On The Wings of Fail: Secureteam 10

In August of 2014 when I created the original Secureteam 10 Speedebunking episode, it was an attempt to prevent a laughably simplistic hoax channel from becoming a huge waste of time. However, with the help of some high profile web sites trying to ride the Fake Train to Viraltown, it has become exactly that.

While Tyler Glockner doesn’t have technical chops, he seemed to put a lot of work into window dressing: titles, logos, little audio effects, a gear store. In fact, the stylistic effort probably took more time than the videos themselves, poorly Photoshopping UFOs into backgrounds or simply fading them into view in a video. It seems Tyler’s style appealed to worst-of-the-worst tabloid “journalist” Jon Austin of the Express UK, who decided to become an honorary member of the Secureteam. This, along with the hoax channel’s burgeoning subscriber numbers, warranted a more robust response. Hope you enjoy and share.

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8 Responses to On The Wings of Fail: Secureteam 10

  1. Kavinda Thathsarana says:

    they’re coming for us… coming soon……

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  3. wow…..disappointed, but then again, wide awake

  4. Constantine is a jealous dork

  5. Wow Ufotheatre. Talk about disinformation at its finest. You guys need to get a clue.

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  7. Jelaous bastards