An Open Letter To Jim Sparks

Hi Jim,

You don’t know me– I’m just some yahoo who comments on UFO stuff on the internet. I freely admit that everything I know about UFOs and extraterrestrials I learned by watching and listening to Youtube videos, yours included. I found your Project Camelot and Dark Matter interviews very compelling. I also found many elements of your story quite familiar. Have you listened to any lectures by Dr. Karla Turner from the early 90s? I encourage you to do so. I think they may give you some perspective on your abduction experiences.

I’m not about to doubt the credibility of your story. You go into great detail and don’t stall in the telling of your tales as I think a fabricator might. In fact, the only thing that troubles me about it is that you’ve made no attempt to create some physical or photographic evidence of it. I’m sure the greys have ways of disabling any attempts at electronic surveillance, but have you even tried? Or perhaps had a friend watch your place with a camera equipped with a telephoto lens? It’s a concern, but as Dr. Turner has said,

“The nature of the the alien activity is designed to keep us from having much in the way of concrete evidence.”

What I will attempt to question is the statements and motivations of the beings who call themselves “The Keepers.” The name they’ve given themselves sounds quite benevolent. Has a much nicer ring than “Serial Kidnappers” or “Rapists”, which is a couple of the things they do. According to you, their plan is to heal our planet by abducting, educating, and then wiping the memories of large numbers of people, leaving them with a subconscious sense of environmental urgency by implanting the message “your planet is dying.”

Jim, are you, or is anybody you know, perpetrating ecological disasters? Have you been fracking or strip mining in your spare time? Are you personally laying the Keystone XL pipeline? Will you be working on any of the new BP oil rigs that will be reappearing in the Gulf of Mexico? Do you perhaps think, as Sen. Mary Landrieu (D – LA) that BP never should have been banned from the Gulf?

Of course, the answer is no. Jim Sparks is not the problem. So why is Jim Sparks, or any of the other ordinary people you recount in one of your experiences, being abducted, terrorized and “educated”? The greys seem to share our government’s view that the One Percenters– the petroleum company executives, the climate-change deniers and the politicians they’ve purchased should remain unmolested.

Perhaps I’m being unfair. What kind of results has this strategy yielded over the last two decades? Let’s take a look:

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster

Report: US rail spilled more oil in 2013 than in past 37 years combined

Elk River Chemical Spill

Fracking Across The United States

Nice work, greyholes! What would we ever do without your “keeping”?

God bless you, Jim, for spreading the word about ecological responsibility. However, who is listening? Your interviews and lectures are not being heard by anybody of influence: Congress, the President, or the United Nations. People interested in UFOlogy are likely paying some attention, but how are we doing? Like me, probably working to pay the bills and doing a little research on the side. Nobody has the time or resources for activism. Project Camelot, one of your interviewers, has been serving the paranormal field since 2006 and still can’t afford a decent camera or microphone. Whitley Streiber, author of Communion, the best-selling abduction story of all time, claims he is also struggling. You know who is doing well? Perpetrators of UFO hoaxes, particularly on Youtube. But that’s another story.

You had an interview on Art Bell’s Dark Matter show, and you were calling in from Australia. How did you get to Australia? Did The Keepers give you a lift there? Have they given you anything? They seem to have chosen you as their Moses, but equipped with no miracles or an audience with Pharaoh. You ask for donations on your web page. They don’t even provide you with any income for spreading your critical message?

Have you ever, in the presence of other people, been able to read or write the language the greys supposedly taught you? I would be very surprised if you could. Other abductees often report being taught to walk through walls or levitate objects with their minds, yet are unsurprisingly not able to reproduce these effects outside of an abduction.

My point, obviously, is that the stated purpose of these abductions is the most idiotic scheme for social change ever created. As advanced civilizations go, The Keepers must be the morons of the galaxy.

Or, they’re lying, and the ecological message is a red herring which you have unfortunately swallowed whole.

“At least some of the aliens are liars … Aliens have made various predictions, and promises, and given a number of very specific warnings about impending events. And we have these documented at least since the early 1950s … Very few of these things, and none of great consequence, have come to pass.”

“The best way to get someone to believe a lie is to sandwich it between a few truths.” – Dr. Karla Turner, 1995

Jim, it is my belief that you have been duped into becoming a willing and compliant research subject. The smartest thing you ever did was kick one of the greyholes across the room after he attempted to extract semen from you without your consent.

