Secureteam 10 Debunked and Demonetized

The latest news on Tyler Glockner, producer of the Secureteam 10 UFO hoax channel on YouTube with over 800,000 subscribers, is not good. Glockner was recently shocked to discover that his earnings may be cut as a result of YouTube’s new monetization policies. But Tyler will not see his lavish ill-gotten income diminished, no sir! He’s now appealing directly to his subscribers for support.

According to this article in Forbes, YouTube is demonetizing videos that are not considered “advertiser friendly,” and it appears Secureteam 10 videos fall into this category. This is not surprising, as YouTube and its advertisers are staffed with functioning adults who have some critical ability. They are in contrast to the majority of Secureteam 10 followers, as evidenced by the fans’ comments on UFO Theater’s debunking video The Wings of Fail.

In a video message posted on April 6, 2017 (“SECURETEAM Shutting Down?”) Glockner laughably describes his channel as “alternative news” and refers to the demonetization as “censorship at its worst,” hoping his viewers don’t understand the meaning of the terms “alternative news” and “censorship.”

Will YouTube reverse its new policy? Hopefully not anytime soon.

Now Glockner has started a Patreon account to accept donations, but doesn’t disclose the amount of money he’s being given as others do. He probably has a sense that his YouTube subscribers don’t realize that, with the help of free publicity from the tabloid press, he makes in excess of $300,000 a year creating UFO hoaxes and spinning trending news stories into an alternate reality. The upside to the monetization shakeup is Secureteam 10’s viewership has started naively appealing to the wider UFO community for support. As a result, once outside the information vacuum surrounding the YouTube channel, they are exposed to the awful truth. Many cannot easily absorb it.

To assist their education, here is the continually accumulating case against Tyler Glockner and Secureteam 10:

The UFO Theater debunk playlist – demonstrates how Secureteam 10 creates UFO videos using visual effects, an receives help and publicity from tabloid news sites.

The Dazzathecameraman debunk playlist – Highlight: Dazza, aka astronomer Dave Greg, exposes how Tyler Glockner created and impersonated an informant he called “Ken the Astronomer” and clumsily Photoshopped an image of Neptune behind Saturn, claiming it was a new planet entering the solar system.

This tweet by, aka Scott Brando demonstrates how Tyler misrepresented a normal feature of Mars as a “shadow of an alien satellite.”
This tweet shows how a Hayabusa capsule re-entry from 2010 was misrepresented by Secureteam as an “alien satellite shot down by the Illuminati.”
This thread on details how Secureteam exploits data errors in Google Moon to claim there are towers on the moon.
March 19, 2016: Secureteam misrepresents a 2010 Hayabusa capsule re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere as a “leaked clip of alien satellite being shot down.”

May 3, 2017: Secureteam 10 misrepresents a long-ago debunked time lapse photo of a helicopter as a UFO sighting (“ALIEN Technology Tested Over France?”). Later, Tyler doubles down on the hoax with “UPDATE: Massive ‘Ship’ Over France, China & Australia!”

May 6, 2017: Secureteam claims there are “BIZARRE Markings of Fish Caught In Phillipines” and is swiftly debunked by, well, many sources.

May 13, 2017: With the help of hoaxer Streetcap1, Secureteam knowingly misrepresents a lens flare as an “alien disc caught on space station live feed,” cropping and rotating the video to make it harder to find the NASA source footage.

May 15, 2017: Secureteam includes a crudely composited fake UFO in its video “Wave of Anti-Gravity Craft Over England.”

May 19, 2017: Secureteam uses stolen footage from (Kaschuba Brothers) hoax channel xxxdonutzxxx as part of a video about “strange reflections detected on Earth”, which of course, have already been explained.

June 5, 2017: Secureteam does no research, and is quick to misrepresent an RC plane with fireworks attached as a UFO in a video titled “Something ‘CIRCLING’ Over UK Skies.”

June 23, 2017: Unconcerned with wasting his viewers’ time, Tyler creates an episode titled “WHAT Did This Photographer Snap Above Him?” that features a mylar sun-shaped balloon.

July 17, 2017: Not too proud to stoop to the lowest levels, Secureteam uses the same 3-year-old space shuttle photo of lens reflections exploited by hoaxers Thirdphaseofmoon, a YouTube channel often referred to by, ironically, Secureteam fans as an example of a “real” hoax operation.


Scott Brando debunks Secureteam 10 videos on a weekly basis. Follow his Twitter feed here.

A former fan of Secureteam 10 sees the light.
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181 Responses to Secureteam 10 Debunked and Demonetized

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  4. This site is the true hoax. You should write for Yahoo.

    • Avatar
      Paul Matthews says:

      I suppose that you will say that UFOs are a hoax as well. Wow.You are laughable and the few supposed “hoaxes” you propose are such a minor percentage of his broadcast that you become irrelevant. The whole UFO phenomenon has been validated by far too many credible people for the topic as a whole to be questioned. I think you have an account to grind on some personal irrelevant level.

      • UFOs are real. Tyler’s videos are fake. Two separate issues.

        • And you are one jealous lil’ gnat. Nothing else to do in life or sumthing’? Methinks you’re definitely a government shill and his YouTube page has been filled with further government shills acting as if they were “former fans” when nothing could be further from the truth. There are those who know better and who still stand behind Taylor regardless of all the backlash and apparent grief he is getting at the moment. They pay well visibly or you’d have found other things to occupy your mind with.

      • When did Constantine imply ANYWHERE that UFOs were fake . he merely pointed out the numerous times Tyler took the piss. I used to be a fan, I used to defend him, but that ken the astronomer hoax appalled me. It drove me crazy when people said it was a small mistake. Getting the name of a star is a mistake or location…..spending at least 4-5 hours min fabricating a video from start to finish, even going to the low level of disguising your VOICE! CMON MAN! THATS INDEFENSIBLE! AH Tyler, that damned lisp gave you away so completely. That one hoax was enough for me to unsubscribe because I do believe, and I don’t like wasting my time on fiction. The list unfortunately is longer than I thought.

    • Avatar
      Larry Banard says:

      Tyler does a great bringing us news about things unexplained. I enjoy his channel, as he seems like a well educated fellow, and never try to assume anything as fact. Good for him if he’s making money do it. He is up to 1.5 million and will probably get 1.5 more. Go Secureteam and thanks for what you do.

  5. Tyler is a sympathetic, enthusiastic character who brings joy to the exciting subject of anomalies, UFO’s, etc. Great escape from the dull & routine. You do realize his vids are from people who film their strange encounters, not his own concoctions except if he slows them down or changes the contrast. His critics, who take delight in portraying him in the worst possible light, strike me as merely jealous of his success, or agents of those who wish to suppress and misdirect us from the truth that strange things are going on around us.

    • The evidence is heavily against your point of view. It’s already been proven that Tyler has fabricated and impersonated at least one witness, and it’s strongly indicated that he used an accomplice for another. It’s not a stretch to believe that he makes up the stories about people sending him video, particularly the ones that have been proven as CGI fakes. I’m not saying he never features videos that real people send in to him; in fact, he tried to solicit footage from Steven Barone, but Steven turned Tyler down flat, despite the audience it could bring him, because he knows Tyler is a fraud. This is the big difference between Tyler and real skywatchers. Tyler says (as all hoaxers do) “someone sent me this video and wants to remain anonymous,” while skywatchers take full responsibility for everything they post, no matter how it’s perceived.

