The (Annotated) Truth About Secureteam 10

Perhaps feeling some heat as a result of recent events, UFO fraud Tyler Glockner released a video on his Secureteam 10 YouTube channel that seeks to appeal to his audience as “family” – because nothing says familial affection like lying to them for profit.

Dripping with fake sincerity, the piece is a montage of images and video sent in by his unsuspecting fans displaying his stickers and t-shirts, and in one case a poor sod who appears to have spent the better part of an afternoon-evening setting up and knocking down a domino mosaic of the Secureteam logo.

UFO Theater responded with an annotated version, providing a couple of examples of Secureteam’s made-up scenarios, and highlighting Glockner’s income from YouTube, as well as secrecy about income from his Patreon donation account.

The most horrifying part of the Secureteam love-fest had to be edited out, because it was unbearable: footage of various 2 to 4 year old children wearing Secureteam gear and generally being exposed to Secureteam nonsense on phones and computer screens. It’s depressing to think of parents passing on the practice of blindly assimilating misinformation from one of the worst possible sources when there’s a wake up call just a few clicks away.

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9 Responses to The (Annotated) Truth About Secureteam 10

  1. If/when I film a UFO the only place I’ll upload it is to MUFON to report it to professional investigators. By the way, it’s obvious to me that secureteam10 and thirdphaseofmoon are not real ufologists. I feel sorry for whoever is a legit ufologist with a YouTube channel that gets buried by the tabloid channels and is never heard of. The hoaxers are the reason mainstream science is loathe to take ufology seriously. Some UFO videos are real, unfortunately they get buried under endless hoaxes. I filmed a UFO and reported it to MUFON, it’s not one of the most closeup footage ever because it was far away and I was using my tablet but it’s real:

    Best regards…

  2. Unfortunately my friend whether you are a subscriber to secureteam or any other YouTube channel… is your choice. In my opinion you are doing the same thing that those people are doing….. whether right or wrong……phishing for a payday……some people work a little bit harder than others…. and based on your site and content…..please don’t quit your day job….. but to each his own…..right….let everyone else do the work and you critique it at the end…. sounds difficult…..good luck with your “donations”

  3. How is what he’s doing any different than what you are doing?? I see paypal logos all over your site. You think you are saving ALL of us by exposing the UFO hoax, what would we all do without you??? OMG! Thank you so much, now I can finally sleep at night. You are just as bad, dude, you are a liar and fraud like the rest of them, you are trying to milk the people who are the exact opposite of the people who believe. You are a crock of crap. Tyler doesn’t hide form his critics behind a fancy website loaded down with paypal logos. SHAME!

    • You’re welcome to point out where UFO Theater has lied about anything.

      There’s nothing wrong with making money on the internet. As for Tyler, the issue of money comes up because people ask “why would he lie?”

      Tyler ALWAYS hides from his critics. He blocks anybody who proves him a fraud. I’ve challenged him directly to a public debate, and he won’t respond because he knows what will happen.

  4. I’m on trixi’s side , I would also like to say truth or made up , it’s up to the viewer. What he or she wants to watch and or Not believe . I’m a subscriber to the Tman and I like his show and the way he puts it out there that’s what keeps me watching and I’m not stupid or gullible I can tell the difference between truth and made up and in closing my wife and I just bought secureteam shirts and will wear them proudly. I can only say to the Tman and other channels like his which I also subscribe to don’t get to greedy or you can lose everything overbite the worst being your fan’s loyalty and trust .

  5. I am surprised by the negative reactions to this video and I for one am glad people are out there exposing the phonies. Thank you for taking the time putting these videos together.