselves into any living thing they desire at this point. I am sure it gets the attention of the military with the knowledge that they might possibly be able to turn themselves into a person of high rank indistinguishable. For now they only have taken the form of a dog. Booboo is gone now RIP the real dog. My mom married this creepy cigar cop who beat him on the head and is trying to commit me and flip her property where I live so I don’t have a place to stay.

  58. The biggest most brazen Hoaxer I know of has actually posted here under someone else’s name! Haven’t you Mr Darren Perks, perpetrator of numerous Hoaxes, Bullshit, Propaganda, Plagiarism, Fraud & Theft of other people’s materials, identities, research & Hard Work!
    Yet he likes to portray himself as the U.K.s No.1 & Foremost EXPERT!…
    Funny how xposeufotruth, myself & a great deal of other people should bring him to public attention….
    Obviously he feels this is the right place to TRY discredit one of the most credible researchers I know! Who reliably Vets each & every source/resource used! But Then again some people know nothing of INTEGRITY! Do you Darren!

  59. Thank you for taking the time and effort to call out theses douchebag fakers like Third Phase of the Moon. These people and the fools who believe them are ruining any possible way for honest video to have a chance.

    1. Tell me about it.I tried typing 2015 ufo in the search bar on youtube,the ponytail parade commenced one after another.I just went as far as 4 pages,almost all TFOM,and oddly enough a few of the other Hoax sites on this list ( where theres smoke ).Thats what it is too smoke,clouds up the actual sighting’s

    1. For me, Crrow is in a grey area. On the plus side, I don’t see any use of visual effects trickery; he seems to record real phenomena. On the minus side, his conclusions about what he’s recording are waaaaaay out there. I don’t agree with his interpretations of what he’s seeing, and he has teamed up with a known hoaxer, DarkSkyWatcher74 on occasion. I’m waiting and watching.

      I think the lunar wave may simply be a change in the refractive quality of the atmosphere due to the meeting of two air fronts of different temperatures. If the moon were covered by a hologram as he suggests, any changes or flaws should be instantaneous because it would be happening at the speed of light. The hologram explanation doesn’t make much sense.

      1. He’s probably a faker as well, check the comments to most of his vids and look at his replies he uses many fallacies commonly used by conmen, like diverting the burden of proof onto the doubters and reflecting their criticism back onto them, so I’d say he’s probably not doing so accidentally.

  60. Mr Warner seems to be more interested in the investigation of the UFO phenomena than the politics of the UFO community.? That s how it should be, seeking the reality.

  61. It’s time you all cut the crap and get on to the business of REAL, I SAID REAL UFO cases. If you just put the damn energy into the real as you do the fake you all will have great websites. I don’t mind seeing donation’s, but charging people to go through and read the reports sucks. MUFON is one of those sites that is starting to charge people to look at the files even though they got the information and the pictures and videos from people reporting it to them for free of charge. That’s right, MUFON doesn’t pay a cent for any of
    their cases. So, be honest, if you put real cases in front of the public to see the donations will come, DON’T CHARGE. I will not pay a penny for a site, I’ll donate, but I will not pay. And be honest. Joe

    1. I understand the sentiment. I’ve been asked to come up with a “White List” of good sighting sources, which I’m working on. However, in my opinion, the greatest problem in UFOlogy right now is that we’re inundated with fakes on a daily basis. I am uniquely equipped to identify such fakes, so that is the best way I can serve the community. That’s why I focus on pointing out hoaxes.

  62. As I agree with many of your statements “some” of them are actually posting legitimate material maybe not all the time but some are actually real… I on other hand only post real, legit, ufo materiaI & I do it the way it should be, for free… See my youtube & Google+ for a lot more.

    – xEZGAMERx

  63. You need to add XposeUfoTruth to this list. They are a real bunch of Canadian and North American rogues, I tent on really trying too hard to disrupt certain well known incidents.

  64. Don’t forget that idiot Scott Waring and his lame website !

    Scott will promote ANYTHING! And when this idiot says “I stake my career on it” you know its fake or he’s just gullible. Scott is the biggest idiot on the web. Go read his posts. He see UFOs in EVERYTHING.