I would like you to carefully consider this based on the perspective I’ve laid out here. You can lecture 24/7/365 to UFO enthusiasts until you’re blue in the face, and it won’t have nearly the impact of abducting, say, one Koch brother. Or Sen. Mary Landrieu, or any idiot politician who subscribes to the policy of “drill baby drill.”

I think you should stop cooperating, and consent to around-the-clock surveillance to catch The Keepers in the act. Would you like more publicity and a higher profile? Authentic video of an abduction can do that for you.

I wish you could speak to Dr. Turner, but she was taken from us by a mysteriously aggressive cancer in 1996. The best thing you can do to honor this brilliant lady, a fellow abductee, is consider what she has to say:

“Aliens say they have the right to do the things they do to us, they never show us, however, the warrant for that right.”

“During encounters, the humans’ perceptions are controlled, as are the humans’ conscious memories.”

“Through the manipulation of what we think they’re doing and what they tell us, they also propagate the belief that their intrusions are ultimately beneficial in purpose, in spite of the fact that so much of specific abduction events are painful, traumatic and debasing to the person involved.”

“Alien propaganda seems designed to promote the superiority, the proprietary nature and the benevolent status of the aliens and the subordinate dependent position of humanity.”

“They reinforce our dependence on them by warning us of the impending disasters from which only they can save us.”

I pray Dr. Turner has found the answers that eluded her in life, and that you, also, find the truth before you spend any more of your valuable time on something that is not productive. I welcome any comments or corrections you may have.


Note: A link to the above was sent to Jim Sparks’ publicist on 3/20/2014. Still no response.

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32 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Jim Sparks”

  1. I’m only hoping to find an old friend and wonder if Mr. Sparks’ father went to the U of AR/Fayetteville in about 1949-1951?

  2. btw – When I was in London, I also asked for a photo and they controlled me entirely and via their control and timing I took a magnificent photo. Just one example of how a positive approach can render positive results.

    How many of you can say that? Asking for a photo of them and for them to respond in kind?

    They too are gods creatures.

  3. In 1993 I was asked by the greys to participate. I was never pulled away like Jim describes. I was in a trance like conversation whilst looking at a small craft amongst the trees at about 300 meters away.
    I saw the small worker greys, they drill in the same place every time at my elbow for over a decade. Then they stopped. I found myself on a space ship being demonstrated by the higher taller skinnier greys. I too kicked but I received an electric disabling shock that made me black out.

    Many years latter I began using remote viewing and Dr Greers techniques on communication. This changed everything and now I can signal them using just thought projection. They visit elusively and use the similar tools to paralyse but they do much more. They took me to a planet by using a device they put on my forehead. It enables me to see through a vassel and interact with other species. I journeyed like this for 3 nights.

    I feel for Jim Sparks. Some things I can recognise, other things I dont. Im not disagreeing with anyone or Jim as I think our experiences have differences.
    My experiences are mostly positive and helpful. They seem to be here to help me learn in some way. A strange way to be sure. Its frustrating as there is a huge communication gap. Remote viewing and as Jim describes, your mind gets used to the signal and it becomes more developed.

    I have experienced the trauma from greys but after that they completely respected my rules and changed their behavior. I can cooperate and I now see them as friends.

    The new experiences I have today are positive. I dont know if its the same greys or a different species. I’ve asked many times to reveal themselves but they definitely say no. Why I still dont know.

    I always get excited and filled with joy when I see them in the sky. They come when I ask them to unless they are busy elsewhere.

    I dont see they greys or who ever my new contacts are as negative at all.

    I welcomed them and brothers and I have found good in that approach.

    I encourage all of you to do the same. Just give it a go and you’ll see the change.

    Peace to all of you.


  4. To all to skeptics: Having been face to face with three grays I tend to believe only some reports of abductions. I know more about what they look like and what they can do to you so it helps to sort out the hoaxers from the real deal guys. I held back some details as a way to find the liars and fools that like to give others grief. I have spoken to Phil Corso’s brother-in-law, Leo Zagami, and David Wilcock as well as many others that I believe are telling the truth. I think that most folks that have seen aliens do not share that information for fear of getting grief from people. I kept it to myself for that reason for around fifth years.
    here is the interview link to the first show in May of 2012:
    If you would please ask others to share what they know it may help force the government to disclose.