      Focusing on the motivations of Tyler’s critics is just a disingenuous evasion of the evidence, and this is in fact a reflection of how Tyler deals with the overwhelming proof of his deceit. He simply dismisses them as “haters” and in some cases “disinfo agents” as if that somehow absolves him from addressing the undeniable proof that he uses visual effects to create UFOs, and blatantly lies about other images and events. For example, a half hour of research would tell you his “shadow of an alien satellite on Mars” is a normal feature of the planet. And of course, he ignores that satellites simply do not cast shadows, unless you’re talking about the moon. Talk of Tyler’s six figure income certainly feeds the idea that people are motivated by jealousy, but that discussion only came about because his followers have naively asked “why would he lie?”

      It’s a shame when people buy into the suspicion and paranoia Tyler encourages by promoting precisely the ideas you’ve repeated: people who criticize him are trying to “suppress and misdirect (you) from the truth.” This is the same mindset taught by Scientology to keep its members from assimilating any ideas critical of Scientology. Tyler does his best to keep his audience in an information vacuum, never addressing the evidence against him, and blocking his critics on his video pages and on Twitter. Once people step out of that vacuum, however, they discover the UFO world is a very different place where Tyler is mocked and reviled for his blatant fakery.

      • This is a complicated subject since there is to date little or no way to be absolutely certain if a video is real or a fake. I would rather see all the videos and make my own decision about its authenticity. You would advocate a “censorist” attitude towards this subject, which if followed would eliminate ALL the videos that may or may not be of REAL UFO’s. You give Tyler way too much power. The people that watch him seek out and read, watch and absorb everything they can find on the subject. We don’t take any one persons ideas on the subject as gospel. You also give his viewers far too little credit for being intelligent proponents of the idea of UFO’s. Did you know that a recent study found that people who believe in UFO’s have higher intelligence and creativity than people who don’t? You treat this like a religion, whereas we know that it is in fact a phenomenon that needs to be addressed and investigated without those with agendas deciding who and what can be involved and participating. This is a true “Peoples” subject!!! Experiencers are largely regular people, investigators are the same. No overbearing authority is allowed into this realm. Thank GOD!!!!

        • You’re incorrect many levels. I don’t believe in censorship. I do believe it is possible to determine, with zero doubt, that certain UFO videos are fake– Tyler’s in particular. People who create hoaxes need to be called out. Videos that cannot be conclusively proven fake or mundane phenomena should be seriously considered. You know who does believe in censorship? Tyler! He will block anybody who contradicts him on his video pages or on Twitter. This is how you can tell he’s not interested in the truth.

          You make a broad generalization about his viewership: “The people that watch him seek out and read, watch and absorb everything they can find on the subject. We don’t take any one persons ideas on the subject as gospel.” That is not proven out by the attitude of many who encounter the above article, even though the information is from a broad variety of sources, proving that Tyler is a liar and a fraud. Can you contradict any of the points made? I welcome you to try. Tyler gets most of his audience from tabloid news sites that use his videos as clickbait. They fact that they’re taking tabloid news seriously demonstrates that they lack critical ability. These are the perfect people to be taken in by fake news and fabricated UFO videos.

          I don’t know why you consider those with expertise providing contradictory evidence on Tyler’s videos to be “overbearing authority”, we just don’t give a free pass to people who lie about a subject we care about for the purpose of enriching themselves.

        • Avatar
          Dexter boo boo says:

          Have you ever seen anything interesting like ufos or saucers? Me and my neighbours saw an f-ing incredible black saucer for quite a while a couple of months ago. Such a simple looking thing but a few complicated things about it too. More questions than answers now as so much fake stuff to confuse everyone online and who knows what secret man made stuff they have too. The aliens, I mean, not man, ha ha. No, I meant the military. / beyond military etc.

          • I’ve only seen one light in the sky that I couldn’t explain, but I’ve always been fascinated by the UFO phenomenon. I think they’re ETs but my wife believes it’s all advanced human tech.

        • Avatar
          TheMystleStratoSphere says:

          You basically summed it all up. No need to further comment on this bogus website. Constantine’s agenda is the one and only truly dubious one and his motives reek of either sheer jealousy or he is in fact a govt. Shill. Not even going to bother addressing him directly, because he’s obviously craving and vying for some form of attention and he isn’t going to get it from me. Furthermore, there’s proof of animosity towards Tyler; all one needs do is search secureteam’s site to find folks actually usurping his site’s name. As for YouTube, the people running it and who have recently started ruining it need to know that there are people, myself included, who won’t hesitate to fully ignore the platform.
          Free-thought is all that matters and NO “Thought-Police” shall be tolerated, ever; be it government-backed/funded or other. Who do they think that they are? They can all go fuck themselves. Period.
          Censorship in whatever form imaginable is an insult to intelligent people everywhere, it upholds the erroneous idea that people aren’t capable of discernment and it’s already bad enough that news sources are nearly all either AFP or Reuters in the world; talk about information-monopoly. Pfffft!
          PS: Yes, people do so send things to Tyler and NO they aren’t all CGI: How do I know so? Because I have.
          Now off I go in search of Secureteam’s site…

      • Avatar
        Steph Thrasher says:

        Calm down, it’s just entertainment, just like CNN

    • Avatar
      Praamsaga says:

      You are obviously very new to the UFO video community as is evidenced in your extremely naive comment.

    • Avatar
      parapitro says:

      Yes, thank you for your comment. Tyler deserves his success.

    • Avatar
      Michael Command says:

      LOL. Standard operating procedure. Ridicule and debunk (with no evidence) and moved to the very top of the Google search.

  6. Keep up the good work! We have been putting ST10 videos in our HOAX forum for years now at ATS, it’s just silly.

  7. Avatar
    Praamsaga says:

    I have been a subscriber to YouTube since they started in 2004. I have seen probably more UFO videos than virtually anyone. This is great news for me and the UFO community as I had to learn on my own how to identify hoaxed videos and secureteam10 NEVER uploaded one (1) legitimate UFO video from the general public. I used to go out of my way in sending Tyler messages of my displeasure about his adolescent behavior.

  8. hi there i have footage that i wouldnt show anyone i just watch it myself and wonder , because if i did pple would just say its a fake or a good video trick so i say if you have stuff keep it to yourself your better off.

  9. Avatar
    Don Siedenburg says:

    Please view the following:

    This interview was in regards to a U. S. Army Medical Study of a food source from outer space in June of l954.

    Don Siedenburg
    1630 Williams HWY #368
    Grants Pass, OR 97527

    Tele: 541-660-5221

  10. So where do I go for good info?

  11. Avatar
    Out there says:

    Thanks for turning me on to secure team 10 .


  13. I watch Secureteam10’s videos. While I do believe that some of his videos contain actual information, many of his videos seem to be false. There is no way he would be able to make a video once a day and have all the information be true. It is statistically impossible. There is not enough information out there to make reports once a day. Though while some of his videos have false information, I feel that his information is the closest to the truth. Mind you I take all his videos with a grain of salt. It is easy to tell a fake story from a real one when it comes to his work.

