The Alien Video You’ll Never See

dulce_alienYou’ll have no trouble finding supposed “alien” videos on the net if you spend a couple of minutes searching. There’s some purported old Soviet KGB footage, and a bit of video from abductee Stan Romanek, to… well, lots more. Some of the attempts, like this one, are laughable. Supposedly this is footage of an actual interview with an estraterrestrial held at S4, however conveniently we don’t see the guest of honor walk in the room, there’s no audio, and the room is “kept dark for the comfort of the aliens.” How convenient. The creature appears to end up in some sort of medical distress, yet looks about as animated and emotive as Robert Mitchum on codeine. Whoever created this hoax video is catering to people who are as dim as his interview suite.

All the images and videos have something in common: you never see a full-body extraterrestrial walking or interacting with objects in the environment. The reason is that a video clip of that kind would be extremely difficult to fake.

As human beings we are very attuned to particular characteristics of our own humanoid kind. We are experts at reading facial expressions (absent of any special mental challenges). We have a keen sense body language, and even if we interpret incorrectly, we are acutely aware of it. These abilities make us extremely difficult to fool, so up to now nobody has even dared make the attempt.

Consider what it takes to generate an imaginary being like Gollum from the Lord Of The Rings movies. The movement of a real actor is captured by computer, and the information is translated to a digital Gollum skeleton. Teams of extremely talented artists add muscle movement, skin texture, lighting, shadows, and hair. In fact, this is so much work that artists specialize in each of these areas to create the finished product.

Then, an entirely separate team is tasked with adding Gollum to shots: making sure he’s positioned properly, adding shadows and making sure they fall accurately on the set, blending him into the lighting and general atmosphere. This requires skill as well. Look at the photo on this page, supposedly taken in the infamous Dulce underground base in New Mexico. Notice anything odd? Down around the alien’s knees, the image becomes a pixillated mess. This is because integrating the alien’s feet touching the ground would have required some skill. Instead, whoever faked the photo said “ah, screw it” and just obscured the entire area.

Visual effects artists capable of creating something like a Gollum character are well compensated for their work and have no motivation to get cheap kicks by posting fake alien videos. Instead, enjoy watching aliens in the bushes, aliens behind walls, aliens in darkened rooms that don’t walk or use their hands. I have seen a few of them blink, but it turns out that’s the easiest thing in the world to fake. Give me a video of anybody doing anything and I can make them blink anytime I like, because 2 to 3 frames of animation is no problem.

There are plenty of “extraterrestrial” videos on the net, and I’m sure each year more will be added that find even more creative ways to obscure their lack of visual effects talent. However, until you see the full monty, don’t believe any of them.

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One thought on “The Alien Video You’ll Never See”

  1. The “S4 Alien” footage was from “Alien Interview”, a direct-to-video special on Area 51 made in 1997. I’ve never seen it as anything more than a puppet, just a torso with articulated arms and head, we never see any legs. I think they went overboard with the “Victor” character, the man who copied a tape and smuggled it out of the secret base…..when “Everything is Terrible” is mocking you, it’s too much.

    We are being buried alive in crap in UFOlogy, and I’m old enough to remember when the shlock was just faked still photos of daylight saucers.

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