Bring Debunk, Bring The Noise

I connected with Kyle of UFO Proof for a live chat on Thursday, February 2 to discuss how I got into debunking, Kyle’s incredible UFO experience, and some of the best and worst UFO-related videos we’ve seen on YouTube. Here’s a 20 minute enhanced edit:

If that tickles your fancy, here’s the complete, unedited 60 minute video on the UFO Proof channel. We may make this a regular thing.

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2 Responses to Bring Debunk, Bring The Noise

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    gareth davies says:

    Great video and really interesting to see your thoughts on certain subjects and also certain personalities within the UFO community.
    I understand your questioning on Steven Greer not having photographic evidence of contact with ET but I fear this line of logic is not thought out.
    I have questioned this many times and I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine and without using this as an answer to satisfy myself because I do support Dr Greers work and just like Bob Lazar I feel hes so full of purpose and money isnt his motivation because as we all know he could readily earn that in his surgical career.

    If Dr Greer has had contact then this is so extraordinary that I’m sure photographic evidence wouldn’t be an issue if it was deemed ok by any form of ET that being said if they was happy for that level of disclosure then they may have made it known earlier and better fashion.

    If this has happened with him then could it be that its on a liaison basis mission only and no identification is to be made at this moment because maybe we or themselves arn’t yet ready for that to happen.

    This is by no means unlogical because I’m sure the 1 person who would know how silly it would sound to say hes meeting with ET’s and not providing photographic evidence is Dr Greer himself.

    Next Point is when Dr Greer went on Secureteams Channel its clear it was not for its authenticity but for the following it has and this is how he can share the message more mainstream.

    This is by no means a defense for Him or anyone else because I would use this line of logic if someone as silly as ‘thirdphaseofthemoon’ has said it (quickly written off ofcourse) but I would still apply this logic.

    Love this website and think this work is more important at this stage (debunking) than going out and getting UFO footage because we need to clear the paths and start with good sources who uphold the integrity of the topic.

    Thanks Constantine.

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    gareth davies says:

    I did not proof read that comment and after I sent it I realised I had skipped a few lines so I do apologise for it being a bit of a foggy read but hopefully you can make sense of it. Long day on the computer so I have squares eyes.