    • So why support someone you know is posting fake videos?

      • Even if they’re fake they are still entertaining in my opinion. Plus some of the stories are so outrageous that they are obviously fake. They have me laughing at how people can make aliens out of the simplest of things.

      • It’s like this: If you keep drinking skim milk, the stuff with almost no substance whatsoever, when you finally drink whole milk, the truest milk, you will notice the difference. I view Tyler’s videos the same way. If I make myself numb to the light stuff, when something heavy comes along, I’ll know it.

  14. Avatar
    ken miller says:

    i feel for him. he is use to earning 150,000.00 a month and now he is only earning about 80,000.00 a month. i think everyone should donate money to him so he don’t have to give up his vacation resort he stays in.

    • Avatar
      Intruder says:


    • I started watching Tyler a longgggg time ago back when him and 3rd fase of moon started. It was blatantly obvious that most videos were fake and almost ever story was sensationalized. I had to stop watching it because it was so bad. Both of those channels went to great lengths to create entertainment from fictional footage and fabricated stories. I pop in to ST10 once in a while to see what’s on the menu. It seems he doesn’t fabricate as much video wise but is still sensationalizing stories and relishing rather basic phenomena. Either way i could care less. Good ufo news comes around about as often as a comet. Take EVERYTHING you hear with a grain of salt.

  15. Avatar
    Intruder says:

    My kindly words to author of this stupid article who is, most likely, someone who works for the cover up : FUCK YOU !!!

  16. My my…what are you ? – a shill I`d take an educated guess at…for IF you are pretending that this phenomenon is not real then you are either a fool or a liar…there is no middle ground here and there are more than enough TOP ranking officials from ALL the various walks of the military (including the MANY 3 lettered overt and covert operations),scientific,astrological,governmental,blah blah blah (the official list is very long) that all speak of this reality…the question now is NOT whether this is a reality but WHY people such as yourself would attempt to deny it…like I point out above,there are ONLY two choices – you`re either a fool who has no knowledge of the subject OR you are simply a liar…my own feeling is that you are deliberately attempting to conceal the truth and for that,you need to be shown up for what you are…I have had my own experience with this phenomenon and for a liar to pretend they are unaware of such events is criminal,for you are deliberately perverting the truth…I doubt you`re afraid of the truth but simply cannot bear to face the fact that the majority of the public know very well what is going on regards the truth…they ARE here…what they are doing here is another matter.

    • You had one job: don’t make assumptions. And yet, you’ve made two very bad ones: 1) Tyler’s videos are accurate and real, and 2) I’m suggesting extraterrestrial visitation doesn’t happen. Both assumptions are false. Just because Tyler Glockner is a fraud and a liar doesn’t mean the entire phenomenon isn’t real. Secureteam 10 videos are proven fakes.

    • Avatar
      Orchestratedmadness says:

      You use your “intellectualism” but I’m sorry Tyler is making you well a nice way to put it, retarded not in a mongoloid sense more over incestuous! He misleads, plagiarizes everything under “fair use”, and is deceptively transitive and idiomatic! You are a perfect example of one of his groupies everyone is a schill and wants to censor my BS! Guess what bud there’s a reason for that everyone here is logically thinking about shit not trying to cover up the truth get a grip you’re part of the problem too you kook!

  17. ps…don`t bother with any reply…you`re clearly a troubled person with issues (perhaps paid issues) and I can`t be bothered to interact with a person who is so deliberately blinded…I wouldn`t want to debate the issue for you`re so far down the trail of orders you possibly won`t take a shit without being told to do so…and I bet you buy your own bog-roll to take to the bog-seat…however,even liars sometimes see the error of their ways,for there IS an account that is kept and you`ll learn sooner or later that you are well in arrears…happy learning,for there is much for you to learn.

  18. This article has no EVIDENCE from a PRACTICAL REFERENCE to support this. Tyler would not lie, but these old creeps that comment “I know UFOs cus I’m so FREAKING smart” lie more than this article should be thrown away. Plus, the person who wrote this is obviously wanting attention.
    Anyways, now I’m telling all my friends family to watch secureteam10 do to this article. Thanks dude!

  19. I am always grateful for these fascinating observations from Secureteam
    Naturally I approach them with a critical mind but would far prefer to see them than live in a world where such observations honestly noted are censored by debunking self-righteous censors

  20. I am always grateful for these fascinating observations from Secureteam
    Naturally I approach them with a critical mind but would far prefer to see them (along with the debunks) than live in a world where such observations honestly noted are censored and banned by self-righteous censors

  21. Avatar
    Airwaycherry says:

    He’s a kid who loves what he does, and found a way to live his life at home with his awesome family. Tyler is a young American living his dream. And hey! He’s making a little money doing it. He treats his subscribers very well and he remains respectful even to those who’s material is clearly not extraterrestrial. SECURETEAM10 is fun. His audience clearly loves him and his family. Not for all of the same reasons, but clearly, it’s a happy, fun, entertaining source of material to tune out a hard day’s work and fall asleep to.

  22. This was a tough review to read, the amount of professional jealousy and disdain the whole of it was dripping with. I mean I get it you hate that he is successful and doing well, and you wish you had the same level of success. If you didn’t you wouldn’t focus on it, you would be more worried about what he takes in as submissions. But hey, you can talk about greedy Dr. Greer now who left his low paying job as a Dr. and went into the sweet riches that UFO research brings. I mean aren’t you rich from this as well? This is all silly, so he makes money putting up submissions….get over it and start looking for data and evidence. This review was just cringe worthy with how it was clear your emotions on the subject were, and it wasn’t about UFO data.

    • The “jealousy” angle is speculation on your part, and in fact I’d want nothing to do with Tyler’s kind of “success.” He’s making money, sure, but it’s a dead end making a living by lying to people. His channel is an insult to people doing real skywatching like Charles Lamoureux, Darin Crapo, Steve Barone and Alison Kruse.

      I make my living creating visual effects and animation, I work on many different worthwhile projects, and I’ve earned an Emmy Award. Where is Tyler going? Here’s an idea.

    • Avatar
      Orchestratedmadness says:

      Dude your a special kind of idiotic!

  23. tyler im pretty sure thats a drone from like a gas or oil co. i have similar craft
    around my home in colorado. ive seen crazy things recently. thanks for whatyou do.J.

  24. sorry im speaking of the sphere in L.A. thanks. J.C

  25. Avatar
    illuminist says:

    Tyler has a team to help with the videos and people to send in fake comments. Some folks know its fake but its game to them to make up fake comments to try to out do each other . Its just a butch of nerds having fun. They know the earth is round but they would never post a comment saying so. They’d rather have fun keeping the ruse going and confusing idiots.

  26. Pleased this prick has been exposed

  27. Avatar
    Steven Montoya says:

    Wow I actually started to believe that everything you said and showed on your website Tyler was true but I guess it isnt that’s ashamed.

