Speedebunking: Secureteam 10

The debunking video Secureteam 10 doesn’t want you to see:

[ylwm_vimeo height=”450″ width=”800″]104683138[/ylwm_vimeo]

Originally on Youtube, this was removed today because Securteteam 10 made a complaint that the video violated their copyright. Use of their footage and logo are clearly allowed under Fair Use (criticism, parody). This debunking includes their video “BUSTED! NASA EDITS GIANT SAUCER UFOS ABOVE EARTH IN LIVE FEED” in which they state “Secureteam continues to raise the bar and lead the pack in both groundbreaking new discoveries and reputable underground news reporting.” Really? Then why so scared of us, sport?

UPDATE 8/28/2014: Secureteam 10 made a claim of “copyright infringement” against the video, and as a result Youtube has removed it according to policy in copyright disputes. It is perfectly legal to use portions of copyrighted works for criticism or parody (known as Fair Use), but Youtube has its own guidelines regarding copyright. I was sent a notice of the claim via email, which I rebutted, but a day later the entire UFO Theater channel was removed without notice, and Youtube has been unresponsive so far. I have moved everything to Vimeo, regardless of what Youtube decides.

On the upside, this has inspired a brand new parody, coming soon.

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2 thoughts on “Speedebunking: Secureteam 10”

  1. Well, we have to consider that all of us are involved in the search for alien life.
    When someone offers a video of something that they have no idea or clue to what it is, they pass it on to whoever wants to post it. Unfortunately
    we can’t disprove a video just because a certain ufo researcher happens to post it. We all need to stay focused on getting the facts out there, but the first mistake we make is copywriting the video, and that limits its ability to go where it needs to go. I view the latest videos all the time, but as soon as I see it’s been copyrighted to a certain site I refuse to view that video because it’s being held back. So I went independent in the search for the ultimate video of my own, and I guarantee there will be no copyright when I post it.

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