UFO Theater Episode 1

  1. UFOs observing our sun
  2. Earth: extraterrestrial playground
  3. UFOlogists, Drama Queens, and Profiteers
  4. Thirdphaseofmoon: how it could suck less
  5. Analysis of UFO hoax videos
  6. Darin Crapo: UFOlogist
  7. What the hell are we doing?
  8. People who can no longer be fired for telling you extraterrestrials exist
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7 thoughts on “UFO Theater Episode 1”

  1. I have a series of series of photos that I took during the solar eclipse a couple of years ago while standing on the front steps in front of my home in Oakland, CA. I don’t know how to describe precisely what it was that I captured that day, but what came through in the photos – especially one image in particular – bore no resemblance whatsoever to the quaint suburban street where the photos were taken. Other photos seem to document something that appears to be more biological than technological in nature. Imagine a flying saucer duplicating itself through cell division. I’m sorry…I wish I knew how to describe it – or even categorize it – more clearly. While the pics I took that day aren’t exactly of ‘UFOs’ or ‘aliens’ … they aren’t necessarily NOT of either of those things either… I would very much like to share my photos with those who might have a better understanding of such things, but I don’t know where to send them. Any thoughts? (No video – just pics).

  2. I cordially invite Brent and Blake Cousins to have the experience that happened to me and the nightmares resulting thereof. TPM would be off air tomorrow.

  3. Absolutely fantastic how you debunk the hoax UFO videos. Darin Crapo referred me to your site and it’s great. As far as I’m concerned, You can ( Tar and Feather ) Thirdphaseofmoon. I couldn’t even finish one episode because anybody can see his ” My shit don’t stink-Holier than thou ” attitude. Maybe he learned from Billy Graham? :-)) Keep up the good work and stay healthy.
    Dave from Germany
    p.s. Et’s are as real as you and me.

    1. Thanks, David. Stay tuned– as far as TPM is concerned I’ve got plenty more where that came from. Just a matter of finding the time in very busy schedule.

  4. It’s actually a refreshing change to have someone call it like it is. All these hoaxers are actually detrimental to the ever increasing real field researchers that rely on their own funds to invest in equipment and put out credible results without the aid of ads or of income from the sale of books, dvds or UFO summoning sessions. A lot of these researchers have been ignored over the years by MUFON. How serious can an organization be if investigators aren’t even showing up to investigate sightings? How can one explain that?
    In the new series “Hangar 1 The UFO Files in the Presidential Encounters a gentleman by the name of Dwight Equitz makes comments in the show and is given the title of Ufo researcher. If you google his name, he is first and foremost an actor and nothing about ufology. He may well be but….misinformation? For you to judge. If I’m not mistaken the show is put out by MUFON and they are still harping on 40-50-60 year old cases while a number of new sightings are reported each and everyday. Darin Crapo is great by the way!

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