Looknowtv’s Latest Ploy: Honey, I Shrunk The Discs

Having proved unsuccessful at faking clear, close-up UFO video clips (see UFO Theater Ep. 1), profiteer UFO Youtube channel Looknowtv is trying a different tactic. In their latest post, “BEST UFO SIGHTINGS FEBRUARY 2014” they shrink UFOs to miniscule sizes where low resolution and compression obscure any evidence of tampering.

In clip after clip, it works like this: we’re shown some sort of bland setting that really has no reason to exist other than to provide a backdrop for the hoax. After a few seconds, a title card: “A CLOSER LOOK.” Then we see close-up stills of the clip along with some clicky camera sound effects, highlighting the “UFOs” which are nothing more than tiny shadows or smudges on the sky. Looknowtv is exploiting the weak spot in analyzing online video: low resolution. If the picture is degraded enough, differences in grain, shading, and tracking become completely obscured. It actually looks as if the footage has been pre-degraded before upload to Youtube.

Like most Looknowtv videos, however, they don’t pass the Stupid Test: there is no plausible reason somebody would be randomly shooting video of what appears to be a blank patch of sky, or a cityscape, or out the window of a car, out the window of an airplane, or off the side of the boat. No details as to date, time or place are given, with the lone exception of a clip labeled as being from top of the Eiffel Tower in France. What would you say a Google search yields about multiple UFO sightings over Paris in February of 2014? Nothing, of course.

I’ve already taken the bullet for you, so don’t waste your time checking it out. Dumb, and ultimately, booo-ring!

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