The Third Phase Intervention

intervention_logo_800The Youtube channel thirdphaseofmoon is a well-known embarrassment to anybody who is serious about studying UFOs and extraterrestrials. Their efforts appear profit-driven and devoid of any attempt to be ethical or accurate. Recently they’ve gone off the deep end by shamelessly exploiting the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, using it as a headline-grabbing gimmick for self-promotion. But it doesn’t have to be this way! With a few helpful suggestions and a little encouragement, thirdphaseofmoon can perhaps do slightly less damage to UFOlogy. For example:

1) Stop posting demonstrably fake UFO videos

2) Remove all existing hoax UFO videos.

3) Stop using misleading video titles and thumbnails.

4) Learn the meaning and proper use of terms such as “incredible”, “shocking”, “amazing”, “bombshell”, “smoking gun” and “breaking news”.

5) Develop the skills necessary to conduct a proper interview. Watch one done by a professional, perhaps.

Dear readers, please add your own below. You have nothing to lose but your disgust at having a couple of hucksters make it even more difficult for UFOlogy to be taken seriously.

Love, Constantine

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21 thoughts on “The Third Phase Intervention”

  1. Hello there..I had my first nightmare when I was 3..i thought about it every now and then throughout my took me 50 yrs. to realise .i believe i was abducted and taken aboard a UFO in an attempt to examine me ..

  2. So I agree with your efforts to get ALL fakers out of serious research like some of us do..many actually…but I gotta ask HOW DID YOU redirect to here……it’s a legitimate question

  3. just wanted to comment on the video “is this real” where it shows the sun and then what looks like a reflection of the sun. That is Nemesis our tiny binary sun a red dwarf ! and yes Niburu is close by ! That is amazing footage because it tells us that Niburu will pass by earth real soon !!

  4. I’m looking for your help if you guys are interested in helping me? Its 15 years old, but there is footage. I’m too much of a procrastinator to continue.

  5. Recently ( August 2015) Blake rung into Art Bell. He didn’t know he was talking to Art or that he was live on air. With minimal effort Art made him out to being an idiot! Asked what phase if the moon are we currently in? Blake keeps answering Third phase. Finally he got what he was being asked and you can hear him rolling his chair along the floor and he talks from far away from the microphone then came back and said Oh it’s still daylight here in Hawaii. Art said you went and looked out the window? And Blake swears he didn’t. End of call….

  6. so tell us Constantine, how do you have such powers as to redirect the address I’m attempting to go to. you could use that emergency and time the help inve:stigate. there style of programing is a llittle rough but there time and energy is being used a little wiser. plus I don’t see you doing a show!

    1. I don’t know what “redirecting” you’re referring to, but if you feel the Cousins Brothers’ time is being wisely used by lying to people, I don’t understand your thinking.

  7. Come on guys they’re not that bad. At least they post videos and give credit to the submitter, unlike MUFON. 3rd Phase may be goofy, but come on they often ask for viewers opinions and do at least present a differing opinion from the subject matter submitter from time to time. The recent photo of an F-4 Phantom refueling in the MH-370 video is lame, I agree.

    1. They so that with leave a comment to get more money off youtube I seen a one of there playlist saying debunkers debunk this they said that for people to view there video e.g more views more comments more ads more money for fake and bent cousins UFOs are real but not that turd turdphase show

  8. Thirdphaseofthemoon is a fabulous informative website i dont get the scorn from the above comments and which planet they come from! You must be disinoformant government trolls who are scared of your own shadows. Thirdphase rocks the truth hurts eh!

    1. So even though they’ve been debunked many times over, you still enjoy their channel because it’s entertaining? What’s the appeal for you?

  9. How about they reveal who this “Dr.” Andy Ilias is who always comments on their videos. He doesn’t seem to exist apart from being a yes-man for turd phase. I think he’s just a made up character.

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