Mars Madness

I have to admit I was stunned at the number of insane pareidolia-driven Mars channels on YouTube, yet after some thought, it makes sense. It’s incredibly easy to spot something unusual among millions of rock formations in thousands of photos, doctor it up with Photoshop and create a glorified slide show. It’s hoaxing for the completely lazy and talentless.

I can’t tell if people are engaged with the content because they consider it a serious analysis or if they’re simply curious to find out how ridiculous the assertions can get. Hopefully I’ll get some feedback from fans of the Mars slideshows.

The hoaxers would have us believe that the Martian landscape is strewn with random objects having no plausible explanation for their placement or existence. I wondered what such a nutty environment would look like, so we now have Mars Madness as a reference.

There’s so much new crazy each week it could be a full time job.

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  1. Hello Dean,

    Have been trying to reach you. This video was 1000% awesome. Please feel free to use email.

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