Drama Queen UFO Documentarian is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

The fake UFO channel everybody loves to hate, thirdphaseofmoon (which I won’t link to, because seriously) recently posted an interview with UFO documentarian Michael Horn who, according to producer Blake, was “back by poplar demand,” which I assume to mean the very trees cried out for more of him.

Horn is “the North American Publicist for the alleged UFO Contactee, Eduard Albert ‘Billy’ Meier.” If you’re not familiar with Meier, look him up. I’m not going down that bottomless rabbit hole. And “North American”? Does that mean there’s a South American, European and African publicist as well? Has Billy become MeierCorp International?

The way these appearances work is somebody comes on to promote their product, in this case Michael Horn’s documentary And Did They Listen?, a title which already sounds like it’s scolding somebody, and thirdphaseofmoon gets free content (5 commercial breaks! Cha-ching!). As is the custom with TPM interviews, the guest is never challenged on any of their assertions. To say they lob softball questions is demeaning to softballs. It has to be that way, or nobody will appear on your channel unless you’re Joe Rogan, who can get actual celebrities on his show.

The best way to describe Horn’s mood is outrage. He has been wronged. He has attempted to have a screening of his film at Arizona State University, and has been rebuffed. In his own words:

I submit the film– nice lady– she says “okay, I’ll watch your film.” And then she writes me back and she says, “your film will not be shown or sponsored by anyone at ASU.” What she said is, “We’re banning this film. We’re censoring this film.” Now, folks, you know that all sorts of things go down on colleges. That same college has some kind of a crazy class about using condoms … hysterical stuff.

Con-doms! On a college campus? I can just imagine Horn clutching his pearls.

She was so intimidated by seeing this film, she watched it over a weekend’s time. She could not criticize one thing. But it so obviously busted up her belief system, that she has taken the step to ban. the. film.

Well. Some nice lady bureaucrat just can’t handle the truth, and is keeping this dangerous information from the impressionable students. Perhaps she’s afraid that in their refractory period between condom orgies, they might just go out and demand UFO disclosure.

This would all be fascinating if Horn’s claim of censorship wasn’t debunked by Horn himself, on his own web site. He provides the entire email exchange with one Beatriz Kravetz:

Hi Beatriz,
As you can see below, Wendy Hultsman suggested that you may be able to assist me with my desire to have my film screened on campus.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Horn


Hi Michael,
I am sure I don’t need to explain that this is a controversial subject that would be difficult to get ASU to sponsor. Having said that, if you would like to send me a copy of your film, I would be happy to have a private screening with relevant faculty to see if there is any interest in having a public screening with a faculty member willing to put his or her name behind it.
I wish I could be more helpful, but this is the best that I can do.
Beatriz Kravetz
Manager, Marketing and Communications
School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies
Arizona State University


Hi Beatriz,
I certainly understand, having reseearched this subject for…35 years. While mainstream television now is carrying all sorts of shows on “ancient aliens” and other sensationalized (and usually mythical) topics, I think you’ll find this to be quite different. The people that I am working with here in the US include NASA personnel, scientists and military people. Of course I’m glad to send you a review copy, please send me your best address.
Michael Horn

So was that ellipsis before “35 years” supposed to be like, a drumroll or something?

Hi Beatriz,

Since I present such conclusive answers to the question posed by Paul Davies the ASU community would probably be both interested and excited to have a chance to see, hear…and challenge them.
I forgot to add that my new film, as well as my two previous ones, has already been picked up for TV, debuting this spring.
Also, just for a further reference, my daughter and I produced this award-winning documentary, which is used by therapists, schools, etc.


Hi Beatriz,
I popped one in the mail to your Tempe address on Myrtle Ave..

If Horn’s anxiety over getting his screening isn’t yet palpable enough, he goes on:

Hi Beatriz,
I hope you’ve had time to see and enjoy And Did They Listen?
It seems that celebrating diversity – in terms of thoughts, beliefs, information, etc. – is also an essential element as ASU.
And I particularly liked this quote, “What is great about a controversy is that people are more open about what’s going on, and you have more access to discussions and arguments.”
Perhaps we could chat about this; let me know if I should give you a call.

Does this remind anybody else of the answering machine scene from the movie Swingers? Funny thing about that:

I took some time over the weekend to watch parts of the film. I appreciate the passion and determination you have put into this project. However, I regret to say that it is not something that will be shown nor endorsed by ASU.
If you would like me to return the DVD, I will be happy to do so if you provide an address. If you prefer, I would be happy to donate it to the local public library in hopes that more people may come across it and watch it.
Best of luck to you,

There you go. Polite rejection. Now, instead of thanking Nice Lady and moving on to another administrator, or another school (there are only thousands of them) Horn goes into full Dick Mode.

I’m troubled by your lack of response to my request to have an explanation regarding your speaking for the entire school in stating that my film won’t be shown there.
That is a rather severe thing to say about a film, especially one that is completely devoid of profanity, pornography, violence, etc. In fact, it sounds like outright…censorship, wouldn’t you agree? Is the information too threatening to your beliefs, religious views, etc.?

Did I just blow your mind, lady? You can’t handle the truth!

Perhaps this is a misunderstanding and you really only meant that, in your opinion, no professor would sponsor it.
Let’s be honest, if I was a trendy, tattooed, twerking, twittering, trans (cultural, sexual, vestite, ylvannian, etc.), not only would my “diversity” be welcomed, I’d probably be well on my way to having my own department at many universities…perhaps even yours.

It’s because I’m not hip enough, isn’t it? You and your university are so shallow you’ll give any booty-bouncing freak their own department!

Think I’m exaggerating? Well, if this is factual, I think you really do owe me an explanation…and an invitation to present something that just may stimulate actual thinking. After all, isn’t that what a university is supposed to be cultivating…instead of promoting belief systems and trendy aberrations?
I look forward to your response,

Holy crap– he mentioned condoms again. Ironic considering on the home page of his site there’s a link:

Please Click Here for a Petition for Worldwide Birth Control!

But condoms! Think of where they go! Eeewwww! The rest of that paragraph is plenty insulting on its own without my embellishment. Needless to say Nice Lady responds as anyone would:

Yes, it is my opinion. I have been overly generous with my time for you, I even took time off my weekend to watch your film, and quite frankly, I have better things to do with my time.
I encourage you to find someone on the university who will show your film.
I hope you can appreciate that I have responsibilities that I get paid for, responding to every person who would like to have their work shown on campus is not one of them.
I respectfully request that you refrain from contacting me in the future.
Beatriz Kravetz

But of course, Horn won’t be deterred from getting in a parting shot:

Thank you for the clarification.
I’ll only add that while you may well have better things to do with your time, based on the program I linked to below, I think my film would provide a better use of many students’ time than some of what is currently considered worthy of it.
P.S. When I get emotional, non-specific reactions to my film and information, it’s usually because a person feels that their beliefs are threatened…which is as it should be in our puruit of the truth, since that is what higher education is supposed to be all about.

No means no, Mr. Horn.

Michael Horn insists his film was rejected because Nice Lady couldn’t handle the New Reality he inflicted on her, but that particular version of the exchange took place entirely in Horn’s mind. And Did They Listen? may actually be a fine film, but the filmmaker asserting false claims of banned! censored! doesn’t give one confidence. Perhaps Horn is playing on human nature, our expectation that forbidden fruit will be the sweetest of all.

How do we suppose Horn’s behavior reflects on the rest of us UFO freaks? What do you suppose are the chances that ASU will entertain screenings of a similar nature in the future?  This is why we can’t have nice things.


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