    We have been informed that a Group of UFO Hoaxers called vufoa
    Have set up a bogus ufo group called Mutual UFO Network – MUFON Australia UNDER new management

    A Facebook group that is in the market of faking reports and sightings as well as Photos and videos… THEY ARE NOT apart of the REAL MUFON..

    Beware of vufoa.. this is yet another Bogus site they run.

  66. My eyes have recently been opened to the amount of money to be made out of hoaxed UFO videos. I’m horrified, and now realise the incentive there is for these parasitic people to do what they do. We need more people like you to show these frauds for what they are. I’m sorry you were taken off YT for copyright infringements incurred whilst exposing these frauds.

  67. This is fantastic work. These hoaxers have no idea how much damage they actually do to serious investigation of this phenomenon. Thank you.

    1. Some of these hoaxers know exactly the damage they are doing to serious ufologist. That is their goal.

  68. I run AUFOA Australian UFO Action.
    we are aware of a group with a simular name. called vufoa.
    they produce hoxed videos and are Making money out of UFOs..
    Beware of this that group

    vufoa Victorian UFO Action.
    and its Team Members Ben, Ivan, Andrew and Paul

    1. Ufology attracts more loonies than any of us realise. Unfortunately John Warner is one if them, this poor soul spends countless nights between midnight and dawn doing anything he can to have a go at my organisation VUFOA. This guy was a member if our group but we let him go when he became a big problem. If you don’t want to believe me, ask the major players in Australian Ufology. They will confirm what I have told you.
      Andrew Arnold
      Victorian UFO Action

      1. The True Story of VufoA vs AUFOA.

        Now that Mr Arnold has had his little temper tantrums, placing personal messages publically and got it all out!!,

        Lets start with the truth shell we…

        A famous movie quote comes to mind when dealing with Andrew Arnold “GREED IS GOOD”

        This will be the final message on this subject “the Rift VufoA vs AufoA”

        Lets me now tell you all the truth of the Rift between vufoa ‘ Andrew Arnold and myself John Warner.

        It begins with the Paul Normans legacy! and the files and documents that where given to me by Monica Norman his daughter in law. (at the time i was a Team Member and a friend of Andrew Arnold), before his nasty threats!!!!.

        It all begins early last year..

        (Cue Music…. Fade to Back & White. for a flash back moment)…

        I live in the small town of Timboon, This is the very town where Australian UFO researcher Paul Norman lived. My wife who knows Pauls daughter in law Monica Norman told me she has and was willing to hand over what Paul Norman had left at her place while he was living there. Sadly Paul is no longer with us. Paul Norman, had investigated many Australian UFO Cases since the early 60s and to 2007 so this makes his Legacy Priceless and worth fighting for and saving!!. Andrew Arnold came to Timboon, to do an interview with Monica and was obviously interested in getting these boxes of UFO Information from Monica,

        Little did i know was Andrew had plans of his own. The boxes were in Andrew’s car as we had gone to Monica’s house in his car. When we got back to our house it was quite clear that Andrew had no intentions of allowing us to see any of the files. If it had not been for my wife “suggesting” (not giving Andrew a choice) that we look through the files together we would have never seen any of the content. We sat and looked through all of the files and documents and photos. Andrew then took all the files and had promised to scan everything and share the information.

        So I trusted Andrew at his word that the information would be shared and never did I think that this was going to be the last time I would see any of these files again. He did not even give me duplicates at the time.

        Over the time I have asked him on numerous times about getting copies. The last time I asked him for the information he says that he has chucked it out and then he says that he has burnt it knowing how much I valued the information.

        I recently even asked Ben about the files and he told me that he had not seen them or did not appear to know that they existed. So just goes to show that they have either been thrown away/burnt or he is not even willing to share with his own team.

        I have since obtained more files and have actually scanned them and sent all the information to Ben at VufoA because I really do believe that the information is for all.

        Sharing UFO Information is not what Mr Arnold likes to do – and “This begins my Attacks on him to Release those Files”. Not just for me but for everyone in the UFO community as those files are Priceless and are now gone!!! or As we suspect are hidden away never to be seen or shared with the UFO community…

        As some people may know there were things going on in his life of his own doing which actually showed his controlling personality. He wanted everything his own way. “His way or the highway.”

