Fake Anonymous

There is no shortage of YouTube channels created to profit by deceiving people into watching, but the channel called Anonymous Global takes this ploy to the next level. Not only has Anonymous Global fabricated fake UFO stories, but its very identity is false, pretending to be affiliated with the infamous hacker group Anonymous while sharing none of its values and acting as a propaganda flack for frequent Anonymous target President Donald Trump. The YouTube channel should not to be confused with any other entity, including the Twitter account @YourAnonGlobal which seems to be in line with common Anonymous themes and opinions.

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2 Responses to Fake Anonymous

  1. There are many of these fake people making money. Personally I only follow this channel: http://youtube.com/anonymousworldwide because they only have a few subscribers, make weekly episodes of 4 hours long and make no money. I’ve never seen any merchandising or ads on their stuff. So they are legit.

  2. I am actually surprised that no members of Anonymous have tried to take them down. They have been a blight on the scene for some time now.