Scott Waring Stupidity Level: Legendary

In March of 2016, online turd factory The Inquisitr indulged another Scott Waring hoax in which Waring claims to have spotted missing flight MH370. For this to be possible, the plane would have to be dragged 4,000 miles underwater across two mountain ranges, and end up on the Cape of Good Hope. In one piece. And TRANSPARENT.

Obviously Waring is pretending that two converging waves found on Google Earth is the missing plane. One would assume there was a level of stupidity below which The Inquisitr and other third rate news sites wouldn’t publicize Waring’s work, but no such luck.

Now again in March 2017, Waring’s scheme to shake down the corpses of the MH370 for loose change has been reborn as part of an article carried by the hoaxer’s best friend, Jon Austin of the Daily Express UK. They have no shame, so pay no attention.


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10 Responses to Scott Waring Stupidity Level: Legendary

  1. I wonder if Waring somehow makes a living posting this nonsense.

  2. Terry the Censor! You’re Everywhere!

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    wim-v-d-s says:

    I just discovered your channel. It’s very interesting. Just like you, I’m passionate about ufology and I think it’s a shame these hoaxers give it a bad name. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thank God someone out there can see through the garbage. Why does Waring get so much media coverage. I wonder if someone pays him to publish nonsense for disinformation purposes?

    • Scott is a useful idiot because he will provide a corroborating opinion to any story, no matter how ridiculous. This provides the writer with the appearance that he has “researched” the story, when in fact Scott will say anything to get quoted.

      It’s puzzling that Jon Austin pranked him by getting his opinion on some footage of airplanes landing at Heathrow, and Waring fell for it. Yet, Austin and others continue to quote him.

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    realkarlk says:

    the guy claimed on his website that he was THE most searched person online ever! the horrible statues, and building he puts up as proof positive of civilization on mars at sometime, there may well be civilizations past or maybe even present. But these pictures he puts up a couple times a week r so silly, check it out if u need a good laugh. He put up 1 that is a bust obama’s head according to him. dont raise a ? on commits boards cause he will not post a thing that doesnt go with the crap he’s saying

  6. most search (IDIOT) person online that will be, you look for an idiot there he is

  7. Avatar
    Mini monkey monster says:

    I look him up and continuously read his website for pure giggle quota i need. His opinions are absolute fabricated nonsense but hes like watching a really good car crash you cant look away from.