An Open Letter To Jim Sparks

Hi Jim,

You don’t know me– I’m just some yahoo who comments on UFO stuff on the internet. I freely admit that everything I know about UFOs and extraterrestrials I learned by watching and listening to Youtube videos, yours included. I found your Project Camelot and Dark Matter interviews very compelling. I also found many elements of your story quite familiar. Have you listened to any lectures by Dr. Karla Turner from the early 90s? I encourage you to do so. I think they may give you some perspective on your abduction experiences.

I’m not about to doubt the credibility of your story. You go into great detail and don’t stall in the telling of your tales as I think a fabricator might. In fact, the only thing that troubles me about it is that you’ve made no attempt to create some physical or photographic evidence of it. I’m sure the greys have ways of disabling any attempts at electronic surveillance, but have you even tried? Or perhaps had a friend watch your place with a camera equipped with a telephoto lens? It’s a concern, but as Dr. Turner has said,

“The nature of the the alien activity is designed to keep us from having much in the way of concrete evidence.”

What I will attempt to question is the statements and motivations of the beings who call themselves “The Keepers.” The name they’ve given themselves sounds quite benevolent. Has a much nicer ring than “Serial Kidnappers” or “Rapists”, which is a couple of the things they do. According to you, their plan is to heal our planet by abducting, educating, and then wiping the memories of large numbers of people, leaving them with a subconscious sense of environmental urgency by implanting the message “your planet is dying.” Continue reading An Open Letter To Jim Sparks

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