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  • Bipolar Hoaxer: Mister Enigma Responds

    Mister Enigma got wind of our debunking video Speedebunking Mister UFO: CGI Don’t Think So. At first, he was appreciative.misterufo2So I guess this is a win/win. Mister Enigma is exposed as a hoaxer, and it only increases his traffic. Sadly, this is not surprising based on the popularity of most hoax channels.

    misterufo1Well, sure. You’re welcome? I get your point. Or do I? As it happens, I don’t, because in  a couple of hours gratitude gestates into full-blown butthurt: misterufo3

    Dear Mister Enigma,

    Truly odd how you state that I “think” your video is CGI even though I’ve just proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Nobody tries to “make a name” for themselves in UFOlogy; if they do, they’re doing it wrong. People simply look for answers in pursuit of the truth.

    I’m not sure what “hard work” you’re referring to. If your interpretation of hard work is making hoax UFO videos, or reposting videos that others have made, allow me to familiarize you with what “hard work” means: having an extraordinary experience you can’t explain and ruminating about it for decades. Earning the money for cameras and telescopes and IR equipment, then searching the skies for hours in hopes of capturing something amazing with no guarantee of success. Taking up mental bandwidth researching and parsing and trying to make sense of all the disinformation and opinions being pushed at you. That is hard work.

    All you do is make noise, perpetrate lies, and I presume make money off those lies. Is it even worth it, knowing you’re producing nothing of value?

    This isn’t about what you’ve done to me, it’s what you to all of us who care about this subject. When you pollute it with false sightings, you help make it even more difficult for a marginalized community to make a difference in the world.

    If you’ve truly made a mistake and innocently posted a video you didn’t know was fake, allow me to offer my services. I’d be happy to vet any video that comes your way and let you know if it’s authentic.

    My own original idea for a Youtube program was to expose hoaxes, explore ideas, and make it entertaining. As far as I know that’s rather unique. You know what’s hack and unoriginal and overdone? Taking advantage of people who are looking for answers so you can make a buck.

    I hope you make better choices in the future.

    – Constantine

    You know what’s coming next, don’t you, folks? Of course you do.

    misterufo4Speedebunking: Mister UFO will be back up after we get copyright clearance, just like we did with the other three videos that were taken down due to the same kind of complaint. Round and round we go.

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  • Hoax UFO Videos Are Like Porn

    Browsing the UFO channels, I came to a realization: The NDestinationUnknown Youtube channel, claiming to have “The Best UFO Sightings” has not one authentic video clip. Every single one includes badly composited computer generated imagery.

    I went back to their very first video from two years ago, and searched forward. Really bad fakes. Every. Single. One. The fact that one of their posts has over 400,000 views makes me want to weep for humanity. The video that got that many views is so incredibly bad. They put in almost no effort to make the stuff look real.

    I know people who make comedy sketches for Youtube. Really great stuff, made by a team of talented writers, performers, editors, and other artists who have honed their craft for many years, often with no compensation.  On average, their videos get about the same number of views as a fake UFO channel, for about one hundred times the effort.

    There’s one other genre that has an equal or greater appeal compared to the effort required: porn. Consider the similarities: Continue reading  Post ID 250

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  • No, Edward Snowden DID NOT Reveal Anything About UFOs

    I can’t believe I even have to say this, you guys, but there are so many opportunistic douchebags out there using NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s name as clickbait (thirdphaseofmoon, The Cosmos News, ADG, and others) that someone has to spell it out. There is not one shred of evidence, not one, to support the idea that any such info was released… unless you believe the Iranian FARS news agency which also reported more Americans would vote for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad than Barack Obama.

    In the case of thirdphaseofmoon, it’s just become another one of the interchangeable, meaningless buzzwords they use to drive traffic, along with “incredible footage”, “breaking”, “smoking gun”, and “special report.”

    The Cosmos News, with its overuse of graphics and creepy robot voice, went so far as to totally fabricate a story they claim was reported on the site The Intercept regarding UFO photos. Continue reading  Post ID 250

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  • Looknowtv’s Latest Ploy: Honey, I Shrunk The Discs

    Having proved unsuccessful at faking clear, close-up UFO video clips (see UFO Theater Ep. 1), profiteer UFO Youtube channel Looknowtv is trying a different tactic. In their latest post, “BEST UFO SIGHTINGS FEBRUARY 2014” they shrink UFOs to miniscule sizes where low resolution and compression obscure any evidence of tampering. Continue reading  Post ID 250

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  • Drama Queen UFO Documentarian is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

    The fake UFO channel everybody loves to hate, thirdphaseofmoon (which I won’t link to, because seriously) recently posted an interview with UFO documentarian Michael Horn who, according to producer Blake, was “back by poplar demand,” which I assume to mean the very trees cried out for more of him.

    Horn is “the North American Publicist for the alleged UFO Contactee, Eduard Albert ‘Billy’ Meier.” If you’re not familiar with Meier, look him up. I’m not going down that bottomless rabbit hole. And “North American”? Does that mean there’s a South American, European and African publicist as well? Has Billy become MeierCorp International?

    The way these appearances work is somebody comes on to promote their product, in this case Michael Horn’s documentary And Did They Listen?, a title which already sounds like it’s scolding somebody, and thirdphaseofmoon gets free content (5 commercial breaks! Cha-ching!). As is the custom with TPM interviews, the guest is never challenged on any of their assertions. To say they lob softball questions is demeaning to softballs. It has to be that way, or nobody will appear on your channel unless you’re Joe Rogan, who can get actual celebrities on his show.

    The best way to describe Horn’s mood is outrage. He has been wronged. He has attempted to have a screening of his film at Arizona State University, and has been rebuffed. In his own words: Continue reading  Post ID 250

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