  28. I used to watch secureteam10 all the time, til Tyler made it so blatantly obvious that he’s only doing it for the money, and even threatening to shut down his channel if people didn’t donate to him. Claiming he was poor, and finding out he’s rich left a bad taste in my mouth. The final straw was when he posted a video, telling people that humans lived with dinosaurs and dinosaurs are only tens of thousands of years old. I thought for sure that he would lose a lot of credibility for that video and his comments, but his fans ate it up and now many of them believe that nonsense. Many of his fans now are against scientists, not realizing that the technology they use daily was all created by scientists. Tyler should be ashamed and anyone looking for credibility should stay clear of his channel. Thank you Constantine for providing sources for reliable UFO info. I will check them out.

  29. Avatar
    Exposure Will Come says:

    This is totally baseless. Probably created by some entity that wants to discredit Tyler, nothing more. Oh, one more thing, I see you calling him out on asking his subs for donations, but I spy a little DONATE button at the top right of this screen….F**king hypocrite.

    • As a Secureteam fan I know you’re not big on critical thinking, but you can’t invalidate information simply by calling it “baseless.” I welcome you to make an argument against an item on the long list of Tyler’s lies.

      I’ve never made the point that Tyler should stop asking for money, it’s just the answer to the question I frequently get: “why would he lie to us?” He’s got six figures worth of reasons to say whatever will keep people watching and donating.

  30. Avatar
    Jimmy Arnold says:

    My name is Jimmy Arnold and I am 49 years old. I have been a computer geek since the 80’s and I was one of the first consumer owners of the computer that opened the gateway for all that has followed……the Commodore 64. I have upgraded through the years and watched the digital world explode with awe and excitement…..especially during the past 10 years. I still am as technically up to date as always. My former technical career, from which I am retired, allowed me to follow the internet explosion on the public level that influences so many lives today. I have watched so many websites come and go….so much information be smeared, not spread, to all places accessable, and watched in both amazement and embarrassment while information of all types, both fictional and fact based truth, become fused in the category of “HERE IT IS…BELIEVE OR DEBUNK” that most of this world’s population can no longer believe really anything they see…..unless they see it with their own eyes in real “life” and not as recorded or shared media. That in itself only means one thing……the internet as we know it now will never again carry, share, or distribute ANY audio or, specifically video, data or information that even as few as 10 people out of the ENTIRE number of internet users worldwide will trust. By the word trust I mean believe is real, unaltered, and GENUINE by their own judgement and assessment after processing it with the most advanced information filtering, examining, and rendering computing machine ever created……their own HUMAN MIND. And that, whether you want to believe the statement or not, is up to you. But before you accept or refute it……are you one of those 10 people? No. Neither am I. But I am a person who believes in the quest for knowledge and also fact. But in everything we see and hear, anything that cannot be ruled out regardless of how unlikely, unorthodox, or unbelievable must remain a LOGICAL possibility.

    Having said all that, I will get to my point. I am not here to commend or condemn Tyler and Secureteam 10. I have followed his site since it’s inception along with several others following similar agendas. Tyler nor the others can be held accountable for altered or generated data they receive via their site. The one constant they all must deal with is the existence of, as I classify them, “Techno- Losers.” These people have existed since I was a key banger in the 80’s and they are no more than the “Biff-Bullies” from high school. They lack the ability, intelligence, and capability to call attention to themselves through any outlet available. If believed and unchallenged, they are praised…..but if questions arise or someone screams “Shenanigans” then the outlet they used is their excuse for being a plain douchebag.

    Now, if Tyler and, or, others have KNOWINGLY used, altered, or distributed bogus and BS information using the world’s most accessed medium for information….the Internet……then the evidence will begin and end with them and not be traceable to a different source. I know there will never be pure truth online with no hoax or made up information……I’m an Old School geek so I believe in statistics and the Law of Averages. But I also believe that if you are going punish people like Tyler, then you should also seek out and punish the TL’s I mentioned for corrupting the idea and desire that were the reasons he began Secureteam 10 in the beginning.

    Thank you for allowing an old school geek like me the opportunity to throw out some of his ideas, thoughts, and opinions. I will be emailing and posting on Tyler’s website as well…..not to be seen and heard…….but to appeal to him and his subscribers and fans to analyze with their hearts and minds exactly what is in question.

    Thanks again and please, if others reading here do or do not share my opinions or thoughts, don’t shower emails toward me…..I am just including my information because I don’t remain anonymous when sharing my thoughts. That’s something we all share as human beings…. individuality…..and the respect of that in each other.

    Surf Safe….Upload Wisely……Analyze Wholeheartedly.


  31. Government testing, black ops, UFO’s… I don’t know
    the truth of these things and most truths seem to be
    The domain of the privy, but can’t we just have some
    Fun with the ideas. There are certain evidences of
    Many things, history will show you that when it comes
    Out. If you know better, fine. Debunk it if you want but
    To be critical of anyone else out here whether they
    “Believe” or not, whatever their motivation, like mine
    a bit of fun with the occasional realism, makes you the joke!

  32. Avatar
    Matt McCoy says:

    Whats the problem? The dude has a niche carved out of the capatilistic marketplace and makes a living at it. Many believe in otherworlds, E.T. government coverups, and many like myself find it a great way to be entertained. Where is the difference between Hollywood productions and secureteam10 productions? He forms all his data as a question, a possibility, left to the viewer as their own cognitive powers to discern real or fake.
    Just a bunch of GREEDY JEALOUS ASSHATS taking what is not theirs or as yourself, too retarded to blaze your own path. Left to bite the heals of trailblazers and attempt to mow them down at your first chance.

    • Some of us put a premium on truth and honesty. There’s nothing trailblazing or original about being a liar. They’re a dime a dozen.

      • Avatar
        Matt McCoy says:

        Whats the problem? The dude has a niche carved out of the capatilistic marketplace and makes a living at it. Many believe in otherworlds, E.T. government coverups, and many like myself find it a great way to be entertained. Where is the difference between Hollywood productions and secureteam10 productions? He forms all his data as a question, a possibility, left to the viewer as their own cognitive powers to discern real or fake.
        Just a bunch of GREEDY JEALOUS ASSHATS taking what is not theirs or as yourself, too retarded to blaze your own path. Left to bite the heals of trailblazers and attempt to mow them down at your first chance.

        Brother, No One on this planet has ever told only the truth, myself included. In the end, if hell is real, BYOB cause we having a barbeque

  33. author of this article is the real fraud..Tyler’s channel SecureTeam10 is wonderful. 95% of the time its good legit info. How dare this author try to belittle and under credit such a fantastic channel. Why don’t you report on all the other legit crap thats on youtube and stop hunting on somebody who actually is using his platform for legit and astonishing information. Shame on you!

  34. Our existence on this planet is but a blip in time compared to the time our universe has existed. There are undoubtedly many species and civilizations that have had the opportunity to evolve, biologically and technologically, much earlier, and over a longer period of time, than we have. And why would they NOT do what we do on our planet. We explore, study and observe our world. And we anticipate and look forward to be doing this beyond our world. So why would this sense of curiosity and adventure be unique to a species of advanced primates on planet earth? I don’t question Tyler’s passion, sincerity or motivation. He does the best he can with limited resources, covering a topic that mainstream media is not allowed to touch. I do question your motivation though. You’re either a religious fundamentalist or a promoter of the false narrative that the government wants to convince people of. I watch Tyler to see what he’s presenting on his channel, I don’t need to be convinced of the existence of ufo’s or extraterrestials. I personally have had very convincing sightings of ufo’s 3 times in the last 50 years….I’m already a believer. I think considering the existence of ufo’s is a litmus test of a person’s intelligence and their ability to use logic and reason. If you can’t even consider the possibility, I feel sorry for you. I question your motivation for even creating this website.

