On The Wings of Fail: Secureteam 10

In August of 2014 when I created the original Secureteam 10 Speedebunking episode, it was an attempt to prevent a laughably simplistic hoax channel from becoming a huge waste of time. However, with the help of some high profile web sites trying to ride the Fake Train to Viraltown, it has become exactly that.

While Tyler Glockner doesn’t have technical chops, he seemed to put a lot of work into window dressing: titles, logos, little audio effects, a gear store. In fact, the stylistic effort probably took more time than the videos themselves, poorly Photoshopping UFOs into backgrounds or simply fading them into view in a video. It seems Tyler’s style appealed to worst-of-the-worst tabloid “journalist” Jon Austin of the Express UK, who decided to become an honorary member of the Secureteam. This, along with the hoax channel’s burgeoning subscriber numbers, warranted a more robust response. Hope you enjoy and share.

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11 Responses to On The Wings of Fail: Secureteam 10

  1. Avatar
    Kavinda Thathsarana says:

    they’re coming for us… coming soon……

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  3. wow…..disappointed, but then again, wide awake

  4. Constantine is a jealous dork

  5. Wow Ufotheatre. Talk about disinformation at its finest. You guys need to get a clue.

    • Oh, sweet irony. If you can find errors in the extensive debunking evidence provided to you, please share them.

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      gareth davies says:

      Can I just ask 1 question ? If what constantine is showing us is accurate and i’m not talking about Tylers earnings that i could care less about but rather that he was pretending to be someone else on voice overs and he is distorting imagery on purpose when we know the footage was not shown distorted in the first place, does this not strike a chord with you ?

      I think sometimes we treat people or services like religion if we like a person or its brand so much we stop seeing any bad and only take in the good and i feel some of the comments being made to Constantine who is showing us actual footage of videos he has to the same ones tyler has and some of tylers imagery is actually distorted and most others seem to have it clear and when its clear you can tell the objects for what they really are.

      I’m really frustrated over the voiceover more than anything else this shows someone for what they are deep down. He doesn’t that anymore i am sure but if this voiceover is true then I am done with secureteam.

      I’m no debunker nor am I a ufologist but I’m only a 2 years in and what stopped me ever being part of these communities in the past was all the false flag stories but I’m getting more involved these days and it seems to be for the wrong reasons. I wanted to enjoy UFO sightings stories and other phenomena but it seems I spend more time asking questions relating to clickbaiting titles or why has a person gone off topic on his videos talking about natural occurrences like starfish washing up on the sands which is down to changes in temperature suddenly.

      I’m amazed by peoples response to a person for discrediting someone and may actually be right about it.

      I just want to see the link now where tyler openly admitted it or apologized so when I see that I can make a better judgement who I start getting my information from.

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  7. Jelaous bastards

  8. Avatar
    gareth davies says:

    Hi Constantine thanks for this video and if true I’m going to be disappointed.

    Can you provide a link of Tyler owning up to the Ken voice for me to see if that’s possible. This is important to me because no matter how good his information may or may not be today I will not be apart of something with no integrity.

    Im not bothered if he earned 3 million a year thats not my concern but I do not want to get pissed about by out right trickery. I don’t mind someoen saying its a spaceship if it looks like a plain I will let someone get away with that from time to time because i know they need their channel to be subbed but i won’t be a part of someone openly tricking people.