  5. My name is Jean Casault ( Jean as the french for John). I am from Québec City, up north where winter are like hell. I wrote about 20 books on ufo and paranormal since 1966. I had several discussions with John Mack, Budd Hopkins, french ufologist you probably dont know and of course with Jim and effectively one was coming from Australia. He said it was best for him to work from there. I dont think judging Jim by his action in the fields is relevan nor his influence on what is going on . I had very strong, intense and by day fully conscious expériences with ” our friends” a long time ago that gave me all the insights to become the researcher and author I am and still is. All my life, I am 67 yrs old, have been around them. I have been a journalist on radio for 45 years. Our very streched evolution is at the heart of all that ufo circus that is almost over in fact . What is going on is beyond our traditionnal way of measuring progress, it is if it have to came from above first before crystallysed itself into our dimension, into matter. There are some of us who work extremely hard at this but you never know who they are. I think Jim is one of them. We have met once ” on the other side”. He is real, but dont expect the kind of effects we are waiting from traditionnal interventionnist. With “them”, nothing goes the human way and for myself it is often destabalizing. Sorry for my English. Have a good winter !

  6. Of all the youtube videos I’ve watched I think Jim Sparks and Travis Walton are the most believable people that I have viewed. I believe both of these guys are telling the truth unlike others like Corey Goode whom after teaming himself up with the likes of David Wilcock completely ruined any possible credibility he could have had at all. Wilcock is an obvious charlatan that aspires to make as much money as he can off of the UFO and paranormal scene and if anyone aligns with him they are liars also in my opinion as I would think that anyone that has any common sense would be able to see through his con game of sorts….

  7. I’ve seen them, they are like us, with some differences, the one I saw had some grey chest hairs, and age spots, Caucasian, big green eyes with a slit pupils.
    They are kind, I’ve never had a bad experience with them.
    They are absolutely real…..

  8. Jim My name is matt Im interested in your story ive watched several videos on youtube of you speaking and wad curious if we could have an exchange through email or whatever method is suitable for you need to contact jim sparks please

  9. I’ve seen the pyramids first hand and googled other constructions across the world with similar remarkable similarities. Their is no possible way humans have built them and considering they date thousands of years you can see clearly how advanced ET’s are. So people, like it or not it really shouldn’t be so hard to see truths in what Jim has been saying and the underlying truth is …the Earth has its own intelligence – its a living organism. It can heal itself just as it does in the human body. We haven’t yet evolved enough to explain what created this intelligence but we know its there. At the same time however just like the human body, the Earth can only take so much poison before the cancer takes hold.

  10. After studying the U.F.O. / Alien topics for over 45 years and having my own experiences with whoever they are, I have arrived at some conclusions about folks such as Jim Sparks and those who are his critics.
    I believe Jim Sparks as well as a number of others who have gone “public” are the real deal. Yes, there are some who are phony as a three dollar bill and they are out there for many reasons including that of doing the bidding of some government entity in order to detract from the true story or they are trying to get some ego based recognition.
    As for the detractors, they generally fall into two overall categories. The “stupid’s”- many of whom use the four letter words of vulgarity and those who are working for someone in order to “kill the messenger”.
    It’s not hard to recognize the “stupid’s” by their rhetoric and if you happen to see them in public- they are the ones not far from their home cave that walk dragging their knuckles on the ground. I often think that there are one of the prime reasons the visitors are reluctant to make their presence known and to work for the positive good of humanity realizing people such as the “stupid’s” would try and destroy that which they didn’t understand or couldn’t control. Their priorities in life are based around the N.F.L. and the T.V. dramas that flood the airwaves. Most don’t have libraries in their homes and haven’t gone beyond secondary school …if even completing it.
    I need not comment on the paid detractors because much has been said and written about this class of government stooges’. Whether they are doing the government’s bidding out of patriotism or payment- we may never know.
    I have not gone public with my experiences because of the ridicule factor. Essentially who really needs it? Around here, there are many who would try and brand me as “possessed” – just as Jim Sparks experienced. And these religious folks aren’t much different than those who burned people at the stake in medieval Europe and in Salem, Massachusetts. Again I can see why the visitor’s keep an arms length away from our 21st century “civilization” and why more people rather keep their experiences to themselves.
    I commend Jim Sparks for his courage in telling his story.

  11. There cannot be a doubt for a sane person that Mr. Sparks is nothing but a FRAUD and a HOAX!

    I knew it all along, but when hearing his story of “photos of good planet vs. ugly/destroyed planet” even my kids, 9 and 12 said spontaneously that he was lying and making this up.

    I have a hard time to remember what happened the other day, while Sparks remembers minute details from 20+ years ago?

    Utter BULLCRAP! A complete fiction, stories and lies-lies-lies! Childish lies – that is the worst!

    1. Your just a denier because it hasn’t happened to you. You live in your little stoic world and only believe what is in front of your nose. I’ve watched Spark’s presentations. The guy is genuine period! He is not lying. Any one with half a brain cane decipher that. Sorry but your kids are not authorities on the truth. They probably lie to you constantly and you the dumbass that you are believe them! LOL

      1. JIM IS REAL and he has enough experience to prove it….through the eyes and their own experiences of human abductees. I have… what I call my friends, that have been with me since I was two years old. I talk to them and I get a response very quickly. I had invited them into my home…and he stayed a few hours. I am building trust…..and I did not fear his presence nor did my 2 dogs. No matter where I go on this planet …they know where I am. I have asked them to teach me…I welcome it. I would like Jim Sparks to contact me.

  12. I met Jim Sparks twice a number of years ago. I have been taken many times by beings from outside this reality. Mostly positive experiences. I have been abducted by the military/reptilian factions at area 51 when I was doing a presentation whom the reptilians specifically informed me not to speak at. And yea, strangely enough, the military wasn’t really interested in me. Anyway, after both presentations, given in the home of a good friend, I felt James spent most of the time hiding. I would have loved to just sit down and carry on a friendly conversation with him to swap stories and converse. However, he was very elusive and left quite abruptly and without warning. I have no doubt he has had some traumatic experiences. I can relate to his story. The paranoia and almost total devastation of his career at one point. I’ve been there, even with positive experiences. So yea, he has had experiences I have no doubt. I have my suspicions his controllers are less than enthusiastic about revealing their motives for his experiences.

  13. I discovered Sparks only a few days ago and already alarm bells are ringing all over the place. Firstly being endorsed by Art Bell is certainly NOT a badge of honor. People seem to have short memories and forget that Art Bell mad a career perpetrating hoaxes such as the Phone call from Area 51, the Voices from Hell recording, The Hale Bob UFO (which lead directly to the mass suicide of the Heavens Gate Cult) to name a few. Even so in his latest interview with Bell Mr Sparks was asked at the very end if he would submit to a Lie Detector test which he “Would neither confirm or deny” he would do. To his credit Mr Bell became skeptical at this, maybe he was remembering the fiasco with Travis Walton o The Moment Of Truth Show??? What comes across very strongly (if this is not a hoax) is that Sparks he is acting very much like the African Born slave Traders who took the side of the Human Traffickers against their own people for a few gems and privileges. Approach Mr Sparks with Extreme Caution.

  14. I have truly enjoyed all of the comments I have read, and the original open letter to Jim. I have also listened to his accounts on Art Bell, as well as others, who have claimed similar abductions or experiences. I have heard several places that all that is needed to be recited is the lords name to protect ourselves from attack. I would be curious to know if there is proof that it works, for I have never been in the situation where I needed to. I would be curious to learn if there is anyone listening who has prevented an abduction, or an abduction from going to far by calling out the lords name. Myself, I am a true believer in God and Jesus, but I am not Catholic or Christian in the sense that I attend Church since I was a child. It is more of a personal relationship, or inner light which I carry with me. Many can judge me a pretender because I don’t follow strict church doctrine, but that is alright. God teaches us each person is different, and can not be judged while earth bound. Since God is the ultimate creator, I guess I would have to give the same to aliens, demons, and even the elite running their own shows. The idea of love everybody is not restricted to those I trust, believe, or even care for personally. It means love everybody! Liars, fakers, truth seekers, greys and even greyholes. It truth that can set you free, and in my book, truth then equals love. Party on, Namaste bitches, lol kiss

  15. I just wanted to add my 2 cents and commend Scott for his reply to this thread. That Jesus Christ is the only response, ( defense) we have against this current deception and affront against humanity. This deception has been in the works since the dawn of man and will continue until we , (humanity) , join together in global harmony and pray for Gods forgiveness and mercy .
    Until we come to full realization of this fact, we will continue to have these “distractions” from the evil forces that have been the bane of our existence since Adam and Eve.
    Simply put, the solution for this planets solution is Pray, pray, pray!

    1. do you have any idea how stupid that idea really sounds? So your sky fairy is gonna sit on his judgemental ass and watch us be destroyed or destroy ourselves cuz we dont bow down and ask for forgiveness? WTF?what an arrogant asshole god is………and since he knows everything then he should know that that will never happen!!!

  16. Did anyone notice the one second clip where he walks into a huge mansion with a glee to his step with the two lion statues out front? A pair of lion statues in front of a house is a symbol of extreme wealth, old family money. For example the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver BC was donated to the city in it’s very early days by such an extreme family. The pair of lion statues decorate the bridge at both ends.

    The fellow interviewing him seemed to be oddly stoic and detached and excessively formal.

  17. hi- I just finished reading the keepers book.. I started searching to see what happened to Jim since then, as it is 2014 and not much has changed.. The same lies, disasters and genocide of humanity. I am not saying I do not believe Jim, I do think he experienced aliens, and maybe they did manipulate him to serve their own agenda, being the environmental issues.
    By that I mean, just another ploy to keep us confused. I know, so many questions and not many answers.

    overall I believe Jim, but I do feel they have used him for their own agenda.

    I am just another searcher like Constantine, and I was interested in seeing where Jim Sparks is now. I was pleased to see he is surviving as some of course are removed. Jim if you read this I wish you the best, but more I wish the best for Humanity and maybe someday we will be let in on the game and be able to finally contribute to the betterment of humanity.

    Having a few alien (or is it military?) ..experiences myself I can find truth in what he says, but his astonishing recollection is amazing. Of course it is very interesting, but it made me wonder if his recollections were just another ploy by the abductors for their own agenda.

    I found the benevolent reptiles interesting and amazing ..although some of the “oldies” in the research game have commented some reptiles are really trying hard not to eat us, it appears most are against us, along with the governments they are aligned with.

    An interesting video is on project Camelot with a recent interview with a Simone Parkes in Briton , at her recent expo there. He states the reptiles want to align themselves with humanity because a future timeline shows aligning with humanity is more beneficial to there race. Hence the “forgiveness” suggested by them.

    Again Jim I wish you the best and hope you are well. Everyday I try to contribute by concentrating on raising humanity’s awareness to a positive level, I know, its not much but it appears its all we can do. Take care to anyone who may read this.



    1. I watched all of Jim’s videos. You want to believe him, but I think it is a major demonic deception. I know, this has all been said before, but just think about how they put them selves as gods in a subtle way. All of the descriptions are identical to what I recognize as demonic behaviors. I have had experiences with these evil critters. The do now like God and they cower and back off at the name of Jesus the Christ from the lips of a true Christian believer.

      I watched a video that was done in Scotland, where a camera was left on, where say-ounces where done to communicate with the other side, if you will. (a youtube video) There was a little (gray like) creature that walked up to, and peered into the camera lens. One must consider that a deeper consideration of biblical information should be considered.
      Sometimes we hear about the subject so much in our culture that we think we know all about it, but we don’t.
      Alien deception, a pre-occupation with sex and sexuality as presented by Jim, again show demonic spiritual behavior.
      From my understanding, the only Christian (true Christian – a subject for another time) to be abducted went voluntarily. All of the rest have been either non christian or church goers who were not born-again. Just this piece of information should cause a thinking person to pause in their thinking process. Considering how Jim did not mention much about his church activities showed his lack of knowledge of the scriptures, by his statements, leads me to believe that he was a CINO – Christian in name only. A true/ real christian will not even want to leave the to leave Gods family, let alone doing it. As God keeps those who are His. A true believer would have claimed the name of Jesus and the aliens/ demons would have had no choice but to back off. I like Jim, but his story convinces me that the demons are using him in many ways and having evil enjoyment at his expense.

      1. Hi. I was watching a lecture by James on YT. I was keeping an open mind until he said the aliens admitted they combined their genes with the human race. Isn’t that restating the beliefs of that religion Tom Cruise & others believe? That we descended from Aliens?? I Fold on that hand.

        1. Genetic manipulation is a very common theme in alien lore, and one I would expect to be borrowed for a false story. Or if Jim is to be believed, a lie that would be told to him for the purposes outlined by Dr. Turner. Either way it’s irrelevant. We are who we are, regardless of the process that created us. No one can lay claim to ownership of humanity.

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