  35. Sure, occasionally Tyler offers content, and opinions, that may be a little presumptuous and questionable at times….but I still don’t question his sincerity. For the most part, much of the content is pretty good, when you compare it to other channels addressing this subject. Although I am not a patron, I realize he brings in some $$$ doing this, but thats okay. Who doesn’t want to make a living doing something they have a passion for? Anyone with a degree of intelligence will just view the information and decide whether it’s worthy of consideration. Sure, sometimes I roll my eyes at some things he presents, and says…but at times I share his opinion on something and see something relevant there. If you are one who considers the existence of ET’s and UFO’s, maybe you could suggest other YouTube channels that are better….or at least as good. I’ll visit and consider the content there as well. I don’t think Tyler is being blatantly deceptive…and I wouldn’t go so far as to call him a fraud. I think he just wants to convince people that it’s real….and make a living doing it.

  36. When Tyler shows you videos that are blatant original fakes, and others (like the helicopter timelapse photos) that are easily researched and explained, how can you *not* realize he’s being blatantly deceptive? His motivation for this is purely monetary, earning himself a six figure income by lying to people.

    If you’d like to see some real skywatcher channels, check out these:

  37. I appreciate your response and your efforts to debunk the hoaxers out there. Tyler’s site is just one site I visit looking for content worth viewing…and I am not a contributer to his revenue. Maybe he goes a little too far sometimes. Hell, our president used to call reporters, using a fake identity, complimenting himself…he duped an entire nation. YouTube is a reflection of humanity, there’s some good in the bad, and some bad in the good. I just sort through it. I’m new to your site and do appreciate your opinion. Maybe you could post content here that you consider legit. I’ll check out the channels you listed. BTW, I had a sighting 2 years ago at 4 AM and am yet to find anything similar to what I had observed.

  38. Everybody makes mistakes from time to time. Whether or not he should profit from those mistakes will be decided by the public. I for one, think Tyler growing audience will increase the number of legitimate videos being sent in which inturn , decreases the need for hoax videos being released. He puts out a lot of content. Regardless of the authenticity of every video, I remain entertained and appreciate the time and effort.

    • They’re not mistakes, they’re intentional fakes and deliberate misrepresentations for the purpose of generating views. If we allow proven frauds like Tyler to represent the UFO community we will get exactly what we deserve: more scorn and ridicule. We might as well be flat earthers.

  39. I have proof on another secureteam 10 major error. the video “man eating aliens” from 9 months ago has a big error in it and when i wrote about it in the comments in youtube he deleted my comment. In the middle of the video he mantiond the movie the fourth kind. Said it was based on a true story and showed a pic of missing ppl from a town in the usa. On the right 2nd from the top was a pic of a missing israeli soldier named guy hever. On the left side 2nd from the top is a hostage probably dead israeli soldier named ron arad.

    • This is Tyler’s standard operating procedure: if you contradict or correct him your comments will be deleted and you will likely be blocked. He’s very concerned with maintaining the “truth seeker” image while doing exactly the opposite.

  40. This Poster is an idiot. It’s called an income. You know something we all must do in order to survive. Roof over our heads clothes on our backs and food on the table. As the old saying goes find a job you are passionate about.” Well that’s what he’s doing. It’s no different than what any other youtuber is doing.ignorance sucks. Critical thinking is a must.

  41. Interesting comments. Seems this is more about people’s right to choose than anything else. Youtube provides a platform for people to share thier opinion, and most of us are familiar with the old adage about opinions and a**holes. Everyone has one. Problem is, they are never all going to agree. Tyler is not the only person who has been effected by Youtube’s new Content Policy. In the world we live in, money steers the ‘bus’. Those who control the policies at Youtube certainly know this so they have tried to force conformity onto the channel hosts by hitting them in the wallet. It’s Youtube’s ‘house’, so they get to make the rules. However, now that the hosts have found other ways to raise money (IE Patreon, Amazon, PayPal, etc.) for thier efforts, Youtube has began banning/closing accounts. This reeks of control and fear. Youtube sees that thier efforts to force compliance through being able to cut off the host’s revenue is not working. That alone shows that this issue is not about advertisers. It’s about controlling content. Shouldn’t it be up to the viewers to decide what they watch? People can, and always have, decided what they want to believe. We do not need some self-appointed authority selecting what is or isn’t Truth. Youtube is hoping that these channel hosts will not be willing to walk away from thier channel because of thier subscribers and all the time they have invested. Many likely won’t because they don’t see any other options. In truth, there are many other options. You need to cut ties with Google though. Because Google owns Youtube, they use search algorithms designed to control the results you see when Google something. The claim is that these algorithms are meant to help the searcher when, in fact, they are in complete control of the information you are being provided. Try using Duckduckgo or Dogpile to do your searches. You’ll be more succesful in finding more video hosting sites. Some that even genre or topic specific too. Ultimately, the Googles and the Youtubes of the world have learned that the true currency on this planet is actually information, and they will do whatever it takes to keep and control it. So, to all the Youtube channel hosts out there feeling Google’s wrath of control threaten thier income, just find another platform. YouTube isn’t the only one. They’re greed for absolute control of information has been thier downfall. That’s all you need to see. Now bring on the Haters.

  42. Avatar
    Tin Borgman says:

    I do not understand. Are you saying that YouTube thinks people who believe in UFOs do not shop?

  43. Avatar
    True Heart Blooded Ufo Researcher says:

    Tyler of secureteam10 is more like secureteam zero and the mickey mouse ufo club for children and a total discrace to any and all true ufo researchers, after more the 50 years on this subject and watching countless videos and reading every day tyler is fake news without a doubt. there is not one forum on the ufo subject out there on the internet that dosen’t think this dudes a clown and no one will even respect you if you even post one of his fake videos, secureteam is nothing but tabloid entertainment, many of us having been seeking true answers our whole lives only to have a clown like tyler discredit us making us true reseachers look like fools, after all look how many fools fall for his gimmicks on the comments section. like a cult of some of the dumbest mother fuckers i’ve ever seen who are just to plan lazy to even fact check they simple believe what ever that fool says. the facts are there HE DOSE STEAL others videos and then edits them. if you truly did ufo researcher YOU’D know that he fakes a ton of shit !! i even see some of his fools have found this site only to stay simple minded little children who can’t accept the fact that their idol is a fraud.

  44. Avatar
    True Heart Blooded Ufo Researcher says:

    They’re not mistakes, they’re intentional fakes and deliberate misrepresentations for the purpose of generating views. If we allow proven frauds like Tyler to represent the UFO community we will get exactly what we deserve: more scorn and ridicule. We might as well be flat earthers.

    i agree 100000000000% with who ever wrote that … we the few true ufo researchers know are facts and and are tired of being laughed at by people because of people like tyler.

    it’s 2018 time to get real, its no longer fairy tale time kids.