        I had volunteered to do some CGI graphics involving some projects including a short cgi movie on Frederick Valentich – little did he tell me that he was planning on using it at the Aura Conference in Adelaide last year – all cloak and dagger and not letting me in on what he intended to do with my work.

        Last year he told me ”I am Leaving vufoa and closing it down” for personal reasons”. He claims he has had it with UFOs and was disbanding the vufoa group/Website

        And will close the website down.

        Time Passes…..

        Weeks go by…. Months go by…… Andrew is long gone. I then emailed Andrew asking him to come back to vufoa and he said to me “NO”. He then offers me the website for $2000, What would i do with a “Dead Website” when i could make my own.. so I decided with another person who had left vufoa to start A.U.F.O.A Australian UFO Action. We got rid of the V- which stands only for Victoria state only! We wanted to bring and share UFO Research for all of Australia so AUFOA was born. The site as it is today is popular and its getting more and more members every day..

        Time Passes…..

        THEN!! Andrew Arnold sees how AUFOA to try and re boot vufoa. This time with some changes.

        We start to see new Rules and new Features on vufoa. Like pay before you see anything. A Pay2View Website is born.

        So when Andrew says vufoa was there first. YES he was!! But he quit the scene not for 1 week but for 6 Months.

        We did not steal his name. He Gave up we took over and Improved on it. We have made AUFOA the site that many Australians and our overseas friends have said is great. I think a much friendly place and I have certainly had comments from many people saying the same. Where we share information and we do not have silly Logon screens and information hidden away.

        Now Mr Andrew Arnold would have you believe that its only me who is sending him “Private” emails of abuse. when we have countless Emails from him. And a few that where posted publicly on AUFOA. so it goes both ways.

        We do not Attack vufoa, they are the ones attacking us: on their vufoa, Facebook and website. with Hints! with no names “with quotes like a site with simular Name? and attacking me on Twitter as well.

        We have the right to defend ourselves.

        So if your still believing the crap that Andrew Arnold is saying. Then we suggest you leave AUFOA .

        We have no time for vufoa-fans on AUFOA. And yes we have banned a few of them in the past.

        Well that’s About it.. Believe it or Not. its your choice. I am only trying to defend myself from those lies that come from Andrew, Ben, Ivan.. Hmm I notice a pattern here.. they are all vufoa Friends…..

        Anyways Let this be the end of this Saga..

        So now we know the full truth of Andrew Arnold and his deception, if you do not believe me then ask him.

        I invite Andrew Arnold to come clean and speak up rather than others from vufoa.

        AUFOA has big plans for later this year and the next. We invite you all to say tuned and don’t believe the hype/crap that comes from vufoa. “Jealousy is a real monster”. We have a better site. They know it. They attack us, but we defend our ground. You can always tell a good UFO group by the openness of its content

        We hold nothing back. We share we care.

        We at AUFOA Wish vufoa the best of luck on their website and as they have seen

        Facebook is not a place for vufoa who are reluctant to share their Information,

        as Facebook was made for sharing.

        Now on to the real Job of UFO Hunting and Investigations AUFOA! is here to stay.

        Director of AUFOA: Australian UFO Action

        John Warner

        1. As you can see Mr Arnold is not very truthful. as with his so called UFO Group that has a Similar Name to mine..

          We do not attack anyone… Vufoa has been attacking us for years. WHY because we have exposed SCAM after SCAM from them.. all they are interested in is making Money from UFOS… ASK EVERYONE in the UFO Field..

    1. I look at ufosightingsdaily cause sometimes he does have some good stuff “heavy on the Sometimes!) but its just that he just put the most ridiculous stuff about mars up, like laughable and SOO much of it. He also explained how he was the most search person on the internet once.LOL! and he wont publish a commit that doesnt go with him. so while pushing for disclosure he has to censor people himself. All that said hes better than the others mentioned here 3rdphase is the worst. scott is just delusional but the brothers from 3rd phase r just outright liars doing it knowingly. Also what do u know about looknowtv ? r they associated with 3rdphase

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