No UFO hoax channel on YouTube is more ridiculous and confounding than iUFOSightings. Originally called NDestination Unknown before it mysteriously disappeared from YouTube, it quickly reappeared a month later with a new look, inspiring so many questions. The primary question: is he serious?

Crazy undulating objects, human figures, satellites… nothing is off limits as iUFOSightings posts up to 5 days a week, with each post the same: some strange object floating over a nondescript background. It’s often excellent footage, which is obvious because a lower third graphic proclaims “Excellent Footage.” Or you may see a UFO clip in sepia tone with scratches and dirt labeled “Archived Footage.” Other enigmatic titles include “This Is It” “What Is It” and “Found Footage.” Nobody is buying this, right? Except for the 26,000 SUBSCRIBERS. Is this real life?

I suppose we’ll never get the answer, as the mysterious person behind iUFOSightings has blocked UFO Theater on Twitter after getting mentioned in a promotional Tweet about the UFO Catalog.


See the original satirical UFO Catalog commercial here:

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One Response to The NEW iUFOSIGHTINGS UFO Catalog

  1. Your just jealous of Tyler’s income and then you ask for donations on the same page,pot calling the kettle comes to mind,mind your own business and then you might have as many haters like you.