  45. Not sure how I stumbled on this site, but I love it. I watch Tyler’s videos all the time to get a good laugh. Whether his videos are fake or not, I find him simply entertaining… free entertainment at that. He is one of the only people I know of that can focus on and discuss 9 pixels for 15 minutes almost every single day. I’ve frankly never seen anything in the sky that I just couldn’t explain, but I look every day and I think it foolish to believe that we are floating around on the only rock in the universe with any life on it.

    As for what’s true and what’s false on you tube, I’m really not sure how anyone could figure that out. There is so much crap that falls right in line with the same crap that Tyler has on his channel that if the real thing is on there it would be like finding a needle in a giant hay stack. My only comment really is that it seems that you have directed a fair amount of time and energy to debunking something that seems insignificant. You also strike me as someone who has tremendous talent when it comes to articulating your point of view.

    That said, now that I’m here I’m looking forward to seeing what else you have written about and hope you will keep searching and writing about the UFO phenomenon.

    Best regards

  46. Thanks! It’s always gratifying to get positive feedback. To be sure, in the grand scheme of things busting these small time grifters doesn’t amount to much, but if I can help wake up a few people who have been duped by Tyler and those like him, it’s worth the effort. I have tremendous fun making the videos and I love to entertain.

  47. Avatar
    ChitownGRIZZ says:

    secureream10 is one of the best places for that type of news. Yes that’s right its news! These things happen and get filmed so they deserve debate as much as anything else. With the the new officially government released fighter footage and the pilots saying “it defied the laws of physics” this stuff should be taken more seriously. Alien or DOD man made it doesn’t matter to me as much as the proof of tech. Tech like that will change us forever.

    • As proven here, his original videos are fakes he created himself, and his speculation on videos and photos he’s gathered is totally baseless. That’s not news, and is a totally separate issue from real UFO phenomena.

      • Avatar
        ChitownGRIZZ says:

        Sure just like any other source for any topic you have to filter out things to get to the truth. Secureteam still does a good job as a central spot for these things. At which point you make up your own mind. Yes fakery sucks and does hurt the debate.

  48. I dont know how much he makes. Ive never given him money and never will. He adds his own opinion to his videos and people can decide.for themselves. His site has a series of videos I dont see anywhere else. Some are interesting and some are built up by him probably due to his own want to believe something more is going on. His page was built from his own interest and people can decide.if theres anything of interest for them there.
    As for youtube, yes they have changed their policy. Its amazing to me that people found a way to make a living off them. It may be time for Tyler to find a real job? Just like everyone whos.getting money from them.

  49. Avatar
    Noel from Australia says:

    I used to view Tyler’s videos occassionally out of idle curiosity, sort of like a freak show, you cant not look. But even then I gave up as what was really frustrating me was how he was misrepresenting natural features around the world captured in images from Google Earth and making them out to be all sorts of fantastical things
    For example, a rock spire in the ocean just off an island in the Southern Ocean, at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, and quite clearly to someone who actually gets out and experiences the real world it had waves breaking around it, visible in the image. But no, it was a gigantic monster leaping out of the water, or a UFO emerging…..
    And people believed it!
    I just felt so sad for all the people that have such a narrow understanding of the hi-res 3D world that is out there, and then clowns like Tyler exploit that.
    So yes, he deserves a kicking.

    $300,000 a year…!!! kick him again.

    Good work Constantine.

  50. Avatar
    Jeff Cessna says:

    I have never seen such a propaganda hit piece. The guy uploads video’s and offers his opinion on what he “THINKS” it might be. Sometime I think his imagination takes liberties, but again it is his opinion. You are either a paid shill or a professional skeptic. Very poor reporting!

    • It’s not an “opinion” to deliberately misrepresent something, such as calling a time lapse photo of a helicopter an alien spacecraft. That’s a lie. If this is a “propaganda hit piece” then it should be easy to refute any of the information provided using evidence. Give it a shot. No Secureteam fan has even tried.

  51. Avatar
    Master Blaster says:

    This is ridiculous. Youtube must really want to destroy itself, or make room for a viable competitor.

    There’s nothing wrong with SecureTeam’s content.

    The narrator sometimes gives their own opinion of various footage, but they never really present anything as total fact. They generally leave it up for the viewers to decide, and to debate in their comments section.

    The real problem here is adolescent viewers who apparently need some parental guidance when choosing what to watch, and what to think about it, since they’re apparently incapable of doing these things on their own.

  52. Tyler does a very good job/ clearly far better than your dribble on here
    Grow up and get a real job

  53. Tyler Glockner can present whatever he likes on his channel as you can say whatever you like on your own website. Glockner never claimed that he runs a news channel or agency and that whatever he claims on his channel is the absolute truth. So I can’t see what is YOUR problem with him. Is it perhaps the fact that he makes money from his channel ?
    It is not right to envy other people’s success you know.

    • Tyler’s channel category is “Science and Technology.” Sure he can say whatever he likes, but there are consequences for lying. Or at least there should be.

      • There is no ufology and conspiracy theories category on YouTube! But no one said that is forbidden to upload or to get monetized for uploading such kind videos either. There are other channels with millions of subscribers that offer sillier content than this of Tyler Glockner and these channels are not even entertaining. Just silly. Why don’t you attack these too?

  54. Whatever. Wise up or shut up.

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  72. Avatar
    Why doyoask says:

    Let the viewers decide for themselves. There is no reason to bad mouth Secureteam10. If you have alternative explanations simply post them in the comment section under the video.

    • I absolutely agree the viewers can decide for themselves, but not within the context of Secureteam. In other words, research the phenomenon yourself using Google, including reverse image lookup where appropriate. Many Secureteam videos can be debunked this way. Your suggestion is problematic in that Tyler will delete and shadowban users who contradict him– we have many instances of this. He will also block anybody critical of him on Twitter. His overall goal keep his followers in a disinformation bubble, which keeps him making money.

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  74. Avatar
    Mystifye says:

    It’s pathetic that people that believe they know the truth can block the opinions of people that also believe they know the truth. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. But I’m not going to try to block your asshole and nobody else should either. Most people have the ability to investigate comments for their truthfulness. Big brother isn’t needed to tell us which end is up.

  75. I can’t understand why your so angry! Constantine? Love the name. Not really. Could you tell I was lying? Tyler’s channel is nothing more than entertainment. It’s better than most of the garbage on regular t.v. You say he’s a liar. At this point and time, show me someone that isn’t. Just speculation. Get a grip. Your the one that seems off the charts. With that attitude, I am not interested in reading anything you have to say. Definitely not interested in any of your work! You say you have a job however it seems it’s your life work to be stressed over a young boy on a you tube channel. Just like anything else,. If you don’t like it DON’T WATCH!!!!!

    • I find when many people realize Secureteam is lying to them, they feel betrayed and look for information elsewhere. If you’re not interested in what’s real and what’s simply made up by Tyler, then just enjoy being entertained. There’s nothing for you in UFO Theater.

  76. Avatar
    Bruce Wells says:

    You guys suck!

  77. When I read the article above I seriously laughed out loud! What are you so afraid of? Do you work for the government? You certainly have a hardon for Tyler and secureteam10! I have been a subscriber to his channel way before Google decided to start censoring content and I do not recall him ever claiming something as pure fact, but only speculation, and sometimes with a bit of humor added. As far as news – the Secureteam10 channel does in fact, present things that the mainstream media does not, but it is left up to the viewer to determine what they want to believe. I do believe that sometimes there are actual newsworthy events that Tyler publishes, and things that afterward seem to disappear or get edited (redacted) after the fact, when it is too late for the media, or government to really “kill the news leak.”

