Mister Enigma Hoax Dupes News Sites Worldwide

A UFO hoax created by Mister Enigma, aka Robert Simmons of Wisconsin, was posted to YouTube on June 21, 2015 and subsequently featured by some larger news sites beginning June 25.

How this happened is difficult to understand; it featured nothing remarkable. It’s the type of thing you’ve seen from hoaxers before: footage from the ISS with a few tiny specks added in to make it look as if objects were exiting the Earth’s atmosphere. This was followed by the typical NASA “loss of signal” title card, suggesting we were seeing something forbidden. It’s a scenario so old, I’m surprised hoaxers still use it. In this case, it worked to spectacular effect from Mister Enigma’s point of view, as it’s been taken up by news sites worldwide.

As best I can determine, patient zero is Huffingtonpost.co.uk, who ran with the story on the 25th. Other news sites followed suit without doing the simplest bit of research, such as Googling “Mister Enigma hoax.” I guess it’s one of those oddball stories that’s too good to check.

This episode is a good illustration of what an echo chamber online news has become. If one of the larger news sites makes an error, that mistake will be repeated ad nauseam, possibly in perpetuity. I have been posting comments on every site pointing out this particular error, even tweeting directly to the articles’ authors, but I’ve not seen a correction yet.

Also repeated ad nauseam: my advice to check your sources. Not the source of the news story, but of the video it’s based on. Five minutes of effort by Huffingtonpost.co.uk could have averted this nonsense. Viral mistakes of this kind are an insult and a disservice to people who invest the time and equipment into recording real sightings, but even worse, the media attention directly supports the creation of more hoaxes.

If you need any background on Mister Enigma, check these links:

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One thought on “Mister Enigma Hoax Dupes News Sites Worldwide”

  1. The biggest hoax in history has yet to occur. The implementation of global dominance. What people commonly refer to as NWO. But I don’t call it NWO, because it isn’t an event of darkness like most people fear. Its worse than that. It will come like a bright light and sweet. And people will flock to it. The idea is to hand the people a solution to all their problems. Once it is accepted, the screws will tighten. Then comes the darkness. Putin and USA are at the center of this conspiracy. Do not be deceived by what you see in the news. It is all FAKE. Any person who admires Kissinger is evil. And Putin LOVES the guy!! We are being conned BIG TIME. That is, unless the people open their minds and see the Truth.

    Many of the “anti mainstream” news websites are actually created by mainstream media “trolls”, hired to sit at a desk and spread disinformation. Leading people astray. And monitoring their reactions for social experimentation.

    ALL PEOPLE ARE BEING PLAYED. That is why the Internet isnt regulated and you can post and download stuff freely. Because its all part of a CIA project. This is psychological warfare I am talking about. Its no theory. It is all listed in a recent disclosure that was brought to public. And it goes way back many decades. While the people play with their toys, the rich elite bankers have been trying to figure out a way to successfully enslave the people without them knowing it. This has been a very slow and patient process to be 100% successful.

    I post this now because they are in a very advanced stage. The dollar is not really going to crash. USA is wealthy. The fake dollar crash will come as a way to create a false “problem” that needs a solution. The next phase will be to “overwhelm” the public to the point that they are desperate for something to change. Then comes China and Russia to “Save the Day”. The people will be enticed with EXACTLY what they wish would happen. But they will be put in a vulnerable position that puts them at risk of the worst. And the worst WILL come.

    THIS IS A FACT. Just pay attention to the new stories. You can see the consistency if you REMAIN SKEPTICAL at all times. People want to see the Truth so bad that they believe they will see it on one of the news media websites. NOT A CHANCE.

    Do not believe the stuff you see reported. It is all fake. The new game being played is Double and Triple False Flag. This makes it EXTREMELY hard to distinguish truth. And for many it will be impossible. Trust what I am saying here. I have nothing else to offer here.

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