Secureteam 10 Debunked and Demonetized

The latest news on Tyler Glockner, producer of the Secureteam 10 UFO hoax channel on YouTube with over 800,000 subscribers, is not good. Glockner was recently shocked to discover that his earnings may be cut as a result of YouTube’s new monetization policies. But Tyler will not see his lavish ill-gotten income diminished, no sir! He’s now appealing directly to his subscribers for support.

According to this article in Forbes, YouTube is demonetizing videos that are not considered “advertiser friendly,” and it appears Secureteam 10 videos fall into this category. This is not surprising, as YouTube and its advertisers are staffed with functioning adults who have some critical ability. They are in contrast to the majority of Secureteam 10 followers, as evidenced by the fans’ comments on UFO Theater’s debunking video The Wings of Fail.

In a video message posted on April 6, 2017 (“SECURETEAM Shutting Down?”) Glockner laughably describes his channel as “alternative news” and refers to the demonetization as “censorship at its worst,” hoping his viewers don’t understand the meaning of the terms “alternative news” and “censorship.”

Will YouTube reverse its new policy? Hopefully not anytime soon.

Now Glockner has started a Patreon account to accept donations, but doesn’t disclose the amount of money he’s being given as others do. He probably has a sense that his YouTube subscribers don’t realize that, with the help of free publicity from the tabloid press, he makes in excess of $300,000 a year creating UFO hoaxes and spinning trending news stories into an alternate reality. The upside to the monetization shakeup is Secureteam 10’s viewership has started naively appealing to the wider UFO community for support. As a result, once outside the information vacuum surrounding the YouTube channel, they are exposed to the awful truth. Many cannot easily absorb it.

To assist their education, here is the continually accumulating case against Tyler Glockner and Secureteam 10:

The UFO Theater debunk playlist – demonstrates how Secureteam 10 creates UFO videos using visual effects, an receives help and publicity from tabloid news sites.

The Dazzathecameraman debunk playlist – Highlight: Dazza, aka astronomer Dave Greg, exposes how Tyler Glockner created and impersonated an informant he called “Ken the Astronomer” and clumsily Photoshopped an image of Neptune behind Saturn, claiming it was a new planet entering the solar system.

This tweet by, aka Scott Brando demonstrates how Tyler misrepresented a normal feature of Mars as a “shadow of an alien satellite.”
This tweet shows how a Hayabusa capsule re-entry from 2010 was misrepresented by Secureteam as an “alien satellite shot down by the Illuminati.”
This thread on details how Secureteam exploits data errors in Google Moon to claim there are towers on the moon.
March 19, 2016: Secureteam misrepresents a 2010 Hayabusa capsule re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere as a “leaked clip of alien satellite being shot down.”

May 3, 2017: Secureteam 10 misrepresents a long-ago debunked time lapse photo of a helicopter as a UFO sighting (“ALIEN Technology Tested Over France?”). Later, Tyler doubles down on the hoax with “UPDATE: Massive ‘Ship’ Over France, China & Australia!”

May 6, 2017: Secureteam claims there are “BIZARRE Markings of Fish Caught In Phillipines” and is swiftly debunked by, well, many sources.

May 13, 2017: With the help of hoaxer Streetcap1, Secureteam knowingly misrepresents a lens flare as an “alien disc caught on space station live feed,” cropping and rotating the video to make it harder to find the NASA source footage.

May 15, 2017: Secureteam includes a crudely composited fake UFO in its video “Wave of Anti-Gravity Craft Over England.”

May 19, 2017: Secureteam uses stolen footage from (Kaschuba Brothers) hoax channel xxxdonutzxxx as part of a video about “strange reflections detected on Earth”, which of course, have already been explained.

June 5, 2017: Secureteam does no research, and is quick to misrepresent an RC plane with fireworks attached as a UFO in a video titled “Something ‘CIRCLING’ Over UK Skies.”

June 23, 2017: Unconcerned with wasting his viewers’ time, Tyler creates an episode titled “WHAT Did This Photographer Snap Above Him?” that features a mylar sun-shaped balloon.

July 17, 2017: Not too proud to stoop to the lowest levels, Secureteam uses the same 3-year-old space shuttle photo of lens reflections exploited by hoaxers Thirdphaseofmoon, a YouTube channel often referred to by, ironically, Secureteam fans as an example of a “real” hoax operation.


Scott Brando debunks Secureteam 10 videos on a weekly basis. Follow his Twitter feed here.

A former fan of Secureteam 10 sees the light.
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20 Responses to Secureteam 10 Debunked and Demonetized

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  4. This site is the true hoax. You should write for Yahoo.

  5. Tyler is a sympathetic, enthusiastic character who brings joy to the exciting subject of anomalies, UFO’s, etc. Great escape from the dull & routine. You do realize his vids are from people who film their strange encounters, not his own concoctions except if he slows them down or changes the contrast. His critics, who take delight in portraying him in the worst possible light, strike me as merely jealous of his success, or agents of those who wish to suppress and misdirect us from the truth that strange things are going on around us.

    • The evidence is heavily against your point of view. It’s already been proven that Tyler has fabricated and impersonated at least one witness, and it’s strongly indicated that he used an accomplice for another. It’s not a stretch to believe that he makes up the stories about people sending him video, particularly the ones that have been proven as CGI fakes. I’m not saying he never features videos that real people send in to him; in fact, he tried to solicit footage from Steven Barone, but Steven turned Tyler down flat, despite the audience it could bring him, because he knows Tyler is a fraud. This is the big difference between Tyler and real skywatchers. Tyler says (as all hoaxers do) “someone sent me this video and wants to remain anonymous,” while skywatchers take full responsibility for everything they post, no matter how it’s perceived.

      Focusing on the motivations of Tyler’s critics is just a disingenuous evasion of the evidence, and this is in fact a reflection of how Tyler deals with the overwhelming proof of his deceit. He simply dismisses them as “haters” and in some cases “disinfo agents” as if that somehow absolves him from addressing the undeniable proof that he uses visual effects to create UFOs, and blatantly lies about other images and events. For example, a half hour of research would tell you his “shadow of an alien satellite on Mars” is a normal feature of the planet. And of course, he ignores that satellites simply do not cast shadows, unless you’re talking about the moon. Talk of Tyler’s six figure income certainly feeds the idea that people are motivated by jealousy, but that discussion only came about because his followers have naively asked “why would he lie?”

      It’s a shame when people buy into the suspicion and paranoia Tyler encourages by promoting precisely the ideas you’ve repeated: people who criticize him are trying to “suppress and misdirect (you) from the truth.” This is the same mindset taught by Scientology to keep its members from assimilating any ideas critical of Scientology. Tyler does his best to keep his audience in an information vacuum, never addressing the evidence against him, and blocking his critics on his video pages and on Twitter. Once people step out of that vacuum, however, they discover the UFO world is a very different place where Tyler is mocked and reviled for his blatant fakery.

    • Praamsaga says:

      You are obviously very new to the UFO video community as is evidenced in your extremely naive comment.

    • parapitro says:

      Yes, thank you for your comment. Tyler deserves his success.

  6. Keep up the good work! We have been putting ST10 videos in our HOAX forum for years now at ATS, it’s just silly.

  7. Praamsaga says:

    I have been a subscriber to YouTube since they started in 2004. I have seen probably more UFO videos than virtually anyone. This is great news for me and the UFO community as I had to learn on my own how to identify hoaxed videos and secureteam10 NEVER uploaded one (1) legitimate UFO video from the general public. I used to go out of my way in sending Tyler messages of my displeasure about his adolescent behavior.

  8. hi there i have footage that i wouldnt show anyone i just watch it myself and wonder , because if i did pple would just say its a fake or a good video trick so i say if you have stuff keep it to yourself your better off.

  9. So where do I go for good info?

  10. Out there says:

    Thanks for turning me on to secure team 10 .


  12. I watch Secureteam10’s videos. While I do believe that some of his videos contain actual information, many of his videos seem to be false. There is no way he would be able to make a video once a day and have all the information be true. It is statistically impossible. There is not enough information out there to make reports once a day. Though while some of his videos have false information, I feel that his information is the closest to the truth. Mind you I take all his videos with a grain of salt. It is easy to tell a fake story from a real one when it comes to his work.

  13. ken miller says:

    i feel for him. he is use to earning 150,000.00 a month and now he is only earning about 80,000.00 a month. i think everyone should donate money to him so he don’t have to give up his vacation resort he stays in.