    How can you say that you can undeniably prove that a photo or a video is fake? Are you a scientific expert on videography and photography?

    I really think that you are just pissed that his channel has more viewers and subscribers, and that Tyler may be making some big bucks. There is nothing wrong with that!

    • I’m an Emmy-winning visual effects artist, so I’ve found it rather easy to dissect Tyler’s fakes. Speculate about debunkers’ motivations all you like, it doesn’t change the proven fact Secureteam is nonsense and Tyler is a fraud and a liar. It’s sad that you waste time and effort defending the person who makes a fool of you.

  78. Writer, you are a joke. Trd.

  79. Avatar
    UFOTheaterSUX says:

    You’re just jealous, the guy built a successful channel from NOTHING. Wtf is UFOtheater? You haven’t been able to achieve the same success so now you’re bashing Tyler, bitter, nasty, and all too typical. If you had an ounce of similar success, if you had good content, it would spread, like Tyler’s did. Just stop. You’re being a dick for no reason other than selfish resentment.

  80. I love Secureteam. It’s fun to watch. Idiots on MSM get paid 7 figures for putting out their propaganda. Tyler provides entertainment and I don’t begrudge him a penny. You can believe what he says or not. It does not matter. It’s fun. If you don’t like it go and pester someone else.

    • UFO Theater and other debunkers exist to let those interested in factual evidence know where they can find it, and where they definitely will not find it. Tyler won’t tell you his videos are fake, so we compensate for that omission. If you’re just interested in entertainment, then carry on enjoying Secureteam’s made up nonsense.

  81. Avatar
    Secureteam 10 says:

    I think this is insane look at how much BS you have wrote about one person. Now either your jealous of the amazing celeberty status he has rightfully gained for himself or your jus absolutely bored with life. I can’t believe how long that was, y was it so long? Why does it bother you that he’s into the ufo / alien conspiracy that’s being hide from us, why do u care so much about one guy that u have never meet in person and will never meet in person. Blows my mind.
    Tyler if you read this congrats bro and thanks for the non stop investigation, and countless he’s working on it again thank you, and please continue your work. For the guy that’s life is in total derailment over a american citizen doing something that his total aloud to do get a life if u ask me its you that our misleading ppl with this information no one will believe this shit besides other ppl committed to ruin perfectly normal family man because he’s a UFO/ Alien realist he believes and is about the truth witch we are intitaled to. Anyways go jump in the river or off the moon buddy quite your crying UFO/ aliens are completey real deal with it.

  82. Avatar
    Anti ignorant says:

    Hello Haters. At least %60 of the secureteam videos show real alien crafts. You cant deny this if you have a brain.

  83. Secureteam10 is an entertaining channel weather it’s real or not….. there are other channels that are totally fake and claim it’s real why haven’t they been shut down. ….. Tyler names his sources for the most part ( only 2 that I viewed that wanted to remain anonymous )….. he ends his videos ” make up your own minds” tell me what you think. …. I truly believe that someone out there is jealous of Tylers popularity ie. revenue. …. Secureteam10 is a channel I want to watch real or not….. ps who ever did this to Tyler is a terrible person and remember what goes around comes around!

  84. Can’t believe Someone went through the time and effort to make this ridiculous post for a channel that doesn’t even state anything as factual but only opinionated lol
    Get a life and find a way to make some money like Tyler does
    All I smell here is a whole lotta JEALOUSY and ENVY

  85. I think we can find a lot of crap on the Internet. Tyler is one I enjoy, he uses his knowledge of life and with a open mind discusses topics most of us think about every day. Some are part of the Insecure team. And afraid to believe in things with an open mind.

  86. Avatar
    theChronic73 says:

    Trying to find some strain of truth in a world full of misinformation is getting and will only get harder…
    Such a shame for those who only want the truth.
    Was a Tyler fan, but after a little research I’m no longer, granted can be entertaining, but to fake stuff in a world of misinformation is a disgrace.
    Thank you for opening my eyes a bit more and my growth of knowledge continues…..

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  90. This is a great article. Very informative. And it’s true: Tyler glockner of Secureteam is a proven hoaxes. He fakes his videos, and any critical thinking person can see this. I don’t know which is more sad: Tyler deliberately spreading disinfo or his brainwashed viewers who are fooled by him defending him. I’m sure many of his viewers deep down know he’s a con artist. They just down want to believe it to be true. It’s a shame. Tyler does nothing more than turn the ufo phenomenon into a joke. He’s only in it for the money and to troll viewers. He himself probably doesn’t believe in ufos. Anyway, please continue to write more articles exposing Tyler.

  91. I enjoy Secureteam10. It is entertaining. Tyler has a refreshing style. The stories he relates to us seem to be done well. Why all the sour grape, or jealousy. Know one has established that alien and extraterrestial life is really a fact. I think it is but can’t prove that. Being 75 I may never see proof on way or the other. From the knowledge I’ve gained from all the science courses and jobs I have had It would be hard not to believe. I think we have more i.portant things to discern, such as the path the world going down. Is this behavior because hu man nature is so corrupt it can not help rolling down the nuclear rabbit hole. Tyler’s doing fine, leave him alone

  92. how dare you say people who watch Tyler are not functioning adults. …we are critical thinkers who like to see a different perspective and point of view,…what you are saying us believe everything your told….The governments of this world are well kown for the lies and deceit they constantly spew so why should we not question everything? questioning things DOES make us functioning adults…believing this shit article and the lies we are told makes us sheep….you keep being part of the herd….

  93. Avatar
    Ron Packard says:

    This is an absurd statement you make here. Totally false. We need more humans like Tyler on this earth and less idiots who make claims like this one here.

  94. Everything claimed about Secureteam has been proven; the evidence is in the video. If you take issue with the evidence, then be specific and we can discuss. Tyler himself refuses to engage his critics, likely because he knows it’s a losing proposition.

  95. This makes no sense. YouTube are best serving their advertisers if they allow popular sites as a platform.

    In terms of Tyler’s output how dare anyone assume that we watch the material uncritically. I use his site as a resource because he picks up on news items and matters of interest to investigators that I could easily miss in my busy life. If I think he is barking up the wrong tree I let him know. He is quite humble in his presentation of information and about his grasp of it. Yes he occasionally makes some howlers and leaps of the imagination. Tyler does not seem to subscribe to or promote any of the conspiracy schools of thought but mishmashes them together according to his topic.

    That is fine. He is not anyone’s stooge but simply very enthusiastic about what he does. God forbid anyone takes his every word as gospel truth but there is little ideological coherency to his message and I cannot see any harm in it. I am far more concerned about people promoting an unrelenting ‘truth’ whether in the mainstream or the fringe.

    I do not believe any human should have the right to determine the ‘truth’ on behalf of any other or to have the power to enforce their version of the truth. But let’s face it, YouTube is a mighty business concern and as such is sensitive to the opinions of the mighty. YouTube’s attempts at censure surely add credibility to Tyler’s work rather than detract from it.

    YouTube, in its favour, does make it easy for people to share extraordinary messages and ideas. Tyler might want to think of alternative business models and his subscription request seems fair enough. If people care enough about his work they can easily support it. And silly YouTube is biting off its nose to spite its face. It is presumably cow towing to disgruntled security interests.

  96. I like the Fact he must have touched a nerve with someone. Merely because there is a million wild none sence channels out there. And noone is going out of there way to mess with them. Taking the time to make anti secureteam blogs an sites, articles trying to debunk or discredit attacking credibility on Opinions on things that are unprovable. I can see the problem if Tyler claims these things 100% fact, but at the end of every message he asks his viewers to please tell him what they think opening the discussions for others opinions on the Unknown.

  97. Just saying: Secureteam 10 is a great channel, I have enjoyed that one for year before you existed as a channel and probably also will enjoy it years after.
    The attack is probably from someone who felt he is getting to close to ..something..
    Keep up the good work Tyler from Secureteam 10,
    keep asking questions and keep posting those awesome footage you get your hands on!

  98. This teeny tiny website seems obsessed with SecureTeam. I see Secure Team’s subs have more than doubled since this article (rant about nothing) was written.

  99. I am no expert on UFOs, so I can’t comment on the fake vs true video footage secure team shows. I do believe that Tyler exaggerates and sensationalized many things, he has shown several videos of things that have happened in North Carolina, such as rivers draining and cliffs being made on the outer banks. These things did happen, and to his credit does suggest reasonable reasons for the phenomenon. That is my opinion, take it as you will.

  100. So if its all a hoax, and nothing is real, then its just like any show you watch on TV and his channels is just for entertainment and shouldn’t be demonetized. I watch it and he pretty much stays on the fence on what he shows and leaves it up to the viewer to decide, and anyone with half a brain will take it all with a grain of salt, do their own research and use their own mind as to what is possibly real and what isn’t. Bagging his show and saying take it off, would be like if we said remove your blog cause your a nasty piece of work. Everyone’s entitled to their own views. But if you cant say something nice……..

  101. seems like most of these “morons” are posting the same argument. your jealous of his money, he’s entertaining and a lot of “shame on you”. comments. I really doubt even 1/4 of these secureshit retards defending this huge dickhead with a lisp are even real.

    can anyone be so fucking dumb to suggest that UFO theatre is actually a government shill?

    No it’s actually very simple, most of the posts defending the lispy retard are in fact shills.

    Is that actually surprising to anyone?

    I would guess that for every 1 real post, there is a giant turd posting 50.

    you can lead a horse to water…

  102. most of the posts defending secureteam10 are shills.

    Almost all of them are the same shit, same fucking message typed differently. If that doesn’t tingle your spidey senses then you don’t have any spidery senses cuz your a complete fucking moron.

    To those who aren’t crippled with intense stupidity have a nice day.

  103. Like how many random people write “how dare you” how dare you….


    Sloppy work from a novice shill who can barely hold a thought in his head.

  104. Constantine you notice this shit right? Same jerkoff writing Most the comments? It’s literally the same retard using the same phrases and arguments over and over holy fuck I am so baffled by people who can’t/don’t realize this.

  105. Avatar
    Tonja Heird says:

    I did watch your video debunking videos from a few individuals on Youtube claiming Martian rocks are actually skulls, heads, faces, tanks,, etc….but you failed to prove why these Martian rocks are just that, rocks. Your video did give me a few laughs. Thanks.

  106. Strange Light Coming From Mysterious UFO Spotted On The Skies Of China

  107. Doesn’t matter secureteam 10 is selling lays . kids get brainwashed with this crap. Show me only 1 freaking clear picture of a UFO. Don’t exist . It doesn’t matter what you believe, you have to proof it.

  108. Avatar
    chito mendoza says: it seems this web page belong….s to NASA or NSA or some kind of US goverment office

  109. Avatar
    Byrom Joseph says:

    Thanks for the info! Having read this article I immediately unsubscribed from secureteam10. This Tyler dude is now livestreaming videos. About 2 livestreams in
    two days. And thanking his 2 million subscribers for their donations as they text in during the livestream. If a subscriber make a donation, Tyler will read their question over the livestream. Tyler is rolling in the big bucks. And complaining that Youtube might be cutting into his programming any time. Who knows! – Byrom – 01/18/2019

  110. Avatar
    UFO Chris says:

    Tyler from secure team is the BOSS here. Hes the real deal and this guy is so full of shit. Not one intelligent person will buy the negative comments about Tyler and secure team. Like why take the time to do this? Dumb, fucking dumb and gutless. Tyler and secureteam 10 is a masterful channel and he is better then any of the so called history channel alien experts, seriously. He has a passion for UFOs and nothing can stop that channel who is now over 2 million subs. Do yourself a favor and get off this channel on a site that doesnt even have an SSL certificate.

    • There are some of us who can’t stand liars, especially when they take advantage of peoples’ interest in UFOs. Tyler is anything but real. Ask your hero why he blocks his critics on Twitter, and deleted comments from his own fans who criticize him on his video pages. He’s a fraud and he knows it, which is why he ran scared from Bloomberg News.

  111. Avatar
    Tim shamrock says:

    Come on guys don’t take this website seriously it’s a government ran disinformation site it’s so obvious!

  112. Why do you say st10 is fake.I thought it was just a sort of clearing house for all things ufo or just plain weird…How about Lunacognita.?I know their stuff is old but very eyeopening at least to me i guess.But im easy.

  113. Avatar
    Rick Rogers says:

    Exposed! This site has been exposed as being a Psychological operations (PSYOP) fusion cell operation. This operation is a disinformation campaign designed to discredit legitimate investigative journalism regarding real and credible subject matter. Their initiative is to influence emotions, motives, and objective reasoning and behavior regarding controversial subjects. Their focus is to spread disinformation about truthful subject matter by presenting scientific hocus-pocus nonsense that has no basis in truth or reality. They target select audiences through social media, pod casts, YouTube, etc… Their video presentations are tailored made to target audiences where they get down-to-their level of ignorance and spin subject matter to cast further doubt no matter what real tangible and tenable evidence is presented. They are paradigm paralysis enforcers. They are the ultimate de-bunkers and their objectives are to keep the general public unaware and ignorant of real-world facts. This is the first article objective toward gaining draconian law.

  114. We all are trying to get the most information we can on the ufo subject
    Sometimes people will just try to tarnish anything they can to get attention.
    What has Tyler done that’s so wrong? He uploads videos, So we all can determine if
    it’s credible, and if it’s not so what let’s move on to the next video.
    OH…by the way, you can make a voice sound like anybody’s voice
    there’s a program for that, as if everybody was born yesterday.

  115. I’m just amazed that people are still coming here 3 years later supporting Tyler and his BS. But, when gullible people are fooled by obvious fakery, their brains often seem to go into a mindless defence mode where they will defend the fakery regardless of how much evidence is presented to them – to admit they had been fooled is to admit they were foolish, and ego just doesn’t allow that with many people. Sadly, this is the same sort of behaviour that has made religion and all the evil that goes with it so popular, and gets people like Trump elected. Humans, by and large, are still just stupid animals with very little capacity for critical, analytical thought.