7 Responses to The UFO Grifters

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    Jason Schilling says:

    I have video and pics on my Facebook page of ufos and alien activity in the Yuma Az. From 2012- 2013. I sent a couple of videos to anonymous to ask them to clean up the videos and get back to me in two Ares they responded back were are they and I never heard from anonymous for after that.I saw 10 fly saucer’s in 2012 recorded, 2010 just got back to Yuma Az after 10 years saw and recorded 3 fly saucers over me at a r.v dealership I was working at and two of are airfores planes were flying above them. My first time seeing one flying saucer came up behind me about 300 feet in the air I was just getting home from working at sky chief a restraint bar I was a bus boy at when I was 17 in Yuma as. I’m wanting to tell my story my life has been a living night mare ever since a came home from a back surgery I think the grays are the reason for this. I was never abducted but I have been fighting for my life in a 1st 2 nd and 3the encounters. I believe when I was at fishers landing in Yuma proving grounds they were trying to abduct me b but felling do to my poor of chie a Marshall art energy power I developed of my life f studing I call th fourth dimension. I was able to prove to anybody in three days everything I tell you is real, with pics and video. Please contact me for I still need some to talk to. I ran for my life out of there in2013. My family is there but there not the same .

  3. Scott never saw a light reflection on a window pane that he didn’t think was an alien spaceship.

    Third Moon put me off watching UFO videos on Youtube forever.

  4. just saying thank you for your website & saying tbe stuff about the shamless hoaxers. first time i watched one of their vids on yt, i knew it was bullshit…. pissed me off. like previous commenter i don’t watch yt for ufo vids…. they corrupted yt.

  5. If you want to make a difference, post something about world hunger, millions of kids starving and dying and filled with diseases. Who drink water from the same place where animals bathe and shit. All the men women and children who are dying, not by guns but by other humans. The constant bullying and judging. This world is going to end. Will you be ready to face the Lord or were you worrying about a YouTuber making money In his own way. Let people be. We all choose our path. Weather right or wrong. Our time to be judged will be after death. Will you be ready