Section 51 Goes Section 8

Most UFO hoax operations, when faced with indisputable evidence of their fraud, usually respond in one of two ways: ignore it (Third Phase of Moon), or respond as if it didn’t exist (Mister Enigma, WTF Flow, Secureteam 10, Fausto UFO). When debunker Scott Brando, aka revealed professional CGI artist Jean “J. H.” Wzgarda of France as the person behind hoax channel Section 51 2.0, Wzgarda took a different approach; he pretended he had nothing to do with it. Wzgarda has enjoyed widespread support for his antics, most recently for his “UFO Over Large Hadron Collider” hoax, from British tabloid news sites. I suppose he was a bit shocked to be exposed after freely, profitably and anonymously faking it for so long. This conversation ensued over Facebook chat:

Hi, I see that you and Ufo of interest published my name on your page. Who are you ? Why ? What did I do to receive your hate ? Do you know what is harassing on internet ? That’s what you’re doing with me and I want to know why you’re doing this ? Why you’re attacking me ?…


terry_tnYou may think it’s ok to create fake UFO shots and claim they’re real, but people involved in real research, trying to find real answers find it offensive. You should stop immediately.




Who are you to claim that it’s me ? Are you crazy ? It’s not me. I agree with your point of view but this is not me. Must be a kid or idiot hacker using my name as CGI artist to create his website anonymously. Stop publishing my name and my works on your page, they have nothing to do with section 51. This is harassment and defamation. I’m going to report your publications to Facebook for harassment. Do you think I have time to lose with that ?

Don’t play that game with me. I took screen capture of your facebook page. You published pictures of me and my work without my authorization with the aim to discredit me and my name. I saw Ufo of Interest too and all sites which seem to be in your network. All that for why ? Because you think that you have found some guy you can hate without limits, because of your frustrations about ufos and section 514. You’ve got the wrong guy. It’s not me and stop publishing false informations about me. It’s YOU the faker !



Sorry, that’s not me. What does proof me that you didn’t trick the data on this site ? My company is known on internet, anybody could have taken our informations to create an account knowing that we do production and visual effects. I will investigate too. And that doesn’t change the fact that you or anybody else hasn’t the right to make freely harassment against a person on internet or facebook or twitter. Even to publish images and names without authorization. What is your name ? Who are you ? That’s not fair, you pretend you know me and I know nothing about you. That’s completely silly !

I’m not interested in playing games with you, Jean. Obviously you don’t intend to stop creating hoax videos, so you’re just going to have to become accustomed to people knowing who you are and what you’re doing. If that bothers you, then find another hobby that doesn’t involve being a liar and a fraud.



You must be joking. Are you serious ?!! Who are you ? Are you scared to give me your name ? What does allow you to attack me personnally like that ? That’s sure that it’s easier to put the name of somebody in the dirt when you stay in the shadow.




If you believe this may possibly be a case of mistaken identity, conisder that Mr. Wzgarda maintains his personal web site on the same server as He is a CGI artist with a fetish for American military imagery, significant because the first incarnation of his web channel, Section 51, was focused on military footage as background for his UFO hoaxes. He got a lot of play with his “UFO Attacks Taliban Base” hoax among others. That channel was removed from YouTube because (best guess) Google decided that exploiting combat footage of real soldiers really risking their real lives wasn’t so cool. And there’s this, from his web site:


Also around this time, Mr. Brando discovered that Mr. Wzgarda (@JhWzgarda) was following Section 51 (@section_51) on Twitter.

I’m no psychologist, but it seems to me that in the face of overwhelming evidence, Wzgarda’s claim that he has nothing to do with Section 51 is absolutely nuts. Unlike other hoaxers, at least he acknowledges what’s being done under the Section 51 brand is wrong. Perhaps compared to the blanket denial offered by others in his profession, that’s a little nuts as well.

To be continued, we’re sure.

Keep an eye out for this logo. It’s your guarantee of fakery.section51_logo1

If you’re not familiar with the term “Section 8.”

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8 Responses to Section 51 Goes Section 8

  1. Please remove pictures of me, my work and my name from your website, including conversation on facebook which is private. I tried to discuss calmly with you but you seem not to be as objective as you pretend you are in your supposed “job”. I just reply to your personnal and anonymous attack which is public defamation and harassment on internet. Moreover you don’t have my authorization to publish these pictures (my property) on your website. All you’re doing here is illegal. I took a screen capture of your page to defend myself.

    What is your name, who are you to dare attacking me like that ? Why do you stay anonymous ? Don’t you have any courage ? Sure it’s easier to attack people anonymously. Nazis were doing the same in 1940…

    • Mr. Wzgarda, after successfully marketing your channel for years, do you really expect people to believe you’re as dumb as you pretend to be? Are we supposed to accept that you’ve never heard of Fair Use, and are incapable of doing a simple Google search to find my name? Seems like just another ploy to make yourself appear innocent, which itself is incredibly dimwitted.

      Comparing me to a Nazi is just priceless.

  2. Avatar
    realkarlk says:

    yeah is a bad one for fake infornation, among pother bunk sites….

  3. Avatar
    Jason lede4hose says:

    Why do you b3lieve this, ‘SCOTT BRANDO,’ as 100% telling the truth, reliable,, spot-on he’s ‘Awesome’ at revealing the truth, ness more importantly, you j7s5 aim you ‘skiptisism,’ at the truth, ‘WISDOM FALLS ON DEAF EARS TO TH9OSE WHO’S EYES ARE BLIND TO 5HE T4UTH,’ you and others believe any deb7nker that comes out and says that 5h3y, have the the truth, without a shad9w 9of a doubt you believe them before they, are debunked thems3lv3s, you people yell so loud, for so long, everywhere, with such resounding and reverberating ‘bell inside the headz’&’ frequency and vibration, though when proof is provided, you push it away so repellent ly, before you even have had time to review properly, you give it to your self doubt, to digest, i’m not saying that people who ‘don’t know any better’ are stupid or wrong and i’m sorry if i came across that way, I’m just saying your no5l alone and to learn to reckognize a miracle when you see it, not the self-doubt rattling around inside of your own head, they, love you all of you peace

  4. Thank you for your tireless work in exposing for-profit Truth hoaxers. We will never evolve into a Type II civilization until greed (money) is abolished from the human psyche.

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    gareth davies says:

    Loved reading this article and I like how well documented it is. Constantine im sure its a tireless and thankless task doing this but the more and more I go through your work I’m seeing consistency and with more time a may be on board and support what you do but after my time spent with secureteam and coming to a realisation that some incenserity has been dished out from Tyler then inclined to look at things in depth before subscribing. I will however have no problem supporting and sharing your work when I am confident of what I know.