Terrible Web Sites Create The First “Hoaxception”

As we predicted on March 29, the celestial event of a comet or asteroid slamming into Jupiter has led to some hoaxing activity piggybacked on the real event, as hoaxers like to do. What we couldn’t have predicted was how it happened.

On March 30th online turd factory The Inquisitr ran with another one of their absurdly verbose headlines:


While quoting astronomers, “writer” JohnThomas Didymus seems to have buried the lead within the text by simply providing a hyperlink within the phrase “UFO enthusiasts believe it was caused by an alien UFO mothership.” That hyperlink points to a page on paranormal content theft site Disclose.tv.

Jumping to the Disclose.tv page, we see the links to the same two videos featured on The Inquisitr, with the headline “MOTHERSHIP SLAMS INTO JUPITER.” However, within the story there are no quotes, references or evidence presented (fabricated or otherwise) to support the headline.

This is possibly a first in the long history of hoaxing: a hoax headline points to another hoax headline, which itself is a hoax in the sense that no hoax exists. Like the movie Inception where the characters collectively experience a dream within a dream within a dream, The Inquisitr and Disclose.tv have created a hoax within a hoax within a hoax.

A remarkable achievement. Remarkable, and sad.

The Inquisitr and Disclose.tv create a hoax within a hoax within a hoax.
The Inquisitr and Disclose.tv create a hoax within a hoax within a hoax.
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8 Responses to Terrible Web Sites Create The First “Hoaxception”

  1. Avatar
    wim-v-d-s says:

    I just discovered your channel. It’s very interesting. Just like you, I’m passionate about ufology and I think it’s a shame these hoaxers give it a bad name. Keep up the good work.

  2. Avatar
    wim-v-d-s says:

    What I find interesting about these videos is that they’re often so obviously fake, even to the untrained eye. I find it incredible that some people actually believe these videos are authentic.

  3. Avatar
    wim-v-d-s says:

    I’ve got a question for you: what do you think is the most hilariously fake ufo video you’ve already seen?

    • That’s a tough one, but I’d have to say the ridiculous Cousins Brothers video that got the ball rolling for them: a reflective ball that swallows up a cow. Except the reflections in the ball are completely wrong, and they try to cover up the “abduction” with a stock lens flare. Cut to title card: “A Cousins Brothers Production.” So amateur.

  4. Avatar
    wim-v-d-s says:

    Thanks for the answer. At least you can have a good laugh when you watch those videos. It’s just sad that they make serious ufologists look bad.

  5. Avatar
    wim-v-d-s says:

    I watched the video that you mentioned and it’s truly hilarious.

  6. good 2c someone calling out scott and other hoaxers (3rdphaseofmoon, secureteam ect) a lot of these fools wont let u comment if its questioning there claim. they use censorship and there own version of things just like big brother. suckers

  7. Avatar
    Cartoonbear says:

    I am late to your party but so happy to have found your stuff!!
    The thing that gets me about ALL this stuff is how boring it is. I mean even if you believed it, it is all so dull! And I am generally someone who enjoys believing in mysterious things and actively cultivates a sense of wonder, er,, credulity. But I am soooo tired of UFOs and Ufology in particular and all these characters and they just have no imagination,you know, no sense of narrative. If you are going to spend your existence being a ginormous fraudster, could you please be a little bit